A message from Bedros: I’m not here to convince you of anything. See, there are plenty of people trying to sell you a bunch of “make tons of fast easy money in the fitness industry” hype. The truth is, nothing comes easy – but it can come a lot easier if you take action on the right information like many of the top fitness pros that you see on this page. And while I’ve been fortunate enough to coach, consult, and mentor thousands of personal trainers and boot camp operators through my fitness marketing systems, products, workshops and coaching programs to massive success – I realize that what I offer is not for everyone. So read what your peers have to say about me and my programs – and decide for yourself.

Here's What Top Fitness Experts are Saying About the....

7 Figure Mastermind

Back when I started mastermind in May, my revenue had just plummeted to just $1500 for the month. I was scared as hell because I just spent all of this money going to the Fitness Business Summit and I have two children to support. But I knew the 7 Figure Formula was right for me and that I need the business growth coaching from Bedros.

So as soon as I got home, I sat down and started taking massive action on every step that was given to me by Bedros and Cabel.

In my first month after implementing the strategies in the last two weeks of May, I had my biggest month ever of over $16k in June and over $20k just two months later! It was crazy because every month my revenue and client base was growing more than the last one and it was the slow season where DC is like a ghost town in the fitness industry.

What make this so incredible is that when looking at my income tax statements and the first few months of 2015 the numbers showed that I was on a downward spiral and that I was doomed. But as soon as I joined the 7 Figure Mastermind things turned around very quickly for me.

But because I sat down and took massive action on what Bedros and my mastermind coaches told me I closed out 2015 at $164,796.50!

Here are my stats after 6 months in the mastermind…

  1. I went from $1,500/month to over $21,000/month
  2. 78 email subscribers to 1777 subscribers
  3. from 3 clients to over 100 paying clients
  4. from 1-2 consultations per month to 30-40 per month
  5. Closing 21+ new clients every month.
  6. Average closing rate – 74% (I still need to increase this)
  7. Partnered with Reebok
  8. Landed in a big Magazine – Modern Luxury DC.
  9. Landed on National TV with Roland Martin – 56 Million viewers
  10. Consulted over 307 new clients last year
  11. Hired 3 trainers, 1 assistant, 1 bookkeeper, 1 VA, and 1 Live answering service
  12. I have helped out the community by donating to charities
  13. I went from being slow and scared to fast and profitable
  14. Thank you so much for the coaching, mentoring, and support!
Emmanuel Soba, NASM-CPT
Transformation Expert DC

On November 15, 2013 I called my office manager to set up a meeting to discuss our financials. Like every month, I wanted to know where we were with our monthly revenue goals; whether or not we are on budget for payroll; and if there was some way that we could save more. It turned out that we were on board to earn $28k more than the numbers had previously shown. There were two major differences, 1) we’d run our very first Fit Pro Connect email marketing promotion using the “done for you” marketing broadcast. That promotion brought in 20 new clients; of the 20 new clients, 6 clients signed on for longer term contracts. In addition, both my personal training and group fitness training rates were increased which of course increased. Since the last Mastermind, I’ve realized that Fit Pro Connect not only keeps you in contact with current and new audiences but it can help to earn revenue. We are currently in the middle of our second email marketing campaign, 14 Day Flat Belly Detoxification.

For organization purposes, I’ve always had a monthly marketing list in place. At the last Mastermind meeting Cabel recommended that we create a chart style plan organized by action item and month. His suggestion for creating a marketing plan has been less overwhelming because it excludes the details of the events (which I now record on a different document after the plan is created). To date, I’ve completed my first and second quarter plans.

It’s funny how one small recommendation can make a huge change in the way that we do business. It has taken me two Mastermind meetings and several coaching calls to figure out where my business is weakest. The “Set, Show, Close” report has helped bring clarity to my biggest challenge, lead generation. We just hadn’t been setting enough appointments. In 2013 we facilitated only 44 consultations of which 28 showed, 16 were no shows, and 23 purchased services.

Since the last Mastermind meeting, I am more comfortable with the business that I’m in. I’ve experienced several marketing paradigm shifts that have helped me to earn $219K in 2013. Both my gifts and weakness are apparent to me and my goal is of earning 1 million dollars by the close of 2015 feels possible.

