5 Strategies Gym Franchises Can Use Today To Monetize Their Online Presence

If you want to attract clients to your gym franchise, building and monetizing an online audience is the most effective strategy. Elisha Lee, the founder of an online health community of nearly 100,000 people is sharing her top 5 strategies to achieve this. These are the same strategies she has used to grow her empire and attract her client base some of whom have even been featured on television, and magazines, have even lost more than 100 pounds.


Leveraging Facebook Groups


When Elisha started her program, she created a Facebook group to support moms who wanted to lose weight. That Facebook group soon exploded and now has 65,000 members – a lot of whom are now paying members.


By creating a Facebook group for your brand, you’ll continue organically attracting clients to your gym franchise as people find and join your group. Plus, you’ll also build a strong community around your brand which will help you maximize your customer lifetime value. 


Creating A Blog


Elisha attracted her very first customers using this strategy. She created a blog to talk about her journey, recipes and plans and eventually started a challenge with a few women who were interested. 


If you love writing, then this is a no-brainer. Blogging may be more competitive now than it was back then, but with the right SEO strategies it will create a massive impact for your brand. Not only will you get your name out there, you’ll be shocked to see that some customers join in because they read a blog post you created months ago.


Sharing Your Journey As a Gym Franchise Owner On TikTok


According to Elisha, nothing will give you more visibility than Tik Tok. Chances are, your target audience spends hours looking at Tik Tok. So why wouldn’t you want to advertise your gym franchise there?


Tik Toks can also be incredibly fun to create. And just one viral video can attract dozens of new clients into your franchise. 


Elisha herself created a page where she shared tips about everything – not just about her business. And she linked out to her business so people who saw her content knew where to find her. Within just a few months, she attracted 13,000 followers, and over 100,000 likes. 

Creating An Email Newsletter


This strategy alone can add 20 to 30% to your gym franchise’s revenue. The way it works is simple.


You create an email newsletter where you share what’s happening in your gym franchise, give discounts and offers and offer helpful advice.


Who do you send it to?


  1. Existing buyers
  2. People who opted in to receive your newsletter from your blog or social media


This won’t just help you turn prospects into buyers, it’ll also help you make more money out of your existing buyers.


Gaining Insights From Your Customers & Creating A Product Based On That


This is something most gym franchise owners never do – and yet it could completely turn your business around. You see, when you have an online audience, you have a way to reach out to them to understand what it is that they really want from you.


America’s best gym franchise, Fit Body Boot Camp, for example, consistently sends out a simple Google Form to their customers. This form asks them a series of questions including what they like about the coaching, what they dislike, what they would change etc.


By analyzing the insights you get from your customers, you can then create a product that they really want – and you’ll already know that it will sell well. Then, you can start advertising it to your online audience and watch the sales come in.


These are 5 strategies by Elisha Lee to help you monetize your online audience. Go ahead and apply them into your business and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you attract clients to your gym franchise.