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How to Start a Personal Training Business

When I first got certified through the American Council On Exercise I was clueless where marketing was concerned and I had no idea how to start a personal training business.
In fact, my first client was Tina, she worked with me at Disneyland (Yep, I worked at the magic kingdom for a period of time).

My best source of clients back then where through word of mouth.

Tina told a friend, that friend told another friend, etc.

As you know, it takes a L-O-N-G time to grow a business through word of mouth…

…so I kept the dinner cook job at Disneyland and got a job as a bouncer on the weekends just to make ends meet. Waltdisneyco1

My passion was personal training, but I needed the bouncer job at the bar and dinner cook job Disneyland to pay my bills.

After about a year of working all three jobs, I figured working as a personal trainer in a big box job might be a better way to break full time into the fitness industry.

So I took the leap. It was the LA Fitness in Fountain Valley, California – right next to world famous Huntington Beach.
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3 Ways I Made Leadership a Habit

If a trainer had all the fitness knowledge in the world, would that automatically make them the greatest fitness professional to walk this planet?

No. There’d still be something missing.

I always say that information without implementation is useless. Someone could know every cutting-edge exercise, own top-of-the-line supplements, and craft the most effective meal plan ever.

But if they lack the leadership abilities to use this knowledge to run a successful fitness business, it doesn’t matter.

personal trainer email marketing lessons

That’s what I eventually learned. Once I learned how valuable strong leadership is, I started to transform my businesses, installing systems that made the most of the knowledge I had.

As the owner of your own fitness business, you too lead from the front of the pack. You move the needle of your business.

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How to Cultivate a Winning Gym Atmosphere and Attract More Referrals

Ever walk into a restaurant, house, or even a school and feel…something?

Before you did anything, you felt a vibe.

Think about the last concert you went to. You probably felt exciting energy pass through the crowd as the singer or band on stage played their most upbeat song.

And I bet that got you on your feet, waving your hands like a madman to the rhythm of the music…concert

We feed off the environment around us.

That’s so important for you to understand for the sake of your business. The vibe of your fitness business is vital to your business’s appeal.

Listen, working out isn’t comfortable for most people. Many people loathe the idea of exercising in front of others. They feel like every gym is impersonal, daunting, and a waste of time.

THAT’s why they’re apprehensive.

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Building a Winning Team for Your Fitness Business

Michael Jordan. You may or may not be familiar with the man.Michael_Jordan_and_Barack_Obama_at_the_White_House

He’s the most accomplished basketball player to ever grace this planet. You might even own a pair of his sneakers – boy those things aren’t cheap!

Let me ask you a question: How did Michael Jordan become the world’s premier basketball star?

Sure, he had talent. But lots of people have talent.  I mean, his freshman basketball team famously cut him in high school.

Yea, he worked hard. But guess what? Every pro basketball player works hard.

That’s why they’re pros!

So, how then did he win six NBA championships? I’ll let you think….

Oh, yeah. He had the right team around him.

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How To Add $100K In New Income To Your Fitness Business In The Next 12 Months

Can I help coach you and show you how to double your personal training or bootcamp business in the next 30 days?

For the next 3 days you can get a full month of my popular Fitness Business Ignition coaching program for free. Click Here to Try It Free! 
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Finding Your Straight Line to Success

“I want to know why I can’t reach my goals. Why can I never be successful?”

Trust me, I get this a lot.

I have to tell you, it was a really big paradigm shift for me once I figured this out.

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5 Keys to a Successful Fitness Center Business Plan (Part 2)

Today, I want to talk to you about your fitness center business plan. This is specifically for fitness coaches starting out who want to know where to go with their business plan.

We will discuss 5 keys to making your fitness center business plan a smashing success. Listen closely, because these tips have the power to transform your business for the better.

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