Tom Hough, a Fit Body Boot Camp owner, business mentor, and mindset coach, has personally helped dozens of fitness experts to grow their gym franchises. According to him, the secret to creating the best fitness franchise lies in having the right mindset. 


The Importance Of Consistency And Patience In The Fitness Industry


When he started working out in his 20s, he read that it takes 468 weeks of work to get the results you want. So he buckled down and started adjusting his diets and workouts to get the results. He also recognized that consistency and patience is what will take him the farthest in his own fitness journey.


Now, because Tom looks the part, others in the fitness industry too see him as an authority. By mastering his own mindset around fitness he has the ability to train his clients to have realistic expectations about their results too.


Developing patience and consistency has also helped him grow his business. The first few months are the hardest – but if you simply show up everyday without getting discouraged you’ll get farther than most people in the industry.


This skill is what will ultimately carry you into your dream of owning the best fitness franchise.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome By Stacking Your Wins


Everyone has at least a hint of imposter syndrome when they first start their fitness franchise. It’s natural to be doubtful about whether your program will give any real results to clients. 


So, how do you deal with feeling inadequate?


Tom’s advice is to build your confidence by stacking your wins. Here’s what that means. The basic method to getting fit is the same for everyone. So if you’ve transformed your own health, chances are, you already have the skills to transform the health of other people too. 


If you haven’t, but you’ve franchised one of the best fitness franchises that has given other people tremendous results, then borrow that confidence. If it works for someone else, it will work for your clients.


By feeding that confidence into yourself and your team it will trickle into your clients and help them believe in your program too.


How To Master The Fundamentals And Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome 


As a business owner, it’s so easy to get shiny object syndrome. This is when you chase new things every time you hear about something appealing and abandon your current projects.

For fitness franchise owners, it’s easy to get distracted by new programs you could offer your clients or new marketing strategies to apply. But the truth is, your biggest success won’t come from trying out different things. It will come from mastering just one thing and putting all your efforts into it.


Take Fit Body Boot Camp, for example. The reason they’re America’s best fitness franchise is because they do just one thing better than anyone else. Their flagship 30 minute fat loss program is the reason they’re so successful.


That’s why as a new entrepreneur, gym franchises are a great way to get started. You get a clear blueprint of what to offer, how to grow your team and how to do your marketing so you never have to worry about figuring it out yourself or getting distracted by new things.


As you can see, by mastering your mindset you’ll be ahead of most fitness franchise owners in the game today and allow you to quickly transform your gym into the best fitness franchise.