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How to Create a Sense of Urgency in Clients

Do you have trouble closing clients?

You’re great at what you do, and you’ve got leads walking in the door pretty consistently. The problem is that these leads aren’t converting into paying clients. Most of them even compliment you on a great workout! So why aren’t they sticking around?

Maybe you’re not creating a sense of urgency in these prospects.

The trick is that you have to make potential clients feel like they need to sign up immediately. If they feel as though an opportunity is slipping through their fingers then they’ll be jumping to buy your program.

Today I’m going to give you some techniques on how to create this sense of urgency so that you can have clients rushing to sign up without you having to pull a hard close.

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Who Are Your Clients?

You can’t make any money when you’re selling to nobody.

Simple, right?Young woman holding interrogation symbol in front of her face

Except not really, because I see a lot of fitness professionals make this mistake over and over.

Who are your clients? Who are your past, present, and future clients? Who is looking at your ads? Who is opening and reading your emails? Who aren’t your clients?

If you can’t give exact, detailed answers to all of those questions, you aren’t going to make any money because you’re selling to nobody. In fact, if you’re broke right now this is probably the reason why.

Let’s try an easier question: who are you?

No problem there, right? I know some of you could talk for days answering this question. Even if you’re more the quiet and humble type, you could probably think of a nice long answer in your head.

So here’s what you need to do if you want to massively increase your income: you need to be able to answer all those questions about your client as thoroughly as you can answer questions about yourself.

And I’m going to help you do that right here.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Creativity

As a fitness entrepreneur, you are also a creative professional.

Brain GearDoes that sound weird? Are you used to thinking of “creative professionals” as designers, writers, architects, etc.?

Well the truth is that you are just as creative as any of those guys…

IF, of course, you’re doing your job right.

I’m always telling you that your top duties as a fitness entrepreneur are marketing, selling, and leadership. Well, if you want to excel in all three of those areas then you need a lot of creativity.

And again, I want to really be clear about what I mean when I say “creative.” See, there are a lot stereotypes surrounding the idea of creativity. A lot of people want you to believe that anyone who is creative is automatically an artist, and that you can’t be creative if you’re not an artist.

This is a lie. I’ll give you the true definition of creativity right here:

Creativity is finding elegant solutions to serious problems. Creativity is finding connections between things that don’t seem related. Creativity is taking the boring and difficult parts of life and making them fun and easy.

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How to Build Your Fitness Business Brand (Part 3)

Hey folks, welcome back! Today I’m going to share with you the third and final video from my good friend and business associate Stephanie Joanne.

Check out the video here:

Let me tell you, if you enjoyed the first two videos (which you can find here and here) then this one should knock your socks off.

And I should also point out that she’s one of our speakers at this year’s Fitness Business Summit!

Stephanie Joanne, a fitness expert who has already made over 200 appearances in the media, is giving you a SIMPLE FORMULA for the toughest-to-master, most make-or-break skill in all media work…

…the PITCH!

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How to Build Your Fitness Business Brand (Part 2)

Hey everyone, welcome back. Once again I’m going to hand the spotlight over to the amazing Stephanie Joanne!

Since I’m sure you loved the first video and are itching to see the next one, I’ll embed part 2 right here:

Stephanie Joanne is an amazing fitness marketer who knows exactly what it takes to make your brand dominate local media, get free press and grow beyond your highest expectations.

In fact, I personally am such a huge fan of her brand-building strategies that I went out of my way to snag her as a speaker at Fitness Business Summit 2016.

Now in this video, Stephanie dives right into her “Power of Perception” strategy, and man this is some brilliant stuff.

(By the way, if you missed the first video you can find it here.)

Here’s what you’ll discover when you watch:

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How to Build Your Fitness Business Brand (Part 1)

Hey everybody, today I want to move the spotlight over to Stephanie Joanne, an awesome fitness marketer who’s got tons of excellent advice on branding and media exposure!

I’ll tell you more about her in a moment, but in case you’re eager to dominate local media and start getting massive free press you can start watching her video right here:

As mentioned in the video, Stephanie is a pretty big name in the fitness industry. In fact, she’s so big that I went out of my way to book her as a speaker at this year’s Fitness Business Summit. She’s going to come talk about how to dominate local media, get free press and grow your local brand.

At age 16, Stephanie became a personal trainer at Extreme Fitness up in Canada, which back then was quite a successful box gym company. Like many of you regular PTPower readers, Steph realized that she wanted to make more money as a fitness professional, so at 18 she worked her way into the Sales office.

From there, her career took off like a rocket ship. At only 20 years old, she became the company’s youngest General Manager in history – and the first female one too! And to prove she was worth the title, she personally sold multi-millions in gross in both membership and personal training sales.

But of course, good luck like this can’t last forever…if you want to see a major example of the Suck Factor and learn the appropriate way to react to it, keep reading.

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7 Tips for Starting a Fitness Bootcamp

I’ve got a lot to say today, so I’m going to keep the intro short and sweet.

Thinking of starting your fitness boot camp?

Start right here!

Tip #1 – Figure Out What Makes Your Boot Camp Unique


Obviously, everyone comes to the fitness industry for different reasons, and those reasons each require a unique approach.Standing Out

So first of all, figure out what kind of training you want to offer. Weight loss? Athletic prep? Body building? Your choice here should be a combination of what you are most interested in and what your market wants.

Then, find a unique, interesting way to present your training that your market will respond to. If you look around at other successful fitness businesses, you’ll notice they tie in their training with all kinds of themes that are not necessarily fitness related.

Some examples: religion (of all kinds), competition, self-love, technology, staying trendy, mud, etc.

Sure, you can deliver effective training without any of these elements, but truly successful companies use interesting themes like these to build a BRAND that will stick in people’s minds – that’s the point.

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