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Starting a Boot Camp Business and Taking it To $100,000 Your First Year

I talk to a lot of people throughout my work week who are either one-on-one trainers or in another industry altogether and they’re thinking about starting a boot camp business. But many of them do one of two things: they either assume what they have to do is open their doors and sit back or they look at people who are earning six and seven figures and assume it took those people ten years to get to that point.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a formula to starting a fitness boot camp and making it very successful. Sitting back is not part of that formula in the beginning, though it can be a big part of your lifestyle later on. However, if you follow the formula, it won’t take you anywhere near ten years to earn six or even seven figures. A lot of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners made $100,000 the first year and some of them much more than that.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 9.47.14 PMSo here’s how to start a boot camp and get it to $100,000 very quickly:

1 – Treat it like a business from the beginning – not a hobby.

If you go into this treating your business like a hobby, that’s all it will ever be; an expensive hobby. Forget about running boot camp sessions in the park on the weekends. You’ll never make much money and you’ll have a hard time making it sustainable, if you even find a place that will let you do it. Bad weather, liability issues and community events all have a way of knocking you off your feet when you try to run a business in someone else’s back yard.

2 – Make your location simple and cheap.

You need your own location, but you don’t need anything fancy or huge. Find the best deal you can and limit yourself to about 1500-2000 square feet of space. You only need about 1000sf of workout space, a bathroom and a little space for your office. Find a landlord you can negotiate with and ask not only for a good rent but also for bonuses like a few months’ rent free, improvements on the space, or rent credit for making your own. See if you can get a three-year lease at a lower price than a one-year lease.

You also don’t need a ton of equipment. Most of the best boot camp equipment is small-ticket items like ropes, balls and dumbbells. Continue reading

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Do You Spend Time or Invest In It?

The greatest gift that you were given in life was given to you for free…

…and that may be why most people don’t value it.

Here’s an article I just read by Training For Warriors creator Martin Rooney that brings the message home perfect. This might be something you want to share with your clients, too.

When you were born, you were given the greatest gift in the cosmos. You were given a life of time. Most people, however, don’t value their time. Perhaps this is because this great gift was given to us for free.

Think you are smart enough to avoid “spending” your time?Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 10.36.22 PM

Maybe not.

In fact, many people spend huge amounts of their time each day without any return on investment. When you spend your time in front of the TV, searching aimlessly on the internet, eating the wrong food or hanging out with the wrong people, you are spending time with no real hope of a positive return.

The short-term return of a cheap laugh, sugar rush, or extra pound of fat may feel good at the time, but is worthless for a trainer (or anyone for that matter) in the long term. A successful life is not created when you simply spend time. Success happens when you invest your time. Continue reading

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The Art of Selling by Giving – How to Sell Personal Training by Giving to Others

I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I truly believe we should do what we can to help others, that we should always focus on adding more value to people’s lives or that sharing the fruits of our success is just the right thing to do. All of our Fit Body Boot Camp locations are encouraged to work with non-profits in their communities. All of my companies are active in supporting national organizations we believe in. But you can also do a great deal to grow your business this way and I want to share with you how to sell personal training by giving to others.

I’m going to give you real examples of how I personally and many of my FBBC owners have done and are doing it and I’m going to share principles that I have seen proven time and time again.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 10.17.40 PMGiving to Your Community
Actively pursuing or creating opportunities to serve your community, your neighbors and non-profits in your area is one of the single best things you can do to grow your business. Let me give you a few examples. These are all things that I have done or that some of my most successful FBBC owners have done.

A local elementary school is holding a fundraiser for a new playground, so you volunteer to conduct some free boot camp sessions for both kids and adults.

What happens? You get written up in the local paper for being a great citizen and new clients sign up because you’ve created credibility and trust by caring about local kids. Plus, a bunch of teachers and parents sign up because they had a great workout with you at the fundraiser.
You hold a 10, 14 or 28 day challenge at your boot camp, giving a portion of the proceeds to a local women’s shelter.

What happens? You get written up in the local paper for being a great citizen with a killer workout program. New clients sign up both because of the challenge and because you’ve built credibility and trust by caring about women in need. Most of the people who participate in the challenge sign long-term contracts because you rock. Continue reading

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Consulting Spike TV Gym Rescue Show

Exactly a year ago I was doing something that I had never done before…

…something that put me way out of my comfort zone, I was consulting on a reality show for Spike TV called Gym Rescue.

If you’ve ever seen any of those “expert saves failing business” makeover reality shows, then you have a good idea of what I’m talking about.

And now that Spike TV announced air dates I can “officially” talk about it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 11.55.02 PM(BTW, the air dates for Gym Rescue are August, 10th, 17th, and 24th)

You might have seen Spike TV’s popular Bar Rescue show, where host Jon Taffer, a bar consultant, will take over a failing bar and within a week he’ll transform it into bar that has the ability to succeed.

Gym Rescue is a spin off of that.

Now, Jon is one very dynamic dude…

One minute he’s cool and chill and the next minute he’ll lose his $h!t and get into a full on, face to face, spit flying screaming match with the bar owner.

It’s a reality show after all, so that kind of drama keeps the viewer engaged.

But they couldn’t talk me into flying off the handle like that no matter how much they offered to pay me.

No thank you.

So I negotiated the position that I enjoy best (behind the scene consultant). Continue reading

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How to Grow a Personal Training Business

Every morning I go through the same ritual…
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.41.55 PM

…I wake up, shower, see my kids off to school and then I sit in my favorite spot on the sofa looking out the french doors at the pool, trees, and flowers in my backyard.

It’s kind of an open eyed meditation I suppose, and I just clear my mind and let the organic thoughts come to me in any order that they will.

