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How to Leverage the Boot Camp Business Model for Massive Success

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ve probably heard the name Craig Ballantyne before. For those of you who aren’t familiar, let me give you the short version: He’s the author of Turbulence Training and 24/7 Fat Loss. Those are both 7 figure generating information products. 

Craig BallantyneSo, my good buddy Craig knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fitness marketing…and he’s graciously offered to do a guest post here. Because he believes so strongly in his Turbulence Training program, he’s going to let two of his certified trainers do the talking. Below is a transcript of Derek Wahler interviewing Dani Woodrum for a special TT call.

Derek Wahler is a Certified Turbulence Trainer and affiliate manager of Early To Rise. Dani Woodrum is a Master Certified Turbulence Trainer and a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise owner.

Dani’s had such massive success with his first FBBC location that he’s now looking to open a second one. Check out his interview to learn how he combined FBBC and TT techniques to overcome customer hang ups, close sales, and grow a huge client base in the first few months after opening. Also, you’ll see how Dani used Facebook and Groupon like a pro.

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I Know Why You Aren’t a Success

Sure, I get it… you’re always busy… you just don’t have the time. DUH!

It’s not like you don’t want to make money, eat right, workout, and work on your inner game. You love the idea of working on yourself until you’re an overall better human being…

Muscular ripped bodybuilder with dumbbells

…But you have a life! You’re busy working; you have kids, bills and responsibility and you just don’t have time for that “betterment” stuff.


You may have fooled others with that line, but you don’t fool me. I’ve been there myself and I’ve heard hundreds of others spin the same story. You’re fooling yourself.

‪#‎TruthTalk: Want to know the real reason why you don’t have time to better yourself? Because you aren’t making time. Because you haven’t made yourself, your business, your wellbeing, a priority.

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How to Go From $20,000 a Year To Multiple Six Figures In Five Steps

If you were an attendee at Fitness Business Summit 15, if you’re a member of the 7 Figure Mastermind, or if you’ve recently joined the new Fitness Business Ignition Program, then you’ve heard of the incredible trainer who will be gracing us with a guest blog post today.

Anna Larson is one of those rare trainers and business owners who comes along and, with a bit of direction, obliterates every obstacle in her path. She’s a coaching client of mine and I couldn’t be more proud of how she’s been able to completely transform her business.

Anna_headshotPay extra close attention to her blog today because she’s going to walk you through the 5 steps that took her from losing thousands every month to dominating her competition as one of the most successful trainers in the country.

(And if you like Anna’s style then make sure you check out the Fitness Business Ignition Program. She’s one of the coaches for this incredible new program where you can get some of the same lessons and teachings from my 7 Figure Mastermind but for a price you can easily afford. Check it out here.)

Take it away Anna!

So tell me, how is your summer going? For a lot of fitness professionals, summer is a slower time in our businesses with people going on vacations, getting outside more, and not thinking as much about getting their workouts in.

Until a couple of years ago, I really dreaded summer— for me, it meant struggling to pay my rent, sitting inside my empty studio as my personal training clients would cancel all the time because something better came up, and wondering how I was going to be able to pay rent that month.

Summers depressed me, to be honest.

Now I love summer, though! I always have 15-20 new people starting every Monday at my boot camp. I don’t lead any sessions anymore because my trainers are doing that.

I get to talk to people in the community about doing things like fundraisers and giving back. I’m busy all day long with clients wanting to enroll in my program, and calls about people hoping there is a cancellation so that they can get in to my packed schedule.

What changed? Well, I’m going to share with you my top five systems for packing your fitness business full, no matter what time of year it is and making it massively profitable. Yes, as you might imagine I’m a coaching client of Bedros and in his 7-Figure Formula Mastermind group.

1. First, people need to know who you are and what you do.

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Why Would Anyone Ever Buy Your Personal Training?

Why in the world would someone ever buy YOUR training? Or any personal training, for that matter?

If your answer to this sounds anything like “to lose weight” then we’ve got some problems and you need to keep reading.

Healthy muscular young man. Isolated on black background

Listen, there are plenty of compelling reasons to buy your training, but they aren’t ever as simple as “I want to lose weight.”

I mean, sh!t, everyone wants to lose weight! They all want to drop a few pounds. They’re thinking about how they want to drop those pounds all day— as they shove 3,000 calories of carbs down their throats, drink 3 sodas, and some cake, they’re still thinking about how they want to lose a few pounds… that reason obviously isn’t strong enough to force change.

