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Who the Heck Is Bedros Keuilian Anyway?

Bedros Keuilian and John Paul Dejoria of the Paul Mitchell brand

Bedros Keuilian and John Paul Dejoria of the Paul Mitchell brand getting ready to drive up the CA coast

Hi, my name is Bedros Keuilian and I’m an open book…

I’m going to do something I don’t like doing much – I’m going to talk all about me. So bare with me, because if all goes well, it will be an uncomfortable and slightly awkward ride for the both of us.


It’s been said that I’m the “hidden genius” behind many of the most successful brands and businesses throughout the fitness industry. And it’s true…Odds are you’ve seen my coaching and consulting clients and their businesses on popular TV shows featured on ABC, NBC, Spike TV, popular health and fitness magazines and on top of the New York Times Bestseller list.

In addition to being the founder and CEO of FitPro Newsletter, and FitPro Magazine,  (two software technologies used by thousands of fitness professionals worldwide to attract more clients, build their business, and boost their profits) I’m also CEO and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp (now the fastest growing brand of  fitness business franchises worldwide with hundreds of locations across the globe.) In addition I’m co-owner of the highest grossing fitness information publishing company out there today, working with many of the top fitness experts and authors selling thousands of copies of their workout and fat loss programs on the web.

And I’m the guy who’s consulting clients include independent trainers, budding franchises throughout the fitness industry, six and seven figure producing fitness boot camp and personal training studio owners, top celebrity trainers featured on ABC and NBC, (yes her, and him), pro MMA and UFC champions, and two of America’s largest personal training facilities with over 60 locations each…both earning over $20,000,0000/year in gross revenue. I guess you can say that I’m the guy that fitness business owners turn to when they want to save their business, grow their profits, and build their brand both locally and across the globe.

I’m not saying any of this to impress you…though I certainly hope that it does…I’m telling you this to impress upon you that I’ve had the great fortune to not only build my own fitness business empire from the ground up, but to also help thousands of fitness professionals, training centers, and boot camps grow their businesses to massive success as well.

If you ever thought that you couldn’t make multiple six and even seven figures as a personal trainer – think again and watch this video…

They say I’m in high demand… and they’re right. I periodically take the stage and teach radical new ways to getting leads, clients, and building a business to massive success from the ground up. Whether it’s a fitness center, a gym or health club, a personal training studio or fitness boot camp or an MMA gym, I’m the guy they turn to help turn their business around.

In fact, I’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest and brightest minds in marketing, business development, and personal development such as Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, John Carlton, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Joe Polish and Jay Abraham, and Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, just to name a few.

How to market a fitness boot campAnd for the record, I’m not one of those guys who preaches, but doesn’t practice. I’ve never figured out why someone would hire a business expert or business coach if said “expert” didn’t walk the walk, and talk the talk. I’ve owned and operated my own successful personal training business - ultimately doing what many want, but only a few have accomplished - selling it for a massive profits. In fact, at the peak of my personal training success I operated five locations, and had a staff of 62 personal trainers, managers, and front desk workers. We operated like a Swiss made watch. Just to give you an idea, in just one of my locations alone I paid $16,000 a month in rent and still profited multiple six figures from that location.

I guess you can say that I’ve been there and done that.

Bedros Keuilian – My Story (in case you still want to know more about me…boring!)


I’ve been featured and quoted in industry publications like IDEA Fitness Journal, IHRSA Publications, Club Solutions Magazine, Personal Fitness Professional magazine, and several other national industry publications.

I’ve been voted as one of the top 20 influential people in fitness. I’m good with that ;-)

But it wasn’t always pretty flowers, puppy dogs and candy sprinkles…Before all this I was the college drop out living out of a 1979 Toyota pick-up with a leaky camper shell. I was also the guy who failed at launching two fitness businesses – losing over $55,000 in one of them in only 13 months.

Bedros Keuilian and some of the TOP marketers in the world

Third time was a charm…After three failed attempts at becoming an ACE certified personal trainer I finally passed the certification test…then I became a personal trainer – and a fry cook at Disneyland.

I guess I thought that having national certificates and being an awesome trainer would be enough to fill my schedule with paying clients. Boy was I wrong…I didn’t know how to get enough clients to make personal training my full time gig. So I was the fry cook at Carnation Cafe in Disneyland. (Not the calling I was looking for when I became certified fitness trainer ).

