I don’t know about you but I don’t recall any certification program I ever got that gave me any instructions on how to run an effective fitness business (or any business training at all for that matter.)

Have you ever felt that taking the big leap from being just a trainer to running a successful and profitable business is kind of a lonely road?

IMG_0100Ever feel like you’re just spinning your wheels and running your business by the edge of your seat? All you really want to do is have a full schedule of clients, help them get the results that you’re good at delivering and own a fitness business that’s profitable and gives you the freedom to take some time off and enjoy life.

What if I can teach you just one thing today that can get you 5-10 new prospects and leads each week? And what if I can teach you how to convert most of these new leads into paying clients who stay for the long haul? Wouldn’t that make your life and your business better?

The 7-Figure Mastermind has helped hundreds of fitness professionals create 6-figure, multiple 6-figure and even 7-figure businesses. One of my most successful coaching clients Cabel McElderry is now on board as a coach and together he and I will help you take your personal training, group training, or fitness boot camp business to massive success.






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Want to Take Your Fitness Knowledge and Create an Online Info Product So That You Can Reach More Clients and Customers and Make More Profits?

Introducing the 100k Info Mastermind!

The appeal of the online lifestyle is high; with the right resources and coaching it’s entirely attainable for anyone.

100k info panoThat’s also the problem, the very nature of the Internet changes at light speed, you have to be willing to adapt instantly. It’s no end of frustration for the new info marketer trying to learn and adapt at the same time.

The 100k Info Mastermind allows you to fast track the learning curve right from faster product creation to providing the ultimate community to generate affiliates for a successful first launch. Craig Ballantyne and I give you the proven tools and the up to the minute strategies to help you take your idea for a fitness, diet, or nutrition program online for massive sales!

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