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4 Killer Tips for Your Fitness Copywriting

A lot of the marketing advice I teach on this site concerns macro, big picture situations. We’re often exploring systems or ideas you can use to get your marketing started or boost what marketing you already have. But these are usually systems or tips that give you very broad insight or advantage.Copywriting

Today, though, I want to get down to some nitty-gritty details.

And I’ve chosen copywriting for today’s in depth, detailed teaching because I think it’s one of the most feared tasks in the minds of fitness pros.

So I’m going to give you some easy to use, practical, and instantly applicable tips and advice for writing and designing your sales copy. And my hope is that you will be able to use the copy this blog will help you craft with all the larger systems and programs I have talked about many times past (like low-barrier offers, community outreach, cross marketing, list building, writing content or offer emails, and on and on…).

Sound good? Good. 
Let’s jump right in.

1) Getting Started

I’m an author, a blogger, a writer, and whatever else you want to call someone who strings words into sentences for people to read. So, let me tell you right now, few understand writer’s block better than I.

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This is Why You’re Losing All Your Personal Training Clients

You’ve done everything you’re supposed to do for your Personal Training or Boot Camp business:

You’ve found the perfect location at just the right price, you’ve bought all the equipment you need but haven’t spent too much, you’ve done the community outreach and cross marketing to build your mailing list and get the word out about your new business, you’ve created low-barrier offers to bring in tons of clients and sell them on long-term agreements, and your online marketing presence is absolutely kicking ass.

You’ve hustled, worked, and powered your way through every obstacle, problem and issueFBBC and your fitness business is perfectly set-up to be the next massive success in your area.

Fast-forward two months and you’ve lost nearly all your clients.

They abandoned you. They signed up for your classes, they were excited in the beginning, but the novelty wore off and nearly all of them, one by one, have walked out your door to never return.

Sound familiar? I sure hope not. But the sad truth is, I see this type of situation all the time.

And what’s most heart wrenching about watching a potentially fantastic fitness business crumble is that it is entirely avoidable! There are reasons why clients stay and why they leave. It’s up to you (with a bit of my help, if you’ll take it) to find out what those reasons are.

If you’ve had an experience similar to my example, what do you think went wrong?

Ever thought maybe those clients were just too lazy? Maybe none of them really knew what they were getting into, maybe your training was just too good, too advanced for so many newbies? Maybe they all ran out of money or your competition dropped their rates and your clientele all abandoned you for prices you can’t afford.

All of these reasons are surely possibilities, but there is one major factor we aren’t considering with each and every one of these possible explanations.


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How To Create and Sell Your Online Fitness Information Product

book-coverAt the end of last year, my wife sold 20,240 copies of her new cookbook The Recipe Hacker in just five days. I don’t know for sure, but I’m pretty sure it was some kind of online sales record. It was only 15 months ago that she started her online info business and within four months she was averaging just over $10,000 a month.

Now, her first ever published cookbook generated more than a quarter million dollars online in under a week. It would probably have done much more than that but the publisher was simply unable to keep up with the insane demand and couldn’t print any more books!

Check out the simple site I created to help her make all those record breaking sales:

So what was the secret to her big launch? 

And, more importantly for you, how can YOU replicate it? 

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Starting a Fitness Business – What You NEED to Know

Let’s get back to an old but favorite topic: Starting a Fitness Business. That’s why you are here, is it not? Because you either own or are thinking about starting a fitness business?Starting a Business

And even if you are a personal trainer already running a business out of a local gym, have you ever considered branching out and renting your own space? I think most of us working as trainers come to a point in our career when we feel it’s time to make the move from a big box gym to something that provides us with more sense of independence and control.

Maybe you’ve been considering starting a Boot Camp business, maybe even a Fit Body Boot Camp if you think you’ve got what it takes. Perhaps you want to open up a traditional but more community oriented gym?

Well, for those of you considering getting into this industry as an entrepreneur, and for those already owning a fitness business, I’ve got some real, practical tips that will be a huge help. As you are starting out and getting everything established with your new business there will be what seems like an endless string of options and obstacles that will require important decisions that come directly from you. I want to cover a few of the biggest issues and provide you with some advice that can save you a whole lot of time, money, and stress.

#1) My first tip begins with the basics: Finding the Right Location.

This is an incredibly difficult process and crucial to ensuring your success. I spend a lot of time and energy assisting my Fit Body Boot Camp owners when it comes to this issue. The biggest misconception I am constantly training out of people’s understandings is the idea that your boot camp or studio needs to have great street visibility.

Let me say this now so we all understand once-and-for-all— you do not need to worry about street visibility. Please, rest assured that should never be paying ridiculous amounts of money to get into a commercial strip mall in a desirable, affluent area.

