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Are YOU a Lazy Trainer?

ImproveThere should never be a week, a day, even an hour when you are not actively seeking and implementing improvements to your business, marketing, procedural, and operational systems. There can only be one reason for moments when you aren’t learning new things or improving your ability to train: laziness.

You could explain your excuses to me all day long, your list can run and run for miles with reasons, explanations, defenses and justifications as to why you haven’t made changes in your work, but laziness will always come out as truly the only reason for such behavior.

Now, before you click out of this post because you feel it is dripping with judgment and a lack of understanding, let me say that I completely understand this type of behavior. It is so blissfully easy to find something that works well enough and just stick with it over and over again.

It’s easy to get excited about just a little bit of success. Especially after lots of hard work that failed or didn’t perform as well as expected; when something does finally go right, we want to hold on to it and never let it change.

But this kind of attitude has never gotten anyone to the top.

You aren’t going to become hugely successful and be filled with self-satisfaction because you used methods that produced acceptable but mediocre results for an entire career. This type of compromise just cannot produce great trainers.

So that means, no matter what results we may be getting, no matter how hugely successful we do eventually get, we must constantly and actively be finding ways to change and improve.

And if you don’t, it’s because you’re lazy.

If you don’t like “lazy,” you can say content, satisfied, appeased— but these words are all just as bad as “lazy,” I assure you.

You are literally a professional in the industry of self–improvement— how could you ever justify a single day without any improvement? And I’m not talking about your own fitness milestones here, I’m strictly talking work and business.

You can never be content.Good Better Best

You can never be satisfied.

Isn’t that what our work is all about? Is that not what being a personal trainer or boot camp owner is based upon? Helping our clients to be constantly improving their bodies and lifestyles? So how can we operate our businesses with any other kind of attitude?

OK, I think you’ve got.

So let’s talk about some ways we can get this attitude and maintain it in order to encourage our perpetual improvement.

#1 – Constant Analysis

Every action you take throughout your professional day produces a plethora of reactions. Whether it is the way to answer a telephone call or the building lease you decide to sign, the actions you choose have noticeable impacts upon your business.

So pay attention and notice them.

Keep track of all the choices you make each day, evaluate your decision-making processes, see the affects your choices have made, and make adjustments to future choices based on this information.

Notice the effectiveness of your work, your procedures, your attitude and your efforts. Analyze these actions each time they are performed so that you can spot any flaws, issues, or problems with the way you are running your business. Once you find any concerns, fix them.

Constant vigilance is the only way to make sure you are always improving and staying on top of your game.

#2 – Never Compromise

The moment your analysis brings an issue, no matter how small, to your attention, and your response to this issue is to say, “eh, good enough,” you have spelt disaster for your business. It is noticing and fixing even the smallest issues that separates the good from the incredible. You cannot let your work be ‘good enough’ and you can never assume anything less than perfect will still produce high quality results.

Now, you cannot let obsessive perfectionism keep you form ever acting at all. Sometimes a product, a workout or a business plan must be produced or executed even before it is perfect simply because of logistical reasons. But the point here is that, after that release or after that first try, improvement should always be on the way.

Don’t let this hold you back, but at the same time, don’t ever let imperfection hold your work back from being its best.

#3 Define Purpose

A great way to measure your work’s effectiveness and to discover what and how much improvement it needs is evaluating how it has achieved its designated purposes. And the only way to know this is to designate your work’s purpose. This can be done in a very broad sense but can also get extremely specific.

Look at your business as a whole and decide the 10-15 main outcomes that allow your business to become and remain profitable. If you are a personal trainer, that means you should be helping clients get results, improving their happiness, finding new clients, signing new contracts, etc.

Get the idea?

Every personal training business or Fit Body Boot Camp exists to solve certain societal problems and to provide services clients are willing to pay for. But it must deliver on those obligations to be considered successful.

So, if I asked you, right now, what percentage of your clients saw significant results within the first 30-days of your service? How many clients cancel, on average, after 60-days of service? How many clients have been with you for over a year?

By finding the answers to these questions you can identify issues and implement improvement. But you won’t know which questions to ask until you define your purpose.

It seems obvious, even instinctual, yet by articulating what we know by instinct we can discover more nuanced and complicated ways to implement improvement.

These are just a few ways to constantly seek improvement, but once you get into the habit of preforming these tasks you will always be finding new ways to improve and new ways to find areas in need of improvement.