Metra Lundy

I started working with Cabel in June of 2012 and at that time I had 1 location and we did $20,000/mth in business. Fast forward 16 months and I have 2 locations and am on pace for my first ever $50k month. But let’s go back to the beginning.

In June of 2012 I had 3 trainers working for me and had what I thought was a successful business and I was doing better than I ever thought possible as a personal trainer. The first thing Cabel helped me fix was my tracking and metrics. For anyone that knows Cabel, he is a numbers machine and can tell you at any given point his set, show, and close percentage. I had no idea and when he first asked me what my close percentage was I paused and said ‘Maybe 50%?’ with a questioning tone. Cabel showed me how to track all of this and most importantly IMPROVE upon it.

On 10/9/12, a little over 3 months after working with Cabel I sent him an email saying I was having trouble breaking the 26k mark. He took the time to analyze my business, ask me tons of questions, and found what was missing. We fixed a couple things, tweaked a couple more and in January of 2013 we did $30,903 in sales. I was able to increase that to $40,728 just 5 months later in June of 2013. So I basically doubled my business revenue in a 1 year time frame.

I was ready for my next big step of opening a 2nd location at this point; but I was terrified of the thought. So of course I contacted Cabel and he helped push me to make the move I know I needed to make.

So here we are today. I have 7 trainers, an assistant, and we are about to hit $50k for the first time ever with a goal of $60k set for June of 2014 making a 300% growth in 2 years. Thank you Cabel!

David Bostik

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100K Info Group

I started the Info Mastermind on May 10, 2012, it was my very first mastermind. Walking in I had No blog, No Sales Page, No Buyer List, No Followers, No Clickbank account. No nothing. What I did have was a passion for Pilates, the burning desire, drive and determination to make it happen.

With marching orders in hand, after the mastermind I put myself on “Lock Down” mode and worked my Booty off to GSD! I filmed and edited over 20 hours of footage, got my sales page up, put together the entire upsell flow, created a crazy amount of content for bonuses and guest blog posts. Got my blog up, wrote blog posts every single week. Two months after the mastermind I launched my product on July 7, 2012. I made my first clickbank sale! I had never sold an information product online and I went from $0 to $1,023 just in this first launch.

Thank you Bedros and Craig!

Here's What Top Fitness Experts are Saying About the....

Automated Client Attraction System: FitPro Newsletter

“Bedros has gone and done it again! FitPro Newsletter has allowed me to focus on what’s important- educating, inspiring and expanding my clientele…while building my web presence and online training services. I only wish I had this option 10 years ago!”* Roger Applewhite, CSCS Voted Top 100 Trainers In America www.RogerApplewhiteCpt.com

“Bedros, Fit pro newsletter has been the best and most effective way for me to stay in contact with my list of clients and prospects.  Most importantly, the newsletter goes out automatically so it is one less task I have on my “to do” list.  I started my blog just over two months ago and fit pro newsletter has been the key to my success and list building. People love the newsletter because of the valuable content it provides.  Furthermore, the newsletter is sent out twice per month which keeps my clients engaged to me and my website.There is no way I would be where I am today with my fitness business and my subscribers without Fit Pro Newsletter.”* Jill Bruyere www.runwithjill.com

“Bedros, FitPro Newsletter is an unbelievable product and has given my company a whole new definition of professionalism and a higher standard for client satisfaction and retention. Working closely with two medical facilities, this is highly important with my business.After two days with the product, my company signed four new referrals and over $4,000 in new business. I highly endorsed FitPro newsletter to any fitness professional who is serious about improving their business and more importantly help educate thousands of lives about the importance of fitness and exercise.”* Michael Y. Seril, MS, 2006 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year Owner, Michael Seril Fitness

I’ve been using Fit Pro Newsletter now for over three years. I’ve had a number of clients comment on the quality writing and content that they enjoy receiving twice monthly. It’s a great way to stay in touch with my clients and to build my list. Even if a client moves away, they will ask to remain on my newsletter list because they enjoy and learn from it. I find that once a client starts getting my newsletters, I see them show up in my boot camp or they take advantage of the other services I offer. So, in the end, Fit Pro is a good tool to convert prospect to client. I wouldn’t run my business without Fit Pro Newsletter. Thanks Bedros for offering this service. Its money well spent on a top notch list building and client retaining tool.”* Shawna Kaminski CalgaryNWBootCamp.com FemaleFatLossOver40.com

