The Ultimate Wellness Shot To Have In The Mornings To Improve Productivity and Keep You Healthy.   

I love being productive and checking things off my list for the day. I imagine that as an entrepreneur you’re very much the same way, right? So it should not come to as a surprise to you that one way you can be productive is to not get sick.  

The fact is I work hard at keeping my immune system in good working order. There was a time where I’d blend my own wellness shot every morning. Then I started buying immunity boosting supplements and taking those. 

But recently I decided to go all in and have a new routine in the mornings that keep my immune system strong. I’ll tell you about that in just a moment. 

First, I want to tell you this…  

As an entrepreneur, the time and effort you put into your business can pay you back in multiples. So sleep, hydration, diet, exercise, and stress management all play a massive role in keeping your immune system strong. 

You can’t for a minute think that you’re going to take a wellness shot from your favorite juice bar or swallow some immunity-boosting supplements and bam, you’re healthy. 

In any large pandemic such as Coronavirus, the best approach to staying healthy is: wash your hands, don’t touch your face, exercise, get sleep, stay well hydrated and do anything you can to keep your immune system running like a fine-tuned machine. 

Due to unpopular belief, I think it’s never been easier to maintain a strong immune system.

There are endless ways to boosting your immune system like:

  • Manage your stress levels
  • Avoid junk food
  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Clean eating 
  • Exercise, water (at lot of it) and sunlight

With everything that’s going on, it’s hard not to feel stressed, eat your favorite comfort foods, or get a good night’s rest. It’s nearly impossible. 

So in addition to what I just mentioned, which is really fitness and health discipline,  here’s some practical advice to maintain a strong immune system: have a wellness shot daily. 

Don’t Just Have A Wellness Shot That Makes You Want To Gag And Have To Do A Mountain Of Dishes afterwards. 

Juicers are a hassle to clean because you have to take them apart and individually clean each piece. And if you don’t buy those expensive commercial-grade juicer used in restaurants, it will most likely break in a few months — meaning every few months you’ll have to buy a new juicer. 

To avoid this nightmare of a headache, let’s do something more practical that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Have a wellness shot that doesn’t require any bulky juicer equipment or going to a juice bar and wasting a ton of money just to boost your immune system to stay healthy during this pandemic.

Want to know my new morning routine secret? 

 I Have The TRULEAN WELLNESS SHOT Every Morning To Help Maintain And Boost Your Immune System

 In less than 15 seconds a day, you can strengthen your immune system year-round. And in times like this, your immune system being strong is more important than ever.

 To get all the immune strengthening effects of the WELLNESS SHOT all you need is a glass of water and to simply pour a packet — no bigger than your hand — filled with our immune blend into it. Then mix it together and drink. It’s that easy.

 Everyone is trying to fight off a cold, flu or the COVID by trying to boost your Immune System – this wellness shot is one way to do that.

 If you compare this to how long it takes to make a wellness shot with a juicer, it’s a night and day difference.

 Let’s not forget about the taste. A wellness shot from a juicer is, to say the least, “hard to swallow”. The TRULEAN WELLNESS SHOT (found on Amazon)  on the other hand, tastes clean and healthy. Listen to what one our customers said about the taste:

 “This little packet of vitamins is magical. It just makes you feel so healthy and clean. It truly is a shot of all things good, and I have no doubt that this will help ward off any sickness and ailments that come my way! The taste is amazing, too – a little sweetness, a touch of citrus, and a kick at the end that will wake you up for sure! I like to mix it with about 4-6 ounces of water… And clean ingredients, too! (Yay!) Despite being a little pricey, it’s still less than people spend daily on coffee! Totally worth it and Iove, love, love… I look forward to drinking it every morning!”

– Jesy Bare

 There are more reviews like this one on Amazon. The WELLNESS SHOT has the most unique immune blend on the market today. 

 This signature blend fights the common cold and fortifies natural defenses. We recommend taking one WELLNESS SHOT first thing every morning on an empty stomach to supercharge your internal defense system and maintain a healthy body year-round. Take a second dose immediately at first signs of cold or flu symptoms, before traveling or after exposure to large groups.

 The Bottom Line

 COVID-19 looks like it’s not going away anytime soon, so we need to maintain and strengthen our immune system to stay productive. 

 We need to avoid things that weaken our immune defense like, stress, junk food, and not getting an adequate amount of sleep every night.

 But with everything that’s going on, it’s nearly impossible not to feel stressed, eat your favorite foods, or get a good night’s rest. Any of these three things can negatively impact our immune system.

 So if you want to turbocharge your immune system, have a wellness shot daily. 

 Drinking a wellness shot daily may help you fortify your immune system against harmful pathogens.

 Find the TruLean Wellness Shot Immunity Booster here on Amazon. 



DISCLAIMER: None of these suggestions can prevent or cure COVID-19, they may reinforce your body’s immune system against infections, and viruses.