It is exactly this kind of attitude I strive to maintain each day. As I approach my work I am always thinking to myself: “How can I perform this task in a way that will bring more success, better outcomes, and faster results?”

I think you should do the same.


Committed to your success,


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Why the Worst Personal Trainers Are Making Way More Money than You

I’ll bet  you’re a kick-ass trainer.FBBC4

You have the ability to take anyone old, young, fat, skinny, big or small and transform them into the person they have always wanted to be. When you get in the gym or the studio you’re energy blasts through that place like a fright train.

You’re unstoppable, you’re powerful, and you’re the best at what you do.

But you can’t afford to make your car payment on time. Your credit card bills keep piling higher and higher, your mortgage payment is murdering you and your business expenses are devouring your life.

You’re amazing at what you do but you hardly make enough money to fill your kids’ hungry bellies.

So what have you done to try and fix this? You know you’re great at what you do so all you need are more clients, right? And how do you get new clients to choose you over your competitors? Well, it’s obvious, you offer more than them and charge less for it.

So you use up what little is left on your credit cards to get the latest and greatest equipment, you stay up all night long every night coming up with new workouts to keep up with all the latest trends, and you keep cutting your prices while adding more features so that you can appear to be the most valuable personal training package around.

And after all this work, all this money and all these client-getting strategies, what happens?

You go bankrupt.

But here’s the worst part. During those five short minutes throughout your entire day when you are able to take a load off from work and flip on the television or sit in front of the computer all you see are ads, television Calendar marked to show rent dueshows and programs featuring some of the world’s worst, most ridiculous trainers who make millions and millions of dollars every year.

But it’s even worse than that.

Just around the corner from your studio there is your biggest competitor: an absolute fool of a trainer who is nothing compared to you but is CRUSHING YOU! Every day he drives by in his Mercedes, pokes his head out the window, and says hello just to rub his success in your face.

How is this moron obliterating your business? Why do the dummies on T.V. make more than anyone else in the world? Well, to find out, let’s first take a look at what you’ve been doing wrong.

Continue reading

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Why Every Good Fitness Professional Needs a Great Business Coach

No Help

It’s an amazing feeling for people like us, we who take action and have the ability to make change our own lives, when we accomplish our goals and create our own success.

We aren’t like many others who never try new things or are too afraid take chances.

We are driven self-starters. We’re entrepreneurs, business owners, and when we want something we make it happen.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t ever need help.

We may be in control of our own destiny and authors of our own success, but everyone, including me and including you, has moments in life when they need help, assistance, or guidance. And even though we may have the ability to figure everything out on our own, that doesn’t mean we have to deny help that might allow us to succeed faster, learn things quickly, and start making money sooner.

Even the smartest and most successful individuals benefit from insightful, reliable, and helpful coaching.

That’s precisely why I am a coach, because I know everyone benefits immensely from great coaching and I have made it my life’s purpose to help others.

How do I know that everyone needs help sometimes? Because I had some incredibly helpful coaching when I was first starting my career— it boosted my success far and beyond what I would have been able to do on my own at that time.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about when one of my clients scolded me for not being a salesman, but merely an order-taker. That was a defining moment in my life and that man had a huge impact on the businessman I am today. Continue reading

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The Checklist for Successful Fitness Marketing Email Copy

EMail MarketingHave you ever heard the story of how I made my first million dollars?

It’s pretty unbelievable, really— not because of the amount of money I made but because of the way I made it.

You see, I used the same techniques I am always teaching here on my blogs and videos. I had an email list, I had previously built rapport with a solid group of customers that liked, knew, and trusted me, and I sent out a product to this list that brought in my first million.

What’s remarkable, however, is that I made all this money with a list of only 4,300 customers. That means that within just a few days and with merely a few, well crafted emails, I was able to get just over four thousand strangers to fork out ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Let me tell you, it literally made me feel like I had the ability to print money on demand.

Scary, I know. But there are a few key strategies that made this a possibility. First off, my product was great. This is essential if you want people to become your customers and stay your customers. Your email copy might be enough to get them to commit to the sale, but if your content is garbage you will be overwhelmed with refund requests and you will never get return customers out of any of those disappointed buyers.

Secondly, I had dedicated a lot of time to building rapport. I built this list and maintained it for a while before I ever tried to sell (more on this in a minute).

Lastly, I wrote fantastic, irresistible, unstoppable marketing emails.

Why should you care?

