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How to Master Public Speaking (Even if You HATE it!)

I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you.

MicrophoneThe bad news is that you have no excuse not to learn the art of public speaking.

Actually…there is one way you could get out of it…

You can throw in the towel, get a boring, low-paying day job, and quit pretending you’re a legit fitness entrepreneur.

What’s that? You don’t like that idea? You want to keep growing your business, keep closing more clients, keep expanding your income, and help more people lead better lives?


So now it’s time to get real and admit that you DO need this crucial skill in your tool chest.

Pretty much all of the options available to you right now to scale up your business and increase your profits involve public speaking.

That group close technique I showed you last time? Public speaking. Creating authority videos on YouTube so that prospects BEG YOU for the chance to sign up? Public speaking. Getting paid HUGE sums to appear on stage at major fitness industry events? Public speaking.

And the good news is, you CAN master public speaking (even if you hate it right now!) and I’m going to show you how!

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How to Do a Group Close for Boot Camp Clients

A true empire builder knows that any organization is littered with opportunities to scale up. ?????????

There’s always something that you can make faster, more efficient, bigger, better, more numerous, or easier.

So today I’m going to help you scale up a part of your business you maybe hadn’t even considered scaling up…

Closing Clients.

Now you’re most likely used to the traditional model of closing clients where you sit down with each prospect, in the comfort and privacy of your office, and talk with them one-on-one about your boot camp.

That’s all well and good…but there’s an upper limit there to how many new clients you can close per day, and that ultimately means there’s an upper limit on your income and community impact.

And if you’re anything like me, you don’t really like limitations.

The cool thing is, you can take the same basic formula you’ve been using to close clients one-on-one and apply just a few tweaks to turn it into a badass GROUP CLOSING process…

Here, I’ll show you how with my 4 step process!

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The Game Is NOT Rigged (How You Can Build a Massively Successful Fitness Business NOW)

Way, WAY too often I see young fitness entrepreneurs and personal trainers saying that the game is “rigged” in our industry and there’s no way to make any money at it.

shell gameAnd I hear countless different versions of it…

“Can’t get any clients from Facebook anymore because the ads are too expensive and they keep changing the rules on me…”

“Price erosion is eating away my business and there’s no way to stop it…” 

“Nobody wants to stay in my boot camp long-term, they just want to drop 10 pounds and go get fat again…”

“Everyone who’s successful in the fitness industry already got their head start. There’s no more room for anyone new like me…”

And so on.

Let me brutally honest here…


The playing field is more level than ever before in our industry…and that means there’s really only one thing left that separates the winners from the losers…

And in a moment, I’ll tell you the ONE THING that makes a winner, but first I want to absolutely prove to you that the game is NOT rigged and that the doors to success are wide open! 

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How You Will DOMINATE September 2016 And Massively Boost Your Income

As you might know already, September is really the second January in our industry.

That is when kids go back to school and parents are eager to get back into bootcamp now that they have time in their schedules again.Back to school

Now, the key to mastering this opportunity is to 10X your efforts in August so you can get a massive, blowout rush of clients in September.

And if you want that September rush, you need to do everything I’m about to tell you, starting TODAY! 

Don’t overthink it: it’s time to be an action taker and get shit done while everyone else is off on vacation, or “taking it slow.”

(That includes your competition, by the way…now is your perfect chance to strike.)


Let’s go!

Step #1 – Run a Referral Contest


Run a referral contest for your current clients. You can offer them a gift card, some free training, or something else exciting.

Again, don’t overthink this – just offer them something cool and make it clear that you’ll only count referrals who end up becoming full members (since you don’t want to waste your time on cold leads).

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How to Use Summary Stories to Close More Clients

There’s a certain sales technique that is common to certain industries and actually quite effective at closing sales, but I don’t like it.

confusedIn fact, I refuse to use it (at least not in the traditional way).

Usually it goes like this…

You have a big room full of prospects watching a presentation, and the guy or gal up front is offering an extremely technical product or service.

And their presentation is LONG. It’s long and extremely detailed. And the guy or gal doesn’t care at all if the audience is able to follow along. In fact, they actually prefer that the audience doesn’t follow along (you’ll see why).

They get to the end of the presentation, and they ask the audience if they understood. The audience doesn’t want to look stupid, so they nod their heads “yes.”

Then the presenter offers a “summary” where they list out some huge benefits in extremely simple language and top it off with “trust us, the product will do all that.”

And very often, they get the sale.

It’s a naughty trick…but there is a tiny grain of wisdom to it.

I’ll explain what I mean and show you the ethical way to borrow that sneaky presenter’s success.

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My Birthday Gift to You (My 5 Secrets to Success)

It’s my birthday today!birthday balloons

Can you guess how old I am now?

The answer is…42!

And I was thinking about doing the same thing as usual, where I offer all my best client getting and profit boosting resources for a discount that’s the same percentage as my age.

But then I thought I could do even better than that.

I thought FIRST (but not only, make sure you stick around til the end) I could give you my top 5 secrets to success.

And when I say “success” here, I mean success in all areas of life. I mean in your business, in your friendships, in your physical and mental health, in your finances, everywhere.

These are, I think, some of the fundamentals of successful living. Incorporate these ideas into everything you do and you will lead an astoundingly high quality life.

And make sure you stick around after these secrets, because I have something else for you.

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6 Secrets Personal Trainers Should Steal from Weight Watchers

Since I’m on vacation with Craig Ballantyne and since we’re taking a train from London to Scotland at the moment, I decided to take advantage of the situation and have Craig write today’s blog post.Craig Ballantyne

How does the world’s most popular weight loss program keep dominating for more than 50 years and how can you steal their secret?

In this guest post, Craig Ballantyne reveals the secrets that Weight Watchers uses to get clients, keep clients, and give them the results they’re after.


By Craig Ballantyne

Like it or not, Weight Watchers is the world’s most popular diet program.

That means it’s your competition, big boy.

And you can choose to either ignore this, and suffer, or…

…pay attention to why the heck this program has been going strong for over 50 years.

Recently I did a deep dive into what makes people choose Weight Watchers, interviewing a couple of long-term clients and doing some in-depth research.

Here are 6 secrets I stole for you that you need to implement in your fitness business immediately…

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