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bedrosHey there! As much as I would love to help everyone who reaches out to me, at the moment I do not have that kind of time to respond to the hundreds of emails every day and it wouldn’t be fair to my coaching clients (who pay me TONS of money every month). However, over the amount of time this blog has been around as well as my Youtube Channel, I can pretty much guarantee you that whatever your question is, I have probably answered it already.

So use the search feature in the blog HERE or check out my YouTube Channel HERE.

Have an awesome day and thanks for visiting my blog!


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  • Drew Devarro


    I purchased your Manifesto and the content is awesome!


    Drew Devarro

  • Mike Hair

    Hey Bedros, I know you may be entirely too busy to read this e-mail, but i just have a couple of questions. I was a trainer 7 or 8 years ago & got out of the business. I manage a small 24 hour gym in a small town. I am currently preparing for NASM’S testing for a few certifications. It will probably be June before i can finish testing. I have five clients starting first week of April & i am wanting to start my online business. I see that there a lot of great products on your site, but i feel i am not in need of all because i am just getting this going again. Would the Hi-Tech Trainer, & Personal Training Business Course be the best thing to purchase to get me off and running at fast pace. Whatever you would suggest to do right now i would appreciate. Starting in June my wife will be entering an Occupational Therapy program & she will be jobless, so i just want to give myself the best chance to succeed & hopefully even pay for her tuition out of my pocket. Obviously my first goal is to make a good living for the situation i am about to be in, but my first goal is to achieve six figures, & then after that pursue seven figures. So i will probably be engaged in your systems for a long time. One other thing is the gym that i manage really needs to put on another 200 members or so, i thought maybe the fitness studio training system might work for that, i don’t know. Feedback on that would be great as well.

  • DeShawn Fontleroy

    Just finished a business program that includes grant money. I would like to order the Art of Selling Fitness. It will be paid by check from my program. Where do we send it to? Can you email an invoice also.


  • Stian Weideman

    Hi Bedros.

    Hope u are well…

    Been following your stuff for a while and must say u really have some awesome stuff!

    Im based in South Africa and Im really interested in doing some sort of coaching program with u.

    How would we able to do this and what type o investment are we looking at?

    Im interested in learning more about improving my fitness business, creating information products and ultimately learn how to do business coaching so that I can start my own mastermind and coaching program over here.

    In a couple years time I want to start doing business coaching exclusively. Theres a huge market for that over here, but I know I have to be successful in my own business first.

    Would really appreciate some feedback.



  • Emily Collins

    Hey there,

    I am from the UK and after reading the content on this website i am interested in what Bedros is saying. I just wanted to know if the DVDs that you can purchase will relate and work in the united kingdom?

    Looking forward to your response


  • Fabrice

    Hello everybody,

    Same question as Emily.

    I’m french.
    In France, the world of the fitness has a HUGE delay (15 years I think) and the vision is different. It’s very very important to say this.


  • Luke

    Afternoon Bedros

    I am looking to set up boot camps in the UK and i was wondering what programe would best help me build this business.

    Many Thanks


  • Spencer Cuckney

    B i love the new blog dude, how can i get one the same hooked up??

  • Linda Sparacino Williams

    Can you help me please?????
    I purchased the newsletter that is emailed to clients. Shortly afterward the email address it was assigned no longer exists. Therefore, i am getting charged month after month automatically from my bank account for a product i am not receiving. There have been numerous calls made, no one ever answers,and messages have not been returned once.this is my first dealing with your company, and it has cost me hundreds of dollars with horrible service, no service actually.
    Please advise. If i dont hear from you im going to have to change my bank account. Im done paying you for nothing.

  • Takami

    Dear Bedros

    I’m from japan and im interested in buying the art of selling ftiness. i just wanted to know do you ship your products to japan or can i download it after i purchase it?

  • mogsey

    hey sorry for being dull, but how do i login to my new fitness builder account!

  • James Terpening

    Hi Bedros,
    Maybe you don’t personally read these but I gotta tell you I love what I see so far. I’m starting my training business and I want to do your system but I’m on a tiny budget. I’m going to make this work. I’ve been out of work for 2 years and I have a wife and 5 children to support. I need your help, please contact me and teach me please. My email is and my name is James.

    Help me in Michigan!

  • S Nzinga Imhotep

    Do you have an Affiliate Program? If the answer is “Yes,” how can I participate?

  • Derek Loonan


  • Derek Loonan

    Any Length Fitness and Wellness has a similar success story.

  • Guest

    Hi Bedros, i am a klub manager of a fitness club. i interest in general fitness marketing system not only PT. Is the System 9 useful for me for this issue?