Sometimes this lasts three or four minutes… and other times as much as 20 minutes.

But this morning I was thinking about you.

I was thinking about why you got into the fitness industry and what makes you stay in it even when times get tough.

See, many people don’t know this but I was never supposed to be a personal trainer.

In fact, all throughout high school I had planned on going to a technical school to become a smog technician.

(Here in California cars are required to pass a smog test. If they’re considered “gross polluters” then they’re taken off the road. My job as a smog tech would have been to test cars, and if they passed I’d certify it so that you can renew your registration. And if your car didn’t pass smog then I’d recommend repair.)

While in smog teach school I realized I had nothing in common with the other dudes in it.

They smelled of cigaret smoke, had beer bellies, and ate like crap by the truckload.

I had just lost 25 pounds in the previous year and daily workouts and eating right had become a normal part of my life… a priority.

I just couldn’t see myself working in a garage surrounded by these dudes for 8 hours a day…

…and so I dropped out and decided to get certified as a personal trainer where I could help others.

It only took me four tries to pass the ACE exam (stop your laughter… I’m a poor test taker lol).

Once certified I knew I wanted to help others achieve their fat loss goals by teaching them how to make better food choices and making daily workouts a priority in their life.

Probably a lot like you, I struggled at first.
Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 2.48.31 PM

In fact, the first six months as a certified personal trainer I only had three clients.

I’d drive to their homes, train them three times a week in the mornings and then go to my day job as a dinner cook at Disneyland.

I hate to admit this… but I spent more money at Kinkos having business cards made than I ever did on market.

When I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to get more clients, I bought a pair of Lang body fat calipers and then changed my business cards (for the third time) by making the ACE logo on them bigger in hopes that somehow those two things would yield more clients.

At one point when I desperately needed more money I got a job on the weekends as a bouncer.

I was “that” guy… the personal trainer who had the day job as a dinner cook and a weekend gig as a bouncer just to make ends meet.

(I’ve got some colorful stories to share with you about my days as a bouncer… lol. That will have to be a blog post for another day though.)

My point is this… no matter what I stuck to it.

I knew I wanted to make personal training my career and did what I had to do to keep training the three clients I had.

Thank God for my fourth client, after signing up with me he brought me a cassette tape (google it if you don’t know what a cassette tape is) and on it was this guy Tom Hopkins teaching the fundamentals of sales.

That one tape changed my life… like literally changed it. Continue reading

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Products and Services I Trust In the Fitness Industry

Hey, I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to help you with your fitness business over the years.

It’s because of you that I get to do what I’m most passionate about – which is to help other fitness pros build successful businesses.

And if you attended Fitness Business Summit 14 last weekend, thank you for coming out. It was a life changing event for attendees and for me personally because it always reminds me why I do what I do.fbs

And if you missed FBS14, you’re in luck. Next week we’ll make the video footage of FBS14 available for sale so that you can get all the business building and client getting information that was shared over the three day weekend.

On that note, I also want to thank our Fitness Business Summit 14 sponsors because without them the event wouldn’t be as amazing at it was. For those of you who don’t know, I only invite sponsors whose products and services I use and trust.

In fact, some of the sponsors from FBS I’ve known and used their products for nearly a decade. So these aren’t sponsors who just give us money to get in front of our attendees, these are sponsors who I use, who I refer, and who I know bring value to our industry.



They’re the best at helping you create and send meal plans and grocery lists to your clients smart phones in minutes. DietMaster Pro Nutrition & Meal Planning Software are what we use to create meal plans for our FBBC clients.

Schedule your private 30 minute DietMaster demonstration by clicking here. 


Practically all of our 100K Info Mastermind members sell their programs on the Click Bank platform. Click Bank is the way to turn your passion for fitness into an online business.


Need software to automate billing, scheduling, and track memberships? Not happy with the software you have? Try myVolo software. Book a live demo or Call then at 866.303.1038


A proven Nutrition Business in a Box for fitness pros. Two programs that scale that to the masses to make you more money. get immediate success with their turnkey nutrition business. Check out the free “how to” report here.  Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes at Fitness Business Summit 2014: Day Three

Day 3 and Fitness Business Summit 2014 is in the books!

Holy smokes it was a half day but once again JAM PACKED.

Here’s something you should know: FBS is know for “out of the box” presentations and speakers. Not just your average every day crap.

photo 1We like to go outside of our industry to get some of the best speakers possible to help improve your business. This year we tapped Linda Domniguez who was been hired to speak to the FBI, NSA & Secret Service (just to name a few) on the power of personality types, body language and micro expressions. And this morning her shared those secrets with us and how we can use these techniques to better communicate with our clients and prospects.

Oh yeah, she also my mom. (true story)

photo 2After that coolness Bedros took to the stage once again and taught us how we can easily sell *BIG* ticket programs – of you know the key techniques.

Then Sean Barker told his story of rising from depths of a working in a mine in Canada (literally) to owning multiple FBBC’s and living the life of his dreams.

Then it was time to give my car away – the 2014 Land Rover for a year. This year it went to a very deserving and very grateful Dallas Wicker. Congrats buddy!

To wrap up the weekend Bedros took some “hot seat” questions where he answered people most pressing business questions on the spot. It is ver cool to actuall see the “AH HA” moment on someone face when they realize a simple change can transform their life.

photo 3

This was an incredible year, and if you were not here you really missed out – not only on a great experience but the chance to improve your business and life by taking the advice of the amazing line up of speakers. Do yourself a favor – make a commitment to yourself to show up next year. Come hell or high water – BE HERE. You, your clients and your family will be glad you did.

Check out this video for some “behind-the-scenes” action.


PS: See you at FBS2015!




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