Lunch Jay Abraham

You’ve probably heard me mention Jay Abraham before. Jay Abraham

Jay’s the guy who’s probably had the most influence on me as it relates to speed of business growth, competition proofing your business from the ground up, and building geometric growth into your business.

Jay’s also the guy who helped Tony Robbins escalate to massive success… consulted FedEx during their fastest growth period and market dominance… and over-seen the marketing of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books.

To say that Jay Abraham is a brilliant marketing mind is a gross understatement – he’s way more than that… and I say that from experience.

I had lunch with Jay last week and we got to talking about you and how you could distinguish yourself from your competitors in an otherwise cluttered and congested market space.  We video taped that part of the conversation for you when we headed back to Jay’s office.

Here it is… Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the video!

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