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3 Tips for When to Customize Your Training Program

Today I’m going to help you sort out a surprisingly complicated part of any trainer’s career: customized training programs.

We’ve all, at some point, offered a client a customized training program. If you haven’t already, you’ll get there.


Whether it was something as simple as a discount in return for referrals, or a full-on immersion fitness program complete with grocery trips and personal motivation calls, we’ve all made variations in our usual program to try to snag extra clients.

Now as with so many other things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to customize your training.

If you customize your training the right way, you can discover and win some high-quality clients who you might have never worked with otherwise…

However, if you do it the wrong way you can fall into a quicksand of price erosion and frustration as you deal with high-maintenance, low-paying clients who you should’ve avoided to begin with.

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How to Dominate YouTube

Have you ever had a YouTube video get over 100,000 views? Are you curious what that’s like?

I can tell you…it feels amazing and a little bit surreal.Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.03.38 PM

See, I do have a video with over 100,000 views – it’s my infamous GSD video, which you can check out here:

Now it’s funny, when people talk about a video “going viral” they always make it out to be like magic…something that just randomly happens to videos…a fluke…

But the truth is, the success of my GSD video was the result of a strategic system I developed to dominate YouTube.

In other words, I planned to have that video go viral and it worked.

And today, I want to show you how to follow my same system.

First off, let me explain why videos are so important…

Why Videos Matter


If you want to become a true thought leader in your industry, you ABSOLUTELY MUST put out videos on a consistent basis.

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Top 10 Tips When Running Facebook Ads (Guest Post)

Bedros here – just wanted to introduce my good friend Carlo Bernoni, who’s contributing today’s guest post on how to CRUSH with Facebook ads.Carlo

I’ve been working with Carlo for years…he’s a great salesman, badass marketer, and all-around good man.

Now if you’ve been following me for a while you know I like to dig my hands in personally when it comes to Facebook marketing, and I usually encourage fellow entrepreneurs like you to do the same.

…Truth be told, though, that’s not the only way to do it. If you find Facebook marketing too overwhelming or confusing, or you don’t consider it one of your critical 5% tasks, you should look into an automated Facebook marketing solution.

For automated Facebook marketing, my top recommendation is the company Carlo works with, Fitness Marketer. They’ll manage your fan page, design cost-effective ads for you, and funnel MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CLIENTS into your business. Click here to check them out today! 

And if you’re a “control king” like I am and want to learn to do this yourself, keep reading to get Carlo’s expert tips!

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Why I’m the Universal Jerk (And Why You Should Be Too)

Recently, my buddy Josh Carter was dealing with some punk who stole pictures of his wife in the gym and used them to create some promo images.

Thief with ComputerPro tip for young trainers: stealing other people’s content and rebranding it is a bad idea. Take pride in your work and use images of your own clients.

Anyway, after Josh calls him out, the guy throws a huge hissy fit and leaves a negative review on Josh’s business page, pointing out that Josh came after him for the images (as if defending his own content is a bad thing).

And all of the sudden, even though I had nothing to do with this, the guy ends with some sarcastic remark asking if this was all “some piece of BS marketing advice from Bedros.”

I got a good laugh out of it.

First off, I have to give the guy some credit for spelling my name right (instead of Pedro, Berdo, or Bedroom, which have all happened).

Second, I joked with Josh later that I’m “the universal asshole” – sorta like the universal blood donor, only you get to use me whenever you want to blame your problems on someone else.

We laughed, but the more I think about it, there might really be something to this.

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How to Name Your Fitness Brand

If you’re starting your own fitness brand, I want to make sure you’ve decided how to name it by the end of this blog post.


Start-up name tag sign concept illustration

First off, I believe in taking action and moving FAST towards your goals.

Second, I see many first-time entrepreneurs overthink this step all the time and I don’t want you to fall into that trap.

True, the name of your brand is important, but it isn’t THE most important thing, and it’s something you can figure out with just a few simple guidelines.

As you’ll see, it’s all about communicating your message in a quick and easy to understand way. Your audience doesn’t want it to be complicated, so why should you?

Speaking of the most important thing, you know what IS the most important thing? TAKING ACTION AND LEARNING BY DOING!

So let’s get you out of that procrastination, over-thinking loop and name your business!

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Your Clients Buy TRAINERS, not TRAINING

Too many good personal trainers out there are losing loads of potential clients because they don’t recognize this one simple truth.

In fact, you could almost say that this truth applies to all industries…but I think it is ESPECIALLY true for personal trainers, since the nature of our work is so personal.Buy cubics

People do not buy training, they buy trainers.

Today I want to break down why this is true and show you how you can take advantage of this fact.



The why gets into some pretty deep human psychology…features of the human brain that pretty much all of us have.

For one, our brains are so ridiculously hard-wired to see and respond to human faces that they will see human faces even when there aren’t any around.

Have you ever looked at a piece of toast or a side of a building and thought it looked like face? Obviously, neither of those things have anything in common with a face, but your brain turns them into faces anyway. That’s how powerful our face recognition instincts are.

Want an even crazier example?

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How and When to Raise Your Prices

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just double your training prices all at once? That way you could massively increase your profits in an instant!

turqoise ringAnd the crazy thing is, that might actually work.

There’s that one famous story of a woman with a jewelry shop who couldn’t move a case of turquoise, but then her assistant accidentally doubled the prices and the case cleared out almost instantly.

However, it would be a pretty big gamble to do that with something as key to your business as your training…

What if instead you had a system to reliably raise your prices, grow your profits, keep your clients happy, and keep closing new clients at a healthy rate?

I’ve got just that system for you right here…and I can tell you that it works because in my franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, this is the system that we use to make sure every new owner gets to open with a full house of clients and steadily grow their profits from there.

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