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Your Clients Buy TRAINERS, not TRAINING

Too many good personal trainers out there are losing loads of potential clients because they don’t recognize this one simple truth.

In fact, you could almost say that this truth applies to all industries…but I think it is ESPECIALLY true for personal trainers, since the nature of our work is so personal.Buy cubics

People do not buy training, they buy trainers.

Today I want to break down why this is true and show you how you can take advantage of this fact.



The why gets into some pretty deep human psychology…features of the human brain that pretty much all of us have.

For one, our brains are so ridiculously hard-wired to see and respond to human faces that they will see human faces even when there aren’t any around.

Have you ever looked at a piece of toast or a side of a building and thought it looked like face? Obviously, neither of those things have anything in common with a face, but your brain turns them into faces anyway. That’s how powerful our face recognition instincts are.

Want an even crazier example?

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How and When to Raise Your Prices

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just double your training prices all at once? That way you could massively increase your profits in an instant!

turqoise ringAnd the crazy thing is, that might actually work.

There’s that one famous story of a woman with a jewelry shop who couldn’t move a case of turquoise, but then her assistant accidentally doubled the prices and the case cleared out almost instantly.

However, it would be a pretty big gamble to do that with something as key to your business as your training…

What if instead you had a system to reliably raise your prices, grow your profits, keep your clients happy, and keep closing new clients at a healthy rate?

I’ve got just that system for you right here…and I can tell you that it works because in my franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, this is the system that we use to make sure every new owner gets to open with a full house of clients and steadily grow their profits from there.

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What IS a Sales Funnel Anyway?

So…I may have jumped the gun last week.

I got so excited by the idea of assembling my ultimate sales funnel guide that I just charged in and started doing it!question marks

Of course, next thing I know I have a bunch you asking “But Bedros…what is a sales funnel?”

Whoops! Kind of an important detail there, isn’t it?

No worries: today I’m going to explain the “big picture” of a sales funnel so we’re all on the same page.

I’m going to make it super simple for you by explaining to you what a “funnel” is and how you can build one to get more leads, prospects and clients into your personal training gym or boot camp.



It’s actually pretty simple to picture a client getting funnel. I want you to picture a chain of events that take place that produce an outcome. In other words, a process.

For example: a “fitness funnel” that you might create for a client who wants to lose 30 pounds of fat in 3 months may look like this…

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The ULTIMATE Fitness Sales Funnel Guide!

“If you want to do better in business, give all your best advice away for free.”

I’m not sure exactly who said that first, but it’s a common piece of advice among the highest performing online marketers. WDF_534177

And I don’t mean to brag…but I do think that category includes myself. And since I want to never peak, I’m going to push myself to give away even MORE of my best advice.

That’s why, starting today, I’m going to show you how to set up your online fitness sales funnel from top to bottom.

Seriously, I’m going to give you the entire process step-by-step. I’m going to literally show you the exact thing my own businesses use every day to create massive success.

Now, because we have a lot of ground to cover, I’m going to break this whole thing up into weekly installments. For your convenience, I’m going to just keep building on the same blog post, so feel free to bookmark this page or copy down the link somewhere.

Fair warning…this is going to feel like drinking water out of a fire hose, so keep in mind that I’ve got a live event every year where you can get more hands-on help with this stuff. Discover more here:

Let’s take it from the top!

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Why the Neanderthals Died Out (And Why Your Business Won’t)

Which is more important to you: seeking pleasure or avoiding pain?

I ask because I was recently listening to one of Tony Robbins old CDs, and at one point he starts talking about how everyone on Earth has two major motivation systems: seeking pleasure or avoiding pain.Key Label Concept

He even points out that everyone has a dominant system between those two…so that you can sort people into Seekers and Avoiders.

Now, he makes it very clear that there’s nothing wrong with either type. In fact, he explains that it’s very important to know when you’re selling to a Seeker and when you’re selling to an Avoider, so that you can adjust your pitch accordingly.

However, when he starts talking about himself as a Seeker, as a possibility-driven person, I can’t help but compare myself to him and see if that applies to me as well.

And as much as it humbles me to admit it…I think I might be more of an Avoider in my natural state. I’ve taught myself to see more possibility in the world, but I don’t think I started that way.

This is important, because I think a lot of people think you MUST be possibility-driven to become a great entrepreneur…but that’s not necessarily true. There’s an important nuance to it that I want to explore today.

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How to Sell Fitness to All 4 Personality Types

Starting out, most personal trainers are only able to close 2 or 3 out of every 10 prospects that sit in front of them for a consultation. Does that sound familiar? Are you maybe still in that zone?

process automation business automated concept productionA true closer is someone who can close 8 or 9 out of every 10 prospects.

What makes the difference between the beginner and the true closer?

Part of it is honing your sales process until it becomes a repeatable system. If you want to see how my own fitness sales system works, go check out Close Clients.

However, there’s another component that goes back to something I talked about last week when I was talking about personality types and leadership.

In that post, I briefly mentioned that there are 4 main personality types and that we naturally have an easier time interacting with people who share our type.

And this is why beginners can only close 2-3 of every 10 prospects – they’re only closing people who share their type!

The key to becoming a true closer is to learn how to sell to all 4 types, so let’s take a closer look at each one.

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Unlocking Your Inner Entrepreneur

FBBC-FBS 2016 Group Shots (9 of 14)

That pic is from this last weekend, Fitness Business Summit 2016.

In that picture there are some incredibly successful folks – people who are making 6 or 7 figures in their fitness businesses and still making time to hang out with their beautiful families.

But in that same picture, there are also people who are struggling. They’ve been running out of money before they run out of month. They’ve been on the edge of burning out. They’re worried that their passion for fitness has run away from them.

There’s something about seeing us all together in a group like that…it makes me think that the ones who are successful and the ones who are struggling aren’t ultimately that different.

Because really, we’re all made of the same basic materials. And I think there’s a real, practical, important lesson in that.

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