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7 Tips To Sell More Personal Training Programs



One of the most critical aspects to having a successful personal training or boot camp business is being able to convert the people that inquire about your business into paying customers.

…Yes, you have to ‘sell’ them a program.

If you don’t learn how to sell, you’ll never be able to help as many people as you set out to and you won’t make the money you want to achieve your financial freedom, and I am sure you are in this business to do both! So, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is to learn how to SELL… plain and simple.

After selling almost 4 million dollars of personal training over my career, I found that these tips on selling are very important to be able to close more business … aka … help more people and make more money:

1)     Have a positive outlook on sales:  One BIG aspect to being good at sales is having a positive outlook on it.  To be successful, you can’t view sales as a ‘bad thing’.  One of the biggest challenges I see after being in this industry over 20 years is that most personal trainers are great at training but they hate the sales or business part; hence, their business suffers.

2)     Be passionate about your product/service:  If you are excited and fired up about what your program can do for them, that energy is contagious.  Even when I didn’t know ‘how’ to sell, I know it was my pure excitement for being able to change their life that got these people excited to become a client. The manager used to put people outside of my office during consultations and say, “Just listen to how excited she is about this… that is one reason why people buy.”

3)     Find out why they are REALLY there: People don’t really care too much about personal trainer certifications, no offense if you have lots of them, but most of the time clients don’t really care.  After training over 3,000 people in my business, I would say… let’s see… about a grand total of 3 people have asked where I was certified!  They want to know that you can get them results – not how many degrees you have.  And the results THEY are looking for, not what you think they want.

When you are sitting in front of someone, your job is to find out what drives them, what causes their pain, why they picked up the phone to call you and why they got in their car to drive over to see you.  Trust me it wasn’t just to lose 30 lbs., there is a lot more going on here… so find out what it is!

diet-solution-1Many of your prospects have been overweight for a while… losing weight is not what drives them. They might have seen a picture of themselves on Facebook and they couldn’t believe how big they were and how embarrassed they felt… or they tried on a specific pair of jeans that won’t zip up and the pain they felt from that experience… or they stand in their closet for 30 minutes trying to find something that looks right and then end up crying on the floor because nothing fits.

My friend, those details are the REASONS why they are sitting in front of you!

But if all you do is brag about how smart you are and how it’s healthy to lose weight, that won’t motivate them as much. You need to speak their language and find out WHY they really want to lose the weight and you do this by asking the right questions.  A few great questions to ask:

“What is it that bothers you about the extra weight?”

“When do you notice that you are really tired, in the morning or the evening when you get home?”

“What was that breaking point for you that made you realize you just couldn’t take this another day?”

LISTEN to them – don’t just hear it. Listen to them and say, “Tell me more about that…” or “How does that make you feel?”

I know, I know… Some of you non-feely types are squirming in your seats because you don’t want to talk about f-e-e-l-i-n-g-s.  But if you want to know what the secret sauce is to my success in sales – THAT is it. I want to help these people and I know I can’t if I don’t find out what motivates them to change… period.

4)     Learn HOW to sell:  Being able to sell is one of the things that can make or break your business. Don’t you think it would be wise to learn how to sell?  There are many techniques on how to close more people, but it’s also good to understand the psychology of sales and of the buyer.

hustler-guide-to-selling-used-gear-online-2-650x0Let me tell you a little secret, I discovered Bedros when I was going to make an info product on how to sell personal training. I wanted to find out who else in the industry was doing it when I found him.  I was closing only about 60% of the people I would sit in front of when I heard that by applying his product, you could close 9 out of 10 people, I didn’t believe him!  What?!  I had to buy it just to see what this guy was up to! Sure enough, after I began applying what he taught, I closed 49 people out of 49 people to the tune of $125,000! Obviously, I believe in his product, it worked for me and I know it can work for you. Learn more about How to Close 9 Out of 10 Clients here.

5)     Don’t fear the objections: Objections are also not a bad thing.  Many times when someone objects, they are actually looking for more information. They may not know how to go about asking for more information so they just say ‘no’ because they have unanswered questions.

6)     Be able to overcome objections:  The most common ones you are going to hear are: “I can’t afford it”, “I need to talk to my spouse” and “I want to think about it”. Right? If the most common objections we hear are the same ones over and over, then it would be safe to say you should memorize some answers to those objections and be prepared before they happen. Maybe I can cover that in a future blog post.  Leave a comment below and let Bedros know you want more of this stuff I am sharing!

7)     Make the objection the last objection: I actually learned this from Tony Robbins and it’s powerful because it gets other objections out right then.  Let’s say someone complains about money, you can say, “Let me ask you, if we were able to handle that and money had nothing to do with it, is there anything that would stop you from getting started today?”

They will begin to tell you things that you had no idea they were even thinking about.  That way you have dealt with that ‘hidden’ objection so it doesn’t surface later and you can go back to handling the original one.

I find it interesting because not only do I own a personal training studio, but about 4 months ago I launched a Fit Body Boot Camp franchise.  I took over the sales a few weeks ago and I am amazed at how many people I am closing at the Boot Camp using the above principles… even people from Groupon!  I am closing at least 40% of the Groupon clients whom I sit down with in a nutrition consultation and 80% of everyone else.  And you can too!

There is a lot to learn about sales so take some time to study it.  Have a great day and get out there and change some more people’s lives! LEARN, LISTEN, and SELL!

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  • Mark

    Great post, thank you Samantha and thank you Bedros. Yes please Samantha if you could give more information on how you handle objections that would be great. Thanks

  • Dustin

    Great post. I’d like to read a future blog post about how to address clients who respond with “I can’t afford it” or “I need to talk to my spouse”.

  • Bedros Keuilian

    Thanks Mark, I’ll see about getting another post on objection handling from Samantha. I’m so proud of her success over the years.


  • Bedros Keuilian

    Copy that Dustin! Stay tuned :)

  • Steven Hadley

    Great stuff Samantha!

  • Jorrit Boumann

    Good article, thanks!

  • Shanna

    Samantha, you’re awesome. Thanks for sharing your selling tips ~ would love to have more blog posts in the future!

  • Sandra

    This was great info! Just what I need! Yes my weakness is closing the sale! Great points you shared! I do want more info on how to sell & overcoming objections! I’ve heard everyone one of those objections and didn’t close the sale! I’m strgggling in my PT biz at my studio yet the clients I have are seeing great results and love it! ! This is what I need to work on selling and over coming objections!! Thanks so much!!