So what reason is going to be so compelling, so powerful, that those thoughts transition from “I need to lose a few pounds” to “I’m willing to spend thousands of dollars a year to get help with my weight loss?

That’s not an easy question to answer, is it? I mean… there’s a lot that needs to be going on inside the mind of someone who pulls the trigger and makes this kind of decision.

They need to feel good about you, first of all. You need to fill them with encouragement, motivation and energy that makes them feel warm and fuzzy about this purchase rather than afraid and insecure.

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Meet the Wealthiest Fitness Trainer in the World

strong young couple working out with dumbbells. Shot in studio on a dark background.

You’d think it might be Bob Harper or Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser TV show… but it’s not.

Or maybe Shaun Thomson (Shaun T), Richard Simmons (YAY!… lets all wear short, shorts fellas!), Billy Blanks, or maybe even Tony Horton from the mega popular P90X… nope, not them either.

Done guessing?

OK, I’ll tell you, but you probably aren’t going to believe this: the richest trainer in the world is none other than Tony Little… you know, the dude who first started selling the “Gazelle” on late night TV infomercials, rock’in the ponytail?

No joke, he is (by very, very far) the richest fitness trainer in the world!

Were you able to guess that? 

Here’s how he made all that cash according to the popular website The Richest:

Tony LittleTony Little; known for his expertise in fitness and his long, blonde ponytail. If you’ve ever stayed up late at night to watch television, chances are that you’ve caught one of Little’s infomercials. He’s known for his catchphrases that oddly stick to your psyche when trying to push out those last few reps in your workout (Can you hear, “You can do it!” chanting in your ear?). Tony Little’s infomercials have grossed just a little over $4 billion in sales, making him one of the richest fitness gurus of all time with an estimated personal net worth of $200 million.

$200 Million net worth is not a bad chunk of change, if I may say so myself. 
In fact, Tony’s personal net worth is over ten times that of the next richest trainer…

…but what made Tony so much wealthier than all the other “celebrity” and “infomercial” fitness trainers?


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Employees are the Worst Part of the Best Fitness Business

You built your entire business from the ground up, right? Heck, maybe you feel like you built it from underground up.

And sure, you’ve made some mistakes along the way. You weren’t always perfect but when it comes to your clients no-one can connect with them, encourage them, or train them better than you can.

Post 66But your business is growing. Now, this is a good thing—you’re stoked about having new business and making extra revenue—but you’re stretched too thin.

There are new systems you never had to deal with before and you’re realizing that it’s time you dedicate yourself completely to marketing, delegating, and selling. Your business absolutely needs you to step off the gym floor and into your office so that you can really start growing the way you want.

So what should you do? You’ve got one option, right? You have hire trainers to take your place and train your clients.

Now, since you’ve read the title of this post you should realize that this is a very, very dangerous thing. Think about it: you’re taking the foundation of your business, the most important task that gets each and every one of your clients to pay, stay and refer, and you’re handing it off to some stranger.

You’re basically saying, “Hello there person I’ve never met, this piece of paper says you’re great and you’ve told me you’re great (and you’re a personal trainer so you probably don’t have much of an ego, right?) so you must be perfect.

“Here, take my money and the responsibility of keeping my entirely livelihood and life’s purpose form crumbling down around me.”

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Are You a Fake?

You’re either an entrepreneur or a fake!

That’s how I started my presentation last weekend at the TT Summit in San Diego.

The ballroom was packed full of fitness pros and I was there to teach them how to double… and even triple their success in half the time they thought was possible.

I shared five truths that would create massive success and force multiply their marketing results.

Here’s one of those truths…

If you think that competition is healthy then you’re nuts!

Post 41I assume that you believe that you’re a great trainer, right?

I assume that you believe that everyone who’s looking for fitness and fat loss in your community is best off training with you over anyone else, right?

I assume that you deliver the results and service better than any other gym, boot camp or training studio, right?

I assume that you care for your clients and want to see them succeed more than any other trainer would.


Why allow YOUR prospects to potentially find and hire your competitors over you if you’re clearly the better trainer?

After all, if you’re the best at what you do, and you deliver the results, service, and community then you have an obligation, and in fact, duty to make sure that EVERYONE who’s looking for a fitness and fat loss solution in your community works with you and NOT with your competitors.

And by believing in the lie of “competition is healthy”, you’re effectively saying that you don’t give a damn about your prospective clients…

…and even worse, you’re saying that you really don’t believe that you’re as good as you say you are…


As best selling author Grant Cardone says; “if competition is healthy, then domination is immunity”.


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