Fitness Marketing Tips

The top question I get from personal trainers who read this blog is can you give me some creative fitness marketing tips for my business. Less than 2% of all fitness businesses know the non traditional methods of marketing that can get you a ton of personal training or boot camp clients for little or no money spent. The fitness marketing tips on the page are part of my “renegade marketing” system. These are mostly out of the box strategies for getting new clients and taking your personal training business to new levels.

Red Pill, Blue Pill Philosophy
At Fitness Business Summit 08 I shared my blue pill/red pill philosophy with the attendees. Now I want to share it with you so rather than going on and one about it here – I decided to post the video up for you to watch. Click Here to Watch

Turning Your JOB into a Business
You’ve heard the phrase “working for yourself”, right? Well, that’s all wrong. Check out this video to see what I mean… Click Here to Watch

The Keuilian Method – How to Pull The Big Levers and Blow Your Business Up
A couple years ago I stumbled upon a new way of managing my businesses that got me super speed. I call it the “Keuilian Method”. Click Here to Watch

Effective Fitness Marketing Gems
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The Secret to Getting What You Want
Here’s the real secret to getting what you want from your fitness business. Most people never figure this one out… and those that do figure it out late in life… Click Here to Watch

How to Fire Crappy Clients
While at Valerie Waters’ product party yesterday I got an email from a subscriber who clearly does not jive with how I want to run my business. So I fired her this morning. Click Here to Watch

The Power of Asking “Yes”
You’ll discover the power of asking “yes” based questions and using diagrams during your sales process. Watch how many times Mike gets me to say YES in this short clip. Also, you’ll see how using diagrams can keep the prospects interested and involved in the buying process. Click Here to Watch

How Much Time to Spend on the Initial Consultation
In this clip you’ll discover how much time is too much time to spend on an initial consultation. You’ll also learn how “tone matching” with your prospects can drastically increase the likelihood of the sale. Click Here to Watch

Why Some People Buy Personal Training and Some Don’t
Want to know why some people buy personal training and others don’t? In this 6 minute video you’ll see exactly why people buy and you’ll know precisely what to say and do to sell more personal training services. Click Here to Watch

Fitness Marketing Ideas

If you’ve ever been lost for good fitness marketing ideas then you’ll want to spend a lot of time on this blog. Getting boot camp or personal training clients can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid marketing funnel. However if you use the fitness marketing ideas on this site you’re never going to run out of create and unconventional ways to get more clients. Some of the best client getting ideas on this page are ways to get traffic from facebook, craigs list, youtube and twitter.

How to Start Your Own Group Training Program
Steve Hochman shares exactly what you need to know to start and operate a successful group training business. Click Here to Watch

Personal Trainer Marketing Funnel
I have a video that total breaks down your biggest marketing problem you’re facing and shows you a simple – but brilliant solution for getting more clients. Click Here to Watch

Fitness Marketing Headline Ideas
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How to Put on a Biggest Loser Contest
The other day I decided to take the old flip video camera with me to my workout (Saman’s studio) because I wanted to share with you how Saman pulls off his killer Chino’s Biggest Loser events. Click Here to Watch

Personal Trainer Marketing with Testimonials
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The YouTube Blitz
Wanna know how me and my top coaching clients get a ton of qualified traffic for FREE from YouTube? Click Here to Watch

SUPER SECRET Lead Box Marketing Tactic
I asked Cabel McElderry (one of my top coaching clients and now a member of my ELITE 7 Figure Formula Mastermind) to give his million dollar marketing over overview and share with YOU his super secret lead box marketing tactic. Click Here to Watch

Renegade Fitness Marketing Tactic # 23
How to get tons of leads and sales from health fairs, expos, and bridal shows and festivals. Click Here to Watch

19 Killer Personal Trainer Marketing Headline Ideas
If you’ve ever been stuck trying to think up a really good headline for your email, copy or ad you’ll want to check out this video. Click Here to Watch

26 Renegade Fitness Marketing Tactics
At my Renegade Fitness Marketing Workshop I shared twenty-six of my most potent client getting systems and tactics – all proven and time tested. Click Here to Watch

Fitness Marketing Strategies

The best, most effective fitness marketing strategies I’ve ever used were also the most unconventional and out-of-the-box. This site is dedicated to helping fitness professionals who want to generate multiple six figures and keep their profits high. Some of the most powerful and proven ways to get clients, stimulate referrals, and increase retention are also the most unconventional. These unique and highly effective fitness marketing strategies can literally take an ordinary fitness business from stand still to a strong five figures each month. If you’re spending money on advertising that’s not paying off or is not producing the results you want then its time you learn these creative and unique client attraction strategies.

Autopsy of the Seven Figure Formula
Rather than going into a hypothetical discussion I decided to show you the REAL numbers from a REAL info product, by a REAL personal trainer who REALLY is making this kind of money while focusing on the info product gig on a PART TIME basis.
Watch Seven Figure Formula Autopsy

The Seven Figure Formula Video
Can a personal trainer really go from making $50,000/year to $293,034 to 100,213,000/year all in 12 months? In this video I give you the step-by-step proof…
Watch Seven Figure Formula

How To Systematize and Dominate With Your Personal Training Studio
In this video I share how I was able to systematize my business so I could open multiple locations. Click Here to Watch

Autopsy of a High Conversion Boot camp Postcard
I asked Steve Hochman to do an “autopsy” video on marketing a fitness boot camp with postcards – and here it is! Click Here to Watch

I created this video (just for you) that answers your question on all the different types of guarantees you can offer. Do they really work? And which works the best.
Watch Personal Trainer Guarantee

Personal Trainer Marketing Revealed
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Watch Me Ambush My Wife
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