How The Right Team Can Fast Track Your Journey To Becoming America’s Top Fitness Franchise

CJ Wehrkamp, who was awarded the Fit Body Franchise of the Year Award, credits his success entirely to his team. According to him, his team is the reason his Fit Body Boot Camp franchise became one of the Top 10 locations in the country.


Here’s why he thinks the right team can fast track your journey to owning one of America’s top fitness franchises.


Successful Entrepreneurs Know The Importance Of Investing In People


Here’s the thing. No matter how skilled you are at different parts of the business, you have to have a team by your side to support you. Otherwise, you’re going to burn out fast trying to do it all by yourself.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that the smart way to grow a business is to stick to what they do best and delegate the rest to their team. Once you start growing your team, you’ll see that every person has a certain skill they truly excel at. And by focusing on that skill alone and getting rid of distractions, you’ll be able to expand faster than ever.


Plus, if you want to eventually own a business that runs itself while you have the freedom to do whatever you want with your time, you HAVE to start building your team early because it takes time to find the right people to take over management of your business.


So, let’s say you’ve started to build your team. How do you help them fit in with your company culture?


Sharing Your Vision To Become America’s Top Fitness Franchise With Your Team


Every successful business owner has a vision of where they want to go. First, sit down and find yours. Ask yourself, where is it that you want to take this business? If your vision is to open up 10 locations, write it down, create a plan and start executing. And most importantly, share this vision with your team.




Because it is human nature to want to be involved in helping someone’s vision.  So many people lack vision. So when someone finds a person that has vision they attach themselves to their vision. 


That’s what will happen with your team. They’ll attach themselves to your vision and it’ll reflect in the work they do and in how they treat your clients – eventually getting them on board too.


At CJ’s Fit Body Boot Camp location, his vision was to impact 10,000 lives and he shared that with his team and his clients. Now, when he looks at his Facebook community, he sees that vision coming to life and putting him on the fast track to becoming the top fitness franchise – all because his team is working hard to make that happen.


Your Team’s Energy Is What Ultimately Motivates Your Clients


The truth is, as much as you want to, you can’t show up and personally handle every single client that you have. Your team is the real face of your brand. They’re the ones showing up every single day, interacting with your customers and training them.


Ultimately, whether your clients choose to stay with you for long or leave you comes down to how much they enjoy working with your team. It’s not your equipment. It’s not your facility. Your team and their service is the final deciding factor in your client’s mind.


That’s why it’s important to have a team that truly loves their job, is aligned with your vision and shows up excited to serve your clients every single day.


This energy is what will ultimately motivate your clients to continue showing up at your facility – and of course – paying you. It’s what will help you earn your title as America’s top fitness franchise.


Hopefully, CJ’s insights helped you understand why the best investment you can make is in hiring the right team for your gyn franchise.