After Disneyland I was a personal trainer and a bouncer at a bar… Boy did I HATE being a bouncer…I’ve got a lot of colorful stories to share from that experience… funny how people use alcohol as a license to make stupid decisions, (again, not the calling I was looking for when I got certified).

Not too long after that a client turned me on to the awesome world of direct response marketing and sales and my life would forever change.

Bedros Keuilian and Frank Kern

Hanging out at Frank Kern’s birthday party (Brilliant internet marketer, but claims to be the world’s 9th worst surfer)

Before long I started Premiere Results personal training – a thriving one-on-one personal training center with over 250 active clients and annual earnings of over half a million dollars. I had finally figured out the success “formula” and it made my life a whole lot better. I mean a WHOLE LOT better.

These days I’ve found my true calling in life – coaching and consulting fitness professionals who want more clients, more profits and more freedom to enjoy life. I won’t go on bragging about who I am and what I’ve achieved. It’s not my style.

You can figure that out by spending a few minutes on this blog and reading through the success stories on this page. I’ve created this blog for you. On these pages you’ll find idea, tips, systems, tactics and strategies for taking your  personal training business to the next level.

You’ll also find links to my products and services that can really help take your personal training or boot camp marketing business to massive success.

Bedros Keuilian – Living My Passion

Bedros Keuilian and my "your next 100K" mastermind group of fitness marketers

Bedros Keuilian and his “your next 100K” mastermind group of fitness marketers

For me, life is about living your passion and finding your calling and there’s no other industry that I’d rather serve than the industry that changed my life…fitness. So whether you’re looking to make your first $100,000 or you’re ready to take your training business to seven figures, this is the place where you’ll find the blueprint to help you get there.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian with Andrew and Chloe - my BIG "reason's why"

Andrew and Chloe – my BIG “reasons why”

Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Still want to know more about me…really? Here’s an interesting (and some might say gross) fact about me. When I was broke, like really broke, and couldn’t even afford a protein shake in between training clients…I blended Ice, Diet Pepsi, and the cheap quality can of tuna together and made myself a caffeine and protein rich shake on a daily basis. I told you this was gross.

  • http://www.1822fitness.com Joel

    Hey Bedros,
    Just want to say thanks for the fitpro newsletter because todays was the first day the went out for me and I have an offer alredy. Read below:

    I already spoke to the owner and the editor. I am getting this out in the
    magazine either april or may. But we need to talk about advertising. Give me
    a call tomorrow or email me what you think about it.

    Hope all is going well for you. I have attached the rate sheet.



    Parenting Plus Magazine

    Marketing Director”

  • http://strictlyfitnessforkids.com oran booker

    Hello Bedros, I’ve been following you for a little time now and wanted to talk to you about mentoring me like the guys from chino hills; i think that him. But i’ve been a trainer since 93 and make a good living and trying to do more. I know I need an real online presence and wanted the right help for that. I’m a FitPro newsletter subscriber too. THANKS

  • Aidan Paparoula

    Hey Bedros,
    Just wanted to let you know that ive been following you since June last year, and wanted to thank you heepps n heeeps for all your Products, articles, videos etc. They have made a major impact on my newly founded personal training and Boot camp business!

    Would never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever, and maybe ever.. thought i would have the knowledge, confidence and motivation to open my own bootcamp and personal training business with a steady stream of income at the age of 18!

    Obviously its still early stages but without you’r guidance i would be just like the average personal trainer juuuuussssttt getting by.

    Im really commited and motivated to expanding big time!!

    Always reading and wanting more of da good stuff!!!!

    I’ll DEFINATLY be at Fit business summit 2010!! couldnt get there this year, air fare is a bitch lol

    Thanks heeps again.

    Master Trainer, Aidan Paparoula
    Addicted 2 Fitness

  • Chuck

    I’m curious if there was any particular reason you decided to use, “TinyURL”? I’ve decided to put out WAAAY more video to my clients, etc instead of sooo many emails and text blogs. However, I’m not sure the best place to post the majority of these videos (blog, facebook, website, youtube, etc). I have this feeling you’re going to tell me to put them at “all of the above”!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Chuck, get those videos up on youtube and all other video hosting sites. If you want it only on your blog then get blip.tv and as the traffic grows get the amazon s3 server.