  • Guest

    Hi Bedros, i am a general manager of a fitness club. i interest in general fitness marketing system not only PT. Is the System 9 useful for me for this issue?

  • Tolga

    Hi Bedros, i am a general manager of a fitness club. i interest in general fitness marketing system not only PT. Is the System 9 useful for me for this issue? if yes, is it possible to buy it from Turkey ?

  • Dre Ponce

    I am working with a Elite Athletic Speed camp company. I want to help this company grow and become a huge success. How do I take what’s in the Manifesto and apply it to this Elite Athletic training company?

    would greatly appreciate any advice

  • Michael Giaquinto

    hello i purchased system 9 but i did not receive the username and password. is it because it is the weekend when i purchased that i cannot get in touch with anyone?

  • Maggie

    Bedros, I am interesting in buying you 6 Figure Fitness Business Blue Print, but I am stationed overseas. Is there anyway to have it delieved to an APO, AE address?

  • Christine

    Hi Bedros, I’m interested in having you speak at an upcoming conference targeted towards health club and boutique fitness studio owners. How can I reach you?

  • Nav

    Hey Bedros. I purchased your system 9 for $1 and I got amazing info. It really helped a lot. I then purchased your “The Art of Selling Fitness” combo pack. Just received it in the mail today and cant wait to start watching and reading all the contents in it. I did have one question though. When I read more into The Art of Selling Fitness I noticed that you were also including a few bonus material. Everything sounds amazing from what I read before I got it. The thing is that, looking at what was being offered it seemed as if I was going to receive several book and dvds. From what I saw and counted it was 19 dvd’s and 15+ books. When I opened the my package today, the package only came with 2 books and a dvd case that contains 9 dvds in it. I’m just wondering if all the material is included in just those 9 dvds and 2 books or is there something else that I should be expecting? Thanks Bedros. You rock bro.

  • Steven

    Hi there I’ve just recently purchased ‘system 9′ off of your sight, I have gone through the payment and it states I should receive an email right away to download the content? I haven’t had anything through as of yet? Also do you just download the content or is shipping/delivery made? Just a little confused.


    Steve from UK

  • Joe k

    I am considering leasing equipment for my studio, however the commercial equipment the company will lease to me is expensive, they offered me home equipment to lease but the home equipment doesn’t come with any warranty, should I get the warranty and pay more ? Or only get warranty for things like treadmill, bike, etc

  • Todd

    Bedros, you have some great products available. I’m new to your site as I heard about you thru a podcast, and wanted to check you out. I own a small wrestling and fitness facility where we do bootcamp style workouts outside for Spring, Summer, Fall months in Iowa. We are a very raw business, with no EFT at this point. Please recommend where I should begin? Thank you!

  • mike

    Trying sign up for on line blue print with second person at $197 but your web sites calculates second at full price, Help thanks.

  • Bilal


    I was wondering do you have any recommendations on how to write a good blog post? I just recently purchases your six figure fitness business.

  • kim

    I won’t bother with saying “I know that you are busy but…”
    Need to figure a way to create a business model and looking for advice!
    *Ran a bootcamp business with a partner for 7 years
    *Partner walked to open 9round with someone else
    *Partner and I still collectively own equipment and share in expenses of a warehouse gym that is shared by other personal trainers
    *9 trainers pay us rent monthly
    *I have kept the bootcamp business, renamed it and still trying to grow it.
    *Now renters (trainers) are running groups (football teams etc)
    How can I make this a better business model?

  • Janice B

    I would like to vote for

    Anna Larsen for the FBS Trainer of the Year. There is no voting link on Firefox and IE11 just says “content can not be displayed in a frame”. Can’t find a solution that allows me to vote.

  • star

    hi Bedros
    i always watch your video at this site and YouTube subtitles all the video. i am not good at English but i can read and understand it but i am weak at auditory English.

    i got your videos of summit 2014 but i cant understand many of your words. so how can i get your video’s scripts?

    thank you

  • Tanya

    Hello, I purchased 2015 Facebook Edition: 52 Weeks of DoneforYou back in January, as you highly recommended it, but have yet to receive all the documents. I value what you offer, however, am really disappointed in this purchase! Before I spent the $97USD it stated that I would be given immediate access to January – March items and rest of year would follow at end of March. We are now into APRIL and I have yet to receive my full purchase. I am very angry that I have paid for something in full but no product has yet been sent. You preach about Valuing Customers and giving outstanding Customer/client service. This is a failure!

  • Steve Carrera

    So I’m thinking about purchasing the fitness studio program. Very excited to see what new ideas and ethics this will help guide me to.
    I’m looking to expand my business. I know that where there is risk there is always reward!
    I would really appreciate any final words??