LocationYou aren’t Starbucks. You won’t be selling sandwiches or trinkets, you don’t need to be seen by tourists or drivers unfamiliar with the area. And residents never get in the car and drive around aimlessly looking for a fitness studio. Your location will be discovered by those who are actively looking for it. They will find you online, on Yelp, on Google Maps, all the places prospects look for services like yours. So don’t spend money you don’t need to spend on getting a hugely accessible location. Instead, spend that money on resources that actually get people in the door. (More on this in a minute.)

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Are YOU a Lazy Trainer?

ImproveThere should never be a week, a day, even an hour when you are not actively seeking and implementing improvements to your business, marketing, procedural, and operational systems. There can only be one reason for moments when you aren’t learning new things or improving your ability to train: laziness.

You could explain your excuses to me all day long, your list can run and run for miles with reasons, explanations, defenses and justifications as to why you haven’t made changes in your work, but laziness will always come out as truly the only reason for such behavior.

Now, before you click out of this post because you feel it is dripping with judgment and a lack of understanding, let me say that I completely understand this type of behavior. It is so blissfully easy to find something that works well enough and just stick with it over and over again.

It’s easy to get excited about just a little bit of success. Especially after lots of hard work that failed or didn’t perform as well as expected; when something does finally go right, we want to hold on to it and never let it change.

But this kind of attitude has never gotten anyone to the top.

You aren’t going to become hugely successful and be filled with self-satisfaction because you used methods that produced acceptable but mediocre results for an entire career. This type of compromise just cannot produce great trainers.

So that means, no matter what results we may be getting, no matter how hugely successful we do eventually get, we must constantly and actively be finding ways to change and improve.

And if you don’t, it’s because you’re lazy.

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Why the Worst Personal Trainers Are Making Way More Money than You

I’ll bet  you’re a kick-ass trainer.FBBC4

You have the ability to take anyone old, young, fat, skinny, big or small and transform them into the person they have always wanted to be. When you get in the gym or the studio you’re energy blasts through that place like a freight train.

You’re unstoppable, you’re powerful, and you’re the best at what you do.

But you can’t afford to make your car payment on time. Your credit card bills keep piling higher and higher, your mortgage payment is murdering you and your business expenses are devouring your life.

You’re amazing at what you do but you hardly make enough money to fill your kids’ hungry bellies.

So what have you done to try and fix this? You know you’re great at what you do so all you need are more clients, right? And how do you get new clients to choose you over your competitors? Well, it’s obvious, you offer more than them and charge less for it.

So you use up what little is left on your credit cards to get the latest and greatest equipment, you stay up all night long every night coming up with new workouts to keep up with all the latest trends, and you keep cutting your prices while adding more features so that you can appear to be the most valuable personal training package around.

And after all this work, all this money and all these client-getting strategies, what happens?

You go bankrupt.

But here’s the worst part. During those five short minutes throughout your entire day when you are able to take a load off from work and flip on the television or sit in front of the computer all you see are ads, television Calendar marked to show rent dueshows and programs featuring some of the world’s worst, most ridiculous trainers who make millions and millions of dollars every year.

But it’s even worse than that.

Just around the corner from your studio there is your biggest competitor: an absolute fool of a trainer who is nothing compared to you but is CRUSHING YOU! Every day he drives by in his Mercedes, pokes his head out the window, and says hello just to rub his success in your face.

How is this moron obliterating your business? Why do the dummies on T.V. make more than anyone else in the world? Well, to find out, let’s first take a look at what you’ve been doing wrong.

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Why Every Good Fitness Professional Needs a Great Business Coach

No Help

It’s an amazing feeling for people like us, we who take action and have the ability to make change our own lives, when we accomplish our goals and create our own success.

We aren’t like many others who never try new things or are too afraid take chances.

We are driven self-starters. We’re entrepreneurs, business owners, and when we want something we make it happen.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t ever need help.

We may be in control of our own destiny and authors of our own success, but everyone, including me and including you, has moments in life when they need help, assistance, or guidance. And even though we may have the ability to figure everything out on our own, that doesn’t mean we have to deny help that might allow us to succeed faster, learn things quickly, and start making money sooner.

Even the smartest and most successful individuals benefit from insightful, reliable, and helpful coaching.

That’s precisely why I am a coach, because I know everyone benefits immensely from great coaching and I have made it my life’s purpose to help others.

How do I know that everyone needs help sometimes? Because I had some incredibly helpful coaching when I was first starting my career— it boosted my success far and beyond what I would have been able to do on my own at that time.

I’m sure you’ve heard the story about when one of my clients scolded me for not being a salesman, but merely an order-taker. That was a defining moment in my life and that man had a huge impact on the businessman I am today. Continue reading

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