  • Ingrid

    Hi Bedros,

    This is the first time I see your web,I must admit I am impressed!I have been a trainer for over 14 year and won figure competition and have high qualifications in the fitness industry.
    But my downfall is ideas and marketing.I am interested in the 12 months package of coaching.


  • http://www.femalefatlossoverforty.com/blog Shawna Kaminski

    You’ve been my mentor now for coming up three years, in both formal and informal ways. I’ve been in the fitness business for longer than I care to mention (double digit years) but have only been in the six digit income range since I’ve had you to turn to for help. You are so generous with your time and advice and you’ve never steered me wrong. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

    One of your biggest fans,
    Shawna Kaminski

  • victoria boer

    tahnk you for sharing all your great ideas books and articles ive benefited immensely.

  • Luis,Jr

    Hey Bedros.
    About 2 months ago i ended stumbling on one of your Blogs. I read an article and ever since then, it has been saved on ‘My Favorites!” My passion for fitness has always been there since the days of middle and high school sports. i am 22 years old, and was recently working for a fire department in South.Fl for about a year until economic and political issues arose and cutbacks were made =( This happen exactly 2 months ago, (and probably 1 reason for finding your blog), i was just in desperate need for answers and looking for ways to become as successful as i can be and be able to help those around me. Few mins ago i signed up to some of your subscriptions, hoping to learn more. Currently taking a PT course so i can begin my journey and in time i will be purchasing your products.
    My Long Term Goals:
    To get rehired as a firefighter and continue my dream career
    Become a successful P.Trainer with my own studio.

    These 2 r both of my dream careers, and its sounds tough to reach these goals even to myself as i sit n write this, but its something i thought about for a long time and in the back of my mind, i already accomplished =)

    Anyway, thnx for all the knowledge and help you put out for everyone. I know it will make a big impact on my future!

    Hope for the Best!
    L.Cofresi Jr.

  • http://www.bodybuilders.gr Greek Bodybuilding


    Just wanted to send you this thank you note, long overdue, for the wonderful and super motivating information you publish and share with everyone through your newsletter. You rock dude!


    HI, bedros. thank you very much for your kind proffessional teaching about personal fitness.Its very enlightening educative and above all very encouraging.

    I,am an athletics trainer/coach in Kenya, and i have learns a lot from your online tips. Am now looking for finances to buy from you the material.

    thanks in advance

    SAMUEL K.KOECH (iaaf,Ito/coach Lev.II )
    Mara Runners club

  • Eileen Brown


    I am really interested in finding out how to gain clients. I am a retired PE teacher who has started taking clients and I am self employed and work from a private studio. I am not trying to make heaps of money, just sufficient to pay for studio fees and have some more for my future trips abroad.
    I work with the studio owners but need advice as to how to gain clients. The studio has very few walk in clients.

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    @Eileen, I’m glad you found this blog. On these pages you’ll find a ton of tips and ideas for getting more clients for yourself.
    I also, suggest that you pick up my core product (this has become an industry icon) The PT Business Course, and you can find it
    at http://TheArtOfSellingFitness.com

    Bedros :)


    HI,Bedros. i would like to request you to send me training tips for track and field athletes. i would appreciate a lot if you do that.
    Also give me the prices for the training materialss


    Samuel kip koech (iaaf,to/coach )
    Mara Runners club
    Nairobi Kenya.

  • http://disciplineorregret.com Andrew Scott

    Hi Bedros, I am so glad that I found your site! I guess that anyone planning a fitness biz would be a dope not to cross you path online.

    About 2 years ago I was 322 lbs and my Dr told me that I wouldn’t see my 40th birthday, and I got cracking; educated myself on eating and working out right. Now I have lost 112 lbs and I have been to one of the best personal trainer schools here in the UK for a full-time personal trainer diploma.

    So in the new year (2011) I’ll be opening for biz online & off and I have already purchased my copy of System 9, which is fantastic! I can’t wait to put it into practice.

    After I generate some funds I’ll be purchasing the Fitness Studio Formula and get cracking on that.

    I want to help people who are in the same situation as I was and my motivation for this I have to take a quote from Albert Einstein – “don’t seek to be a success, seek to be useful!”