“With FitPro Newsletter, I can brand my identity and customize my content or just conveniently use the professional content provided with the system! Then I just sit back and let my newsletter content automatically flow to my entire client base.I don’t even have to remember to send my newsletter – it seamlessly goes out. Thanks to FitPro Newsletter, I now have access to one of the biggest timesavers in the online fitness industry. “* Ben Greenfield, 2008 NSCA Personal Trainer Of The Year MS, CPT, CSCS, CISSN

“Bedros, I just wanted to drop you a line and say thank you for developing the FitPro Newsletter. I was able to edit it easily to make it fit my training website style. I selected a color scheme, added my photo and wrote a personalized intro paragraph and that was it. My first newsletter went out on July 1s t and by July 5th I had signed a 12 week online training client for $360, and a supplement plan for $40. That’s $400 in 5 days! Prior to the newsletter I had not seen any online activity for quite a while. I cannot wait to see what kind of response I get on future mailings. Thanks again!”* Joshua Carter, The Body Transformation Expert www.carterfitness.com

Hi Bedros!, Every business decision we make, we immediately think ‘what would Bedros do. These decisions have allowed us to build our brand, ToneItUp 🙂 We no longer work at a gym and can put all of our energy into our website while our business runs itself.. AMAZING!  When our clients train, they pay monthly like a car payment… which was just genius and has saved us so much money.  It’s amazing to wake up everyday and see that we sold 30 diet plans overnight and an inbox full of people in our community looking for a trainer.  Another cool thing is our list of subscribers has gone from 400 people to over 13,700 people in just one year. We just wanted to reach out and say thank you ;)* Katrina Hodgson & Karena Dawn,  ToneItUp.com

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Ready-To-Use Marketing and Client Getting Systems in the PT Business Course

“Bedros,Closed another 12 month paid in full program. Bedros you are my new secret weapon! This week I have closed six 12 month program totaling $30,240.00*.Man I am on fire. I just have to make sure that none of my competitors find out about my “Secret weapon”. The sales presentation I have learned from you is working beyond my wildest dreams!”* Saman Bakhtiar, owner Fitness Concepts

“Hey Bedros,I have one word for you, OUTSTANDING! Your P.T. Business Course is packed with tons of helpful advice. This course is a must read for any and all serious minded fitness professionals. This product tells you step by step on how to get new clients and how to keep them. Six figures is just the beginning. This was the best investment that I have made in my fitness career.”* Demara Earnest Fitness Professional, Marietta GA

“Hey Bedros, First of all, I want to thank you.Your PT course has helped my Four clubs tremendously. More clients, better marketing, and more sales. Love FitPro Newsletter and Hitech Trainer too. Thanks again.”* Jason Smith President, Cajun Fitness

“I just want to thank you Bedros for the phenomenal advice and help you have given me. I am 100% confident that my dreams of becoming a SIX-FIGURE INCOME FITNESS PROFESSIONAL will become a reality thanks to the plan found in your PT business course. I encourage ALL fitness professionals to not only invest in your Business Course, but to put EVERY tip to use. I guarantee you will not be dissapointed!”* Nick Holtzman Fitness Professionals, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Bedros,   As I drove off in my new BMW Z4 yesterday I reflected on the past 2 years and how my life has changed and how things have exploded, and I owe a good portion of it to you for helping me, inspiring me, teaching me, and keeping me accountable.I have mentioned to you that I grew up in a trailer home with 6 and then 7 people (once my grandma moved in).  We had one bathroom and we never once drove a car that was in the same decade we were living in. The best part about the car is that it only cost me about 2 weeks worth of income! I know that the car won’t make me a better person or a happier person, but this is the first thing I really splurged on and I think helps me “see” what I have accomplished.  It is easy to look at the number of clients and the bank account growing, but this is something tangible to help me appreciate the accomplishments I have had, since I am a very driven/high goals person and tend to make a newer and bigger goal before appreciating the goal I just achieved. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks!* Dustin Maher www.DustinMaherFitness.com

