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Employees are the Worst Part of the Best Fitness Business

You built your entire business from the ground up, right? Heck, maybe you feel like you built it from underground up.

And sure, you’ve made some mistakes along the way. You weren’t always perfect but when it comes to your clients no-one can connect with them, encourage them, or train them better than you can.

Post 66But your business is growing. Now, this is a good thing—you’re stoked about having new business and making extra revenue—but you’re stretched too thin.

There are new systems you never had to deal with before and you’re realizing that it’s time you dedicate yourself completely to marketing, delegating, and selling. Your business absolutely needs you to step off the gym floor and into your office so that you can really start growing the way you want.

So what should you do? You’ve got one option, right? You have hire trainers to take your place and train your clients.

Now, since you’ve read the title of this post you should realize that this is a very, very dangerous thing. Think about it: you’re taking the foundation of your business, the most important task that gets each and every one of your clients to pay, stay and refer, and you’re handing it off to some stranger.

You’re basically saying, “Hello there person I’ve never met, this piece of paper says you’re great and you’ve told me you’re great (and you’re a personal trainer so you probably don’t have much of an ego, right?) so you must be perfect.

“Here, take my money and the responsibility of keeping my entirely livelihood and life’s purpose form crumbling down around me.”

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Are You a Fake?

You’re either an entrepreneur or a fake!

That’s how I started my presentation last weekend at the TT Summit in San Diego.

The ballroom was packed full of fitness pros and I was there to teach them how to double… and even triple their success in half the time they thought was possible.

I shared five truths that would create massive success and force multiply their marketing results.

Here’s one of those truths…

If you think that competition is healthy then you’re nuts!

Post 41I assume that you believe that you’re a great trainer, right?

I assume that you believe that everyone who’s looking for fitness and fat loss in your community is best off training with you over anyone else, right?

I assume that you deliver the results and service better than any other gym, boot camp or training studio, right?

I assume that you care for your clients and want to see them succeed more than any other trainer would.


Why allow YOUR prospects to potentially find and hire your competitors over you if you’re clearly the better trainer?

After all, if you’re the best at what you do, and you deliver the results, service, and community then you have an obligation, and in fact, duty to make sure that EVERYONE who’s looking for a fitness and fat loss solution in your community works with you and NOT with your competitors.

And by believing in the lie of “competition is healthy”, you’re effectively saying that you don’t give a damn about your prospective clients…

…and even worse, you’re saying that you really don’t believe that you’re as good as you say you are…


As best selling author Grant Cardone says; “if competition is healthy, then domination is immunity”.


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12 Killer Email Marketing Secrets for Fitness Professionals

7FFMM1.2I JUST got back from our incredible 7-Figure Formula Mastermind at the beautiful Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. (Literally, I just walked in the door and I’m so exhausted!)

It was all worth it though because of the valuable knowledge and powerful motivation we shared with our awesome Mastermind members— I’m so excited about the growth and success they’ll see in the coming months!

I absolutely love these meetings, they’re what I live for! Helping Fit Pros just like you become more successful, gain more freedom, and live a better lifestyle is my life’s calling.

7FFMM2And that is exactly why I get so upset, so hurt and pissed off when I find out that you’ve been ignoring one of my most important lessons! I just want to make your life better, and you say that you value my teachings, so why aren’t you following them?

Are you lazy? Or do you just not understand why this one thing is so important?

But the things is, I’ve told you so many times how important this is (literally dozens of times between my videos, blogs and emails) so I don’t see how it’s possible for you not to understand.

Which means you just don’t care…

Alright, let me backtrack a bit here and tell you where I’m coming from with this.

As I sat amongst those 82 fitness business owners, some of the most successful around, I kept hearing them say the same thing over and over again. Here’s how it went:

     “Hey man, do you ever use email with your clients? I hardly send anything to my list.”

     “Nah, not really. I don’t mess with that sh!t, I hate typing!”

     ”Yeah I don’t really bother with that.”


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Marketing that Actually Works for Your Fitness Business

I hate to break it to you, but if you’ve just bough 5,000 business cards and you’ve spent the last two weeks hanging flyers around your neighborhood, then you aren’t marketing your fitness business.

If you made a website and you’re telling all your friends about it, you aren’t marketing your fitness business.

Direct Response MarketingEven if you’ve bought a giant billboard and your huge face is plastered across the busiest highway in your state, you still aren’t marketing— at least, not in a way that’s going to work.

Marketing for your fitness business will only be successful if you use certain techniques and methodologies known to work for our industry. And that technique that you’ll need to master? It’s called Direct Response Marketing.

Forget everything you know about classic advertising. You aren’t going to be on TV, radio won’t do you much good, and you can’t just slap a slogan on a billboard or hand out a few flyers. No one knows you. They don’t know who you are, what you do, what makes you special, or why you’re definitely their best option. So you’ll have to teach them.