    Again thanks Bedros!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Awesome success story Andrew… Continued success!

  • Robert McVie

    Hi Bedros,

    I started to look in to your methods a couple of months back and have since implemented some of them myself and I must say they actually do work. The interest has been incredible.

    I am looking to invest in you “FitBody Bootcamp” program, however I simply cannot afford to pay all in one go. Have you though about allowing for a monthly instalment option? I would not mind signing some sort of contract and also if it worked out a little more expensive then that would not matter either.

    It would be great if you could get back to me either way.

    Also, have you guys ever considered coming across the pond to conduct any seminars? The UK has nothing like what you guys do in the states. You could revolutionise the way PT’s and fitness trainers in general view the industry.

    Keep up the good work and thanks once again for all your help


  • http://billyprusinowski.blogspot.com/ Billy Prusinowski


    I have successfully marketed and begun my 28 Day Flat Belly Formula! It began the first of this month (February). I have been documenting the progress of my clients on my blog http://billyprusinowski.blogspot.com/ and have gotten some excellent advertising at my gym http://youtu.be/S9t1x3gPbvo
    Please check these out and feature my success story!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Billy, that’s awesome! And great video too.

    Continued success :)


  • http://www.rkblive.com Christina Rondeau

    Hi Bedros –
    I think your awesome! I have followed you for years and finally invested in the fit pro newsletter! So far it’s been a bit of a struggle getting it going but I am sure the email I just sent to your staff will help straighten it all out! I look forward to using it ASAP!!!! You Rock!

  • http://www.bodyconceptspersonaltraining.com personal trainer

    Great stuff Bedros, I just purchased the Art of selling fitness! Very excited to get this off the ground, I do run my boot camp now and still do my personal training at homes but would love to stay in one spot and do my boot camp, but I tell you its a tough road!
    look forward to meeting you, possibly this year…….

    …….Kind Regards…….Richard Stadnyk
    President/Personal Trainer
    Body Concepts Personal Training
    T 905-409-8031


    Company Profile:
    Richard Stadnyk Bio:

  • kenttpeterson

    Hey my friend i am looking to increase my personal training and health coaching business in the gym as well as reaching those potential clients that don’t go to the gym> how is the best possible way to advertise so that i really attract clients.

  • Anna Larsen

    Holy shit—thank YOU SO MUCH for the summit this weekend.

    I put the 21-Day boot camp into action yesterday morning—sold four before the summit ended just by mentioning I was doing it. Put the first email out an hour ago and have three more sold. You are seriously going to change my life. I WILL be in a mastermind group soon. I will.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  • Ryan


    I’m starting a personal training and health coach business from the ground up. I would like to know which video set would be best to begin with. Any advice will help

  • Adam Minors

    Sent an email to Bedros weeks ago after paying for an order and have heard nothing since my money cleared!!!!!

  • Matthew Siahaan

    I love the material,
    but I cant access my Fitness Business Superstars, System 9, and Close Clients accounts anymore.
    Please help me re-access these resources.

  • http://www.gabeserra.com/ Gabe Serra

    Hi Bedros,

    My name is Gabriel, I’m a Personal Trainer in Manhattan and I just wanted to reach out and say I look up to guys like you and I want to be something like you, you seem like a good person to model and emulate. I’ve been following your content for a couple of years now and I wanted to ask you a question that I’ve been curious about and I hope you wouldn’t mind answering it.

    What do you think is the ONE thing you did or improved upon to help you get to where you are today? ( writing, personality, books you’ve read, training under other trainers, fitness tradeshows / expos, networking etc or any tips in general that I can use to be like you in the next 5 years)

    If I don’t hear back, thank you anyway. I hope you keep doing what you are doing.



  • Bedros Keuilian

    Adam, my support team contacted you and resent you the program that you purchased. You had given us the wrong address. If you still need help just email my assistant at order@Keuilian.com. thanks, Bedros

  • Craig Williams

    HI BEDROS …I am already working with one of your clients in the US who runs a CROSSFIT box and will be starting my OWN BRAND of FUNCTIONAL PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIOS in JANUARY….The question to you is how do I get my offering to the public , do we go with FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM ( My market will be housewives) can I work with you get this project off the ground ? DO you have resources that we can use if you cant help ?

  • Craig Williams

    Can we hook up via email or another platform ?