How to Close 9 Out of 10 Clients

And This Is What They're Saying About My Proven PT Sales System:

“Hey Bedros,How are you? This is Mike from Anytime Fitness in Indiana. I know that you probably get thousands of emails just like this. I wanted to tell you that since the close clients sales training we have generated $220k in personal training revenue and collected $98k in cash received between EFT and cash received in the last two months. Not bad for facilities that are about 5000 sq ft and have about 1100 members. Don’t mean to brag, but I told you when I double my business I would let you know. Well, I doubled it. 🙂 “* Mike Gelfgot Anytime Fitness, IN

“Bedros,So I figured hey what’s another $39.95 to polish my skills. So I decided to get your DVD. To make a long story short in two days using your close 9-10 clients DVD I sold $17,520 in training. I watch the whole DVD last Friday, April 18th and then on April 21& 22 using the skills you presented on the close clients DVD I sold 144 sessions for $7920.00 and the next day close my highest program ever 192 sessions for a grand total of $9600.00 and the sweet thing about this is that I did not even do a sample workout.In spite of what the economy is saying there are TONS of people that need our help. This DVD is worth Six figures to me!”* Alphonso Allen Cre8yurbody Personal Training

“Bedros,I ordered the Close Clients DVD on Tuesday just minutes after it was released and downloaded the bonus script and audio. After reviewing the bonuses and watching the DVD (which arrived on Thursday) I couldn’t wait to use the sales tools provided in the system. I got my chance on Saturday when I had a “drive by” that came in to get information. I scheduled her to come back two hours later for her free fitness consultation. Just as I was finishing up with her, the phone rang and it was an inquiry from an ad in the local paper. I asked her to come by the studio and get her free consultation… Long story short, Saturday turned out to be a 100% close ratio grossing $5000! This is exactly what I needed to give me the last little edge I was looking for in the sales process. Thanks so much for putting this together. What a payoff for such a minimal investment!”* *** UPDATE *** ONE WEEK LATER *** I just wanted to give you an update on how PHENOMENAL the “Close Clients” DVD is. I told you that within just a couple of days using the system you teach, I had closed 100% of walk-ins and generated $5000. Well, another week has gone by and I’ve had 4 more fitness assessments. My close ratio is still at 100%, average ticket sale is $4000…and If we do the math, that is $21,000 in a week!! Don’t wake me up…I’m loving this dream!”* Jason Morgan, CFT Muscleworx Personal Fitness Systems

“Bedros, First, I want to thank you so much for landing me a 2x/week client today! I recently quit my corporate job to follow my passion of joining the health and fitness industry. While I am absolutely enjoying making a career of doing what I love, I must admit the anxiety of living via sales is a hard thing to manage! I sent away for your “How to Close 9 of 10 Clients” Close Clients DVD and watched it today before one of my free evaluations this evening. Well, after putting your techniques into practice – I closed the deal!”* Best, Gina Siragusa

“This DVD was AWSOME! I would easily have paid $100 bucks for this DVD. It was great because it first starts out by showing a demonstration of an actual first consultation with a prospective client, from beginning to end. Here you can see how smooth a presentation can go by implementing Bedros’ consultation script. Not only that, but it makes you sound like you have a PHD in personal training, which is important when it is crucial to prove to your prospective client that you ARE an expert and that you know what you’re doing. Bedros breaks every portion of the presentation down and thoroughly explains why he says what he says and the logic behind it. You can be extremely successful with this section alone! The bonus features on this DVD are just icing on the cake. Bedros takes the time to show you the actual drawings and illustrations that you would actually show your prospect. This is great because most people are visual learners and you can see the actual illustrations that accompany this solid presentation. When you’re able to whip out a clean piece of paper and then explain to them how it all works, the light in the prospects mind clicks on, making them more likely to buy. The other feature that is extremely useful is the section on objection handling. Knowing how to counter objections and how to overcome them makes you 100 times more confident that there is nothing they can say that you can’t overcome. The bottom line, if you want to convert just about every prospect you bring in for a consultation, then watch this DVD, implement its teachings, and enjoy a lucrative career as a personal trainer!”* Jerry Brito San Jose, CA