    -Trainer Steve Carrera

  • Chobie


    Im trying to buy the $19 fitness business secrets product, But when it gets to the third upsell it just says page doesnt exist and wont allow me to checkout?

    If you have any help could you please email me!!


  • Gerard vitek


    What marketing ideas do you recommend for the in home personal training business?

  • Mando Elitefit-Trainer

    I purchased System 9, before leaving on deployment and I cannot remember what the address of the log in page was nor the email I used, it was either or please contact me at thes emails or via phone (972) 755-9440
    thank You
    Raul Armando Garcia

  • Ryan

    Dear Bedros,

    I’m in desperate need of help!!! For the past 1.5 years I have been running a private studio where I offer a one on one training and Boot Camp barely scraping by. If I don’t do something soon I will have to give up my dream of helping people and get a REAL JOB :( I need to hire a coach to tell me what I am doing wrong and give me suggestions on how to make it better. I feel you might be a little out of my price range so I was hopping you could give me a few names of people that could help. My email



  • Beachbum

    Hi Bedros,
    Is there a difference between a waiver form and insurance? Can I just get a waiver form instead of insurance?

  • Ali Sharifzadeh

    your contact form does not work!

  • Daniel


    Hi Bedros, I work at a Strength and Conditioning Facility in CT… for the past 12 years we have exclusively trained athletes ranging from middle school to the pros. After becoming Manager I decided to add a new line of revenue by introducing personal training. We had no systems set up and didn’t really know where to get started, since we had to build a PT business basically from the ground up! I purchased your 6-figure Fitness Business Blue Print. We followed all of your advice and I am excited to announce that:
    Using your systems and the swipe file you provided… We ran our first promotion (Burn a Dollar), launching it 2 weeks ago (as strictly an e-mail and Facebook campaign… Direct mail will happen in the near future!), and we have gotten 9 sign-ups and and pre-signed 8 clients into 6-month contracts! I am amazed that in a two week period we already have 8 long term paying members! (best part is, as an email and Facebook campaign our initial investment was quite low giving us a very high profit margin!)

    we can’t thank you enough! we are so pleased with the results and can’t see how far we can grow over the next 12 months of this new pt business!

    Thanks so much,

  • Adam Matthew

    Hey guys! I wanted to purchase the 6 Figure Fitness Business Blue Print, but I’m not sure I did it properly. Charged the $19 to my card, watched the 50min video but don’t know if there’s a swipe file or anything else included for that price. Did I miss something?

  • Joumana

    hey Bedros.
    i really interested in your courses but i don’t live in USA i live in Lebanon
    How can i have them because i really need them i’m a Manager in a new health club
    and i want to know these marketing tricks and everything can help to manage this club successful

  • Brad Gamson

    Hi Bedros and Happy New Year! I have been a student of yours for sometime. What you have shared with me (and everyone) has been life changing. I have taken a break from fitness to be a certified Google photographer. I know you do a lot of ad word stuff on Google and wanted to share with you the Google virtual tour. Basically it is the Street View Technology indoors. I know you have done videos of your office before but I would like to donate my service to you and get your office space on your Google listing. The biggest benefit to doing this is the longer and more someone is on the tour, the higher you will come organically in Google. If someone from your office contacts me, I can send you a lot of examples of my work. My email is

    P.S – Every time I go into a fitness company I always give them your website and tell them to subscribe.

  • Darin Hulslander

    Need advice on which program to purchase – email me at to discuss

  • Jamalowa

    Mr. Keuilian,
    I read your “How To Remove CRABS From Your Life” in today’s PaleoHacks Newsletter, and I want to thank you for this simple but vivid parable. It’s one I will try to share in the future when I meet someone who is discouraged by those closest to him/her. Truly inspirational!
    Thank you.

  • Johnatan Fabi

    Hey Bedros,

    I just wanted to say I have been following you since I left the world of training at and being the sales manager of big box gyms and started my own business. Your blogs and videos have been a HUGE motivator and great source of information that has helped me. I have been in business for 3 years but just opened up my own studio just about 1 year ago. Business was doing great and I admit I got comfortable and let some personal life distractions affect my business. Things slowed down a little because of this and I knew I need to get my act together so I signed up for your fitpro newsletter and just bought system 9. I instantly started using the tools and information that I have learned and things are already moving up!!! My goal is to break 100k by the end of this year and I am confident that I will if I keep on the straight line!

    Thank you for doing what you do man

  • Personal Trainer Las Vegas

    Hi, Bedro, where are you located? I am just wondering how much personal trainer prices and demand change from one location to another. I like in Las Vegas and I am wondering much would a good lead be worth here.

    Thank you!