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My Birthday Gift to You (My 5 Secrets to Success)

It’s my birthday today!birthday balloons

Can you guess how old I am now?

The answer is…42!

And I was thinking about doing the same thing as usual, where I offer all my best client getting and profit boosting resources for a discount that’s the same percentage as my age.

But then I thought I could do even better than that.

I thought FIRST (but not only, make sure you stick around til the end) I could give you my top 5 secrets to success.

And when I say “success” here, I mean success in all areas of life. I mean in your business, in your friendships, in your physical and mental health, in your finances, everywhere.

These are, I think, some of the fundamentals of successful living. Incorporate these ideas into everything you do and you will lead an astoundingly high quality life.

And make sure you stick around after these secrets, because I have something else for you.

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6 Secrets Personal Trainers Should Steal from Weight Watchers

Since I’m on vacation with Craig Ballantyne and since we’re taking a train from London to Scotland at the moment, I decided to take advantage of the situation and have Craig write today’s blog post.Craig Ballantyne

How does the world’s most popular weight loss program keep dominating for more than 50 years and how can you steal their secret?

In this guest post, Craig Ballantyne reveals the secrets that Weight Watchers uses to get clients, keep clients, and give them the results they’re after.


By Craig Ballantyne

Like it or not, Weight Watchers is the world’s most popular diet program.

That means it’s your competition, big boy.

And you can choose to either ignore this, and suffer, or…

…pay attention to why the heck this program has been going strong for over 50 years.

Recently I did a deep dive into what makes people choose Weight Watchers, interviewing a couple of long-term clients and doing some in-depth research.

Here are 6 secrets I stole for you that you need to implement in your fitness business immediately…

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How to Kill Bad Habits and Build Good Habits

There’s one piece of wisdom I want to give you right off the bat that will make your path very clear.

In fact, you’ll go a long way towards improving your life and your business if you just take what I’m about to say and make it part of your daily affirmations, your mantra, your journal, etc.…

build good habitsGood habits are hard to form but easy to live with. Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.

It’s a clever turn of phrase, but man, there is SO MUCH TRUTH in this. I want to really break this down for you today and give you some practical tips for how to correct the habits in your own life.

And the cool part about this is that you, as a fitness professional, are already practicing a lot of these strategies already…you just aren’t aware that you can use them in other areas of your life.

Personally, whenever I find a good idea for one area of my life, I try to use it in all other areas to see if it works there as well (it usually does).

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3 Tips for When to Customize Your Training Program

Today I’m going to help you sort out a surprisingly complicated part of any trainer’s career: customized training programs.

We’ve all, at some point, offered a client a customized training program. If you haven’t already, you’ll get there.


Whether it was something as simple as a discount in return for referrals, or a full-on immersion fitness program complete with grocery trips and personal motivation calls, we’ve all made variations in our usual program to try to snag extra clients.

Now as with so many other things, there’s a right way and a wrong way to customize your training.

If you customize your training the right way, you can discover and win some high-quality clients who you might have never worked with otherwise…

However, if you do it the wrong way you can fall into a quicksand of price erosion and frustration as you deal with high-maintenance, low-paying clients who you should’ve avoided to begin with.

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How to Dominate YouTube

Have you ever had a YouTube video get over 100,000 views? Are you curious what that’s like?

I can tell you…it feels amazing and a little bit surreal.Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 2.03.38 PM

See, I do have a video with over 100,000 views – it’s my infamous GSD video, which you can check out here:

Now it’s funny, when people talk about a video “going viral” they always make it out to be like magic…something that just randomly happens to videos…a fluke…

But the truth is, the success of my GSD video was the result of a strategic system I developed to dominate YouTube.

In other words, I planned to have that video go viral and it worked.

And today, I want to show you how to follow my same system.

First off, let me explain why videos are so important…

Why Videos Matter


If you want to become a true thought leader in your industry, you ABSOLUTELY MUST put out videos on a consistent basis.

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Top 10 Tips When Running Facebook Ads (Guest Post)

Bedros here – just wanted to introduce my good friend Carlo Bernoni, who’s contributing today’s guest post on how to CRUSH with Facebook ads.Carlo

I’ve been working with Carlo for years…he’s a great salesman, badass marketer, and all-around good man.

Now if you’ve been following me for a while you know I like to dig my hands in personally when it comes to Facebook marketing, and I usually encourage fellow entrepreneurs like you to do the same.

…Truth be told, though, that’s not the only way to do it. If you find Facebook marketing too overwhelming or confusing, or you don’t consider it one of your critical 5% tasks, you should look into an automated Facebook marketing solution.

For automated Facebook marketing, my top recommendation is the company Carlo works with, Fitness Marketer. They’ll manage your fan page, design cost-effective ads for you, and funnel MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF CLIENTS into your business. Click here to check them out today! 

And if you’re a “control king” like I am and want to learn to do this yourself, keep reading to get Carlo’s expert tips!

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Why I’m the Universal Jerk (And Why You Should Be Too)

Recently, my buddy Josh Carter was dealing with some punk who stole pictures of his wife in the gym and used them to create some promo images.

Thief with ComputerPro tip for young trainers: stealing other people’s content and rebranding it is a bad idea. Take pride in your work and use images of your own clients.

Anyway, after Josh calls him out, the guy throws a huge hissy fit and leaves a negative review on Josh’s business page, pointing out that Josh came after him for the images (as if defending his own content is a bad thing).

And all of the sudden, even though I had nothing to do with this, the guy ends with some sarcastic remark asking if this was all “some piece of BS marketing advice from Bedros.”

I got a good laugh out of it.

First off, I have to give the guy some credit for spelling my name right (instead of Pedro, Berdo, or Bedroom, which have all happened).

Second, I joked with Josh later that I’m “the universal asshole” – sorta like the universal blood donor, only you get to use me whenever you want to blame your problems on someone else.

We laughed, but the more I think about it, there might really be something to this.

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