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Marketing for Personal Trainers

I’d like to talk to you about a marketing strategy that’s really plaguing our industry and stopping fitness professionals from getting to that coveted 6 figures and even multiple 6 figures in their personal training and boot camp businesses.

The thing I want to talk to you about is the process of converting leads into paying clients.

What you might not know is that there’s actually a 3 step process for this works really well. That’s what I want to share with you here.

Here’s what happens oftentimes in our industry…

…we get really desperate when we need clients, so we’ll send out an email or we’ll advertise a personal training or boot camp program at a discounted rate.

We offer so many sessions for so many dollars, or so many weeks for so many dollars, and hope that people latch on and jump onboard.

The problem is that you’re missing 3 specific components and those components are the PIM method, P-I-M. It’s the Prospecting, Incubation, and Monetization process. You can actually call it PIM.

Here’s how it works: the very first part of this formula is prospecting.

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Never Peak

Tony Soprano said it best when he said, “Remember when is the lowest form of conversation that any two people can have.” Mountains

You know what? I’m a big believer in that, and here’s why.

Lots of people these days are living in the past. Their heydays are behind them; they’ve peaked way back then. It’s a really sad state, man.

I know because I talk to a lot of people and they’ll instantly go to, “Well, I remember when my business was successful in the early 2000′s,” or “I remember when I was in better shape. I remember when I had more money.”

I don’t understand why people are choosing to live in the past and keep thinking that their heydays were behind them when they’ve got an additional 30, 40, 50, sometimes 60 years ahead of them.

It’s something that’s been really personally bothering me. Because, as far as I’m concerned, you have not peaked yet.

I happen to know a guy, and I’m not going to mention his name, who was an amazing football player. Sadly, anytime I see this guy, the conversation is always about “Remember when?”, and it goes back to high school and the heydays we had together back then.

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How to Get More Done Every Day

Being an entrepreneur is the greatest lifestyle in the world…but it’s not a walk in the park.

Most people think there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that you want or need to do.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t get to complain about that. In fact, you don’t even get to hold that belief. You need to MAKE time for the things that matter and cut out or delegate the things that don’t.

Letting unfinished responsibilities build up and fester is how businesses fail. You need to learn to prioritize your day-to-day tasks, delegate tasks, and build systems into your business.

no time ?THAT is how you create more time…and this is important for your mental health as well.

Listen, your mental health is important, that’s something I have first-hand experience with as a business owner.

Having a schedule and knowing where you’re going and when is a great way to cut the anxiety and uncertainty out of your life.

For example, I run my franchise business, Fit Body Boot Camp, along with multiple coaching programs, I do high-end private coaching, I speak at events at least once a month, and I’m doing phone interviews and webinars constantly.

Does that sound like total chaos to you?

It’s not.

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5 Ways to Build Community and Get More Referrals

Quick: what’s the second best way to get more referrals for your boot camp?

Do you know it?Friends at the gym together

(I say second best because I’ve already told you the first best – deliver outstanding results.)

The second best way to get more referrals is to build more community among your clients!

This is how you create Front of Mind Awareness of your training for the friends and family of your clients.

Because sure, people are going to brag and rave when they get outstanding results…but you know that even the best training takes time. Those major breakthroughs don’t happen every day.

But what if your clients had something special to say about your boot camp every single day? What if they had so much fun and connection there that they just wanted to talk about it nonstop?

THAT is what I’m talking about.

And I’ve got some simple tricks you can use in your business to create that sense of community.

The great part is that you don’t even have to have a big, outgoing personality for these to work! You can still build community even if you personally are shy!

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This ONE Group of People Will Decide Who Succeeds and Who Fails in the Fitness Industry

There is a group of people who are going to almost completely control the US economy (and pretty much the world economy) for at least the next 20 years.

This group of people controls so much wealth, the only two forces on Earth with more total spending power are the US and China!

modern economyThese people are smart, active, accomplished, affluent, and they want to spend money on businesses that they trust and stick with for years on end.

And by the way…this group is especially interested in personal fitness.

They are looking for boot camps, boutique gyms, personal trainers…whatever kind of business you run, they are interested.


These people are not tire-kickers. They aren’t interested in just “trying things out.” They are itching to throw down serious money for programs that suit their own specific needs.

So if you want to work with these big money players…you need to know how to suit their needs…and you need to know how to speak their language and bring them to your door.

Who is this powerful, mysterious group of people?

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3 Tests to See if Your Fitness Business Will Grow

Let’s say you have a pet dog.

If you feed the dog high quality food, take it out for regular walks, and give it plenty of love and attention, the dog will grow stronger, healthier, and happier.Portrait of a red not purebred dog.

If you ignore the dog, don’t bother feeding it, and don’t take it outside, the dog will get weak and die.

There’s no such thing as “dog maintenance.” You either love your dog, like a good owner, and give it the best life possible, or you neglect your dog, like a monster.

There’s no middle-of-the-road option.

You can’t be neutral about the dog. Treating your dog in a neutral way, expecting the dog to work things out for itself, is just as bad as abusing it.

All that aside…raising a dog and being a good owner is fairly simple. But you do still have to put in the work.


Running a successful fitness business is WAY more complicated than owning a dog.

Nothing in your fitness business is going to “work itself out.” It’s your job to make sure it grows healthy and strong, because there’s literally only one other option: it dies.

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How to Create All-Star Staff for Your Fitness Business

Some people will tell you it’s impossible to “create” great staff for your business. They say you pretty much have to find unicorns or get used to having donkeys.

I disagree!

I know from experience that it IS possible to CREATE all-star staff in your business.

Management Team

Think of it like cooking…with practice, you can cook yourself a delicious, healthy meal whenever you want…

…IF you have the right ingredients! 

And by ingredients, I mean the personality traits of a great team member.

See, a lot of first-time business owners have completely the wrong idea about hiring. For every position they need to fill, they think they need to hire a fully-formed professional with 5+ years of experience.

Those people are expensive. Besides, you don’t need them. Heck, you might not even want them after you finish reading this.

I’ll tell you what kind of prospective employee you REALLY want to attract and hire and how to do it…

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