Because I just put together a checklist of all the elements you need to make your email copy incredible too. But before we get to my list, we need to lay some groundwork. I’m going to teach you the fundamentals of email copy so that you are familiar with the terminology and basic components. Continue reading

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What is the Next Level of Your Fitness Marketing Plan?

Now is the time to start working on your fitness marketing plan for 2015. If you wait until January to set new marketing goals and map out a plan, you’ll start the year already behind.

Yes, I know that the holidays are almost here and time is going to be especially hard to come by, but it only takes a small block of focused time to decide what your goals are for your fitness business, which steps will get you there and how your marketing will play into that.

Taking your business to the next level should always translate into increasing your revenue. I’m not talking about looking better, I’m talking about performing better.

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 1.25.01 PMBy making these decisions now, you give yourself time to put together everything you need and nail the details down a bit more. You also set yourself up to hit the ground running in 2015.

Your goal should always be to take your business to the next level. In order to do that, you’re going to need to take your marketing to the next level as well. That doesn’t necessarily mean spending more time and money on marketing, although it might. It often means trying new marketing strategies, going after a specific market, adding new services or programs or improving marketing strategies that you already have in place.

Here are some ideas to get you going and get your mind focused on what I mean by taking your fitness marketing to the next level so that you can take your income to the next level. Continue reading

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9 Absolutely Essential Principles of Every Successful Business

I’d like to introduce you to someone.Rich Trainer

Meet my good friend Marvin; he’s the richest personal trainer on the face of the planet.
Marvin is known around town as a stand-up, first class kind of guy because he’s built a reputation for himself. Marvin’s clients get results. They tell their friends, family and co-workers about his training programs because he’s the best at what he does. In fact, referrals are Marvin’s number one source of new clients.

Marvin’s clients pay top dollar because, in addition to delivering results as promised, Marvin offers something other trainers in his area don’t: an awesome client experience.
You see, Marvin is more than just a personal trainer. He’s a marketing expert, and the “thing” he’s best at marketing is fitness and fat loss. He doesn’t sell personal training— he sells OUTCOMES.

And that is what differentiates him from all of his competitors.
Because while his competitors sell on price and product, he sells on results and experience, and that puts him in a category of one. This is also why he is able to charge more than any other trainer in his area and never compete on price.

Marvin is what I consider ‘Best in Class,’ and his business is rock solid proof of that fact.
You’re probably wondering why I don’t talk about Marvin more often. Well, that’s because ‘Marvin’ doesn’t really exist. I just made him up right now. He’s merely a figment of my imagination.

But there are, in reality, a bunch of other fitness pros just like Marvin who are as real as the air you breath

And just like my fictitious Marvin, these individuals are absolutely rocking it with hugely successful businesses. They produce multiple six figure incomes, some up to seven, and they have personal satisfaction and freedom because they’re living their passion each and every day. Continue reading

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Starting a Boot Camp Business and Taking it To $100,000 Your First Year

I talk to a lot of people throughout my work week who are either one-on-one trainers or in another industry altogether and they’re thinking about starting a boot camp business. But many of them do one of two things: they either assume what they have to do is open their doors and sit back or they look at people who are earning six and seven figures and assume it took those people ten years to get to that point.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a formula to starting a fitness boot camp and making it very successful. Sitting back is not part of that formula in the beginning, though it can be a big part of your lifestyle later on. However, if you follow the formula, it won’t take you anywhere near ten years to earn six or even seven figures. A lot of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners made $100,000 the first year and some of them much more than that.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.47.14 PMSo here’s how to start a boot camp and get it to $100,000 very quickly:

1 – Treat it like a business from the beginning – not a hobby.

If you go into this treating your business like a hobby, that’s all it will ever be; an expensive hobby. Forget about running boot camp sessions in the park on the weekends. You’ll never make much money and you’ll have a hard time making it sustainable, if you even find a place that will let you do it. Bad weather, liability issues and community events all have a way of knocking you off your feet when you try to run a business in someone else’s back yard.

2 – Make your location simple and cheap.

You need your own location, but you don’t need anything fancy or huge. Find the best deal you can and limit yourself to about 1500-2000 square feet of space. You only need about 1000sf of workout space, a bathroom and a little space for your office. Find a landlord you can negotiate with and ask not only for a good rent but also for bonuses like a few months’ rent free, improvements on the space, or rent credit for making your own. See if you can get a three-year lease at a lower price than a one-year lease.

You also don’t need a ton of equipment. Most of the best boot camp equipment is small-ticket items like ropes, balls and dumbbells. Continue reading

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