And THAT, friends, is Direct Response Marketing. Instead of a slogan it’s a full on letter, or series of letters (emails, in your case) that encourage prospects to join your training program.

And there are certain ways you need to write these emails that will encourage people to take action, to join your program.

So to help you acquire this skill and start putting together some marketing that works, we’re going to explore the ins and outs of Direct Response Marketing with 7 helpful tips.

Tip #1 – It’s All About the List

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Successful Personal Trainers Aren’t Afraid to Take Action. Are You?

I recently read a Facebook comment written by a young woman responding to one of my posts. This post was about how much money personal trainers make and how there is a genuine method for becoming a financially successful fitness professional.

But her response was expressing an… opposite opinion. She talked about how she tried personal training but that the market was unfair. She claims there are too many trainers out there, flooding the market and making it impossible for her to succeed.

FB Comment - Take Action

“I wanted to do this so badly,” she said, “but the flooded market and the fact that there are so many better than me turn me off.”

She finished with a sentiment that really got to me: “It makes me sad because I’m a very personable teacher but people want big bodybuilders and hot ex marines.”

This girl’s comment had such a strong effect on me because it’s a perfect example of how success is entirely based on mindset, work ethic and attitude.

FBS2See, I watch aspiring personal trainers succeed every day. I mentor some of them, but many of them are complete strangers. They come from all walks of life, from different countries and they are all completely different kinds of people, but they find success in the fitness industry nonetheless. (And very few of them are bodybuilders or marines…)

So how is it that all of these different types of people are able to find success in a flooded market that favors only certain individuals?

The reality is that this poor girl and her comment are dead wrong. It was never the market or her ability that made her fail— there was one thing and one thing only that brought on her failure: her attitude!

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Negativity is Killing Your Fitness Business

I could tell you how amazing you are 20 times over and you’ll never listen to me. I could explain how I think you’ve got everything it takes to succeed, how you’re already doing great but you’re going to do better, and for the most part you’ll probably ignore me: in one ear, out the other.

FBBC5But a stranger could walk up to you off the street or walk into your fitness business and tell you that you’ll never succeed, that you don’t have what it takes to make it, that you’re already a failure, and you’ll probably remember that day for the rest of your life.

That’s just how we work (for the most part, anyway). We ignore the positive messages in our life and choose to focus on the negatives.

But it doesn’t have to be that way!

And it really shouldn’t. How do you expect to motivate yourself every day if you’re focusing on all the people who say you’ll never make it? Where will you find the drive and determination to grow your business when your thoughts are focused on what you can’t, rather than what you can do?

You have to make the conscious decision to force the negativity out of your life and focus on the positive.

Negativity is a noose around your neck, tightening and tightening as you struggle to get free. It’s like a ball and chain around your ankles that gets heavier the harder you try to run.

It’s crippling— so get rid of it.

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The 5 Worst Fitness Business Mistakes You’ve Already Made

I know it sounds crazy but whenever I start consulting new clients I usually spend the first few meetings doing the same thing: correcting the exact mistakes I’ve encountered with pretty much every fitness business I’ve ever helped. I’ve come to find that owning a business in the fitness industry comes with certain pitfalls that, try as you might, you’ll most likely fall into.

gym-fail-0012There are certain assumptions we all make or certain perceptions we all share that force us to make the same mistakes over and over again.

Lucky for you, I’ve already worked through most of these issues dozens of times, I know exactly how to solve them, and I’m just about to tell you precisely what to do.

If you’ve committed any of these mistakes, don’t get down on yourself for it— I made the same mistakes once upon a time too…

But now that you’ve found this article you don’t have any more excuses to continue doing things wrong. Check out what I have to say about these issues, find out if any of them apply to you, and make the changes your business needs.

Mistake #1: Refusing to sell weight loss.

Here’s a touchy one. Now, as you’ll know from many other posts on this site, it’s imperative, for the success of your marketing and your business, to highlight your specialization. And I realize that many of your businesses do not specialize in weight loss. And that’s great— nothing wrong with that.

But the truth is, many people looking for a personal trainer or a boot camp membership (or better yet, people who aren’t even shopping for training) don’t care about their overall health. Unless they are specifically there on doctor’s orders, odds are, they aren’t very concerned about living a healthy lifestyle; they just want to lose weight. So even if you specialize in holistic nutrition, women’s fitness, body building or whatever, there will always be prospects who just want to know you’re going to help them drop some pounds.

That isn’t to say your specialization doesn’t matter, because it’s very important for your marketing and differentiation, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid reminding prospects that you can help them look better naked.

It’s what a lot of people need to hear before they’ll purchase.

Mistake #2: Selling Without a Sales Process

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