26 Renegade Fitness Marketing Tactics

bedrosrenegadeWow yesterday’s eight and half hour long Renegade Fitness Marketing workshop in Seattle went far beyond my expectations.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, there is NOTHING like a live event for networking opportunities, creating accountability partners, and getting re-motivated to dominate your industry.

Yesterday I shared twenty-six of my most potent client getting systems and tactics – all proven and time tested.

Based on the feedback I got and the ah-ha moments I saw there were a LOT of break through moments.

In fact once we got into the “hot seat” portion of the workshop one attendee walked away with a whole new business model that will make him an additional  35 – $40K each month because I was able to uncover a hidden opportunity in his city that went unseen and unnoticed up until this point.

Here’s a little clip from yesterday’s workshop for you…

At the end of the day I encouraged all of the attendees to swap phone numbers and email addresses and to create their own accountability network… this alone virtually guarantees success because they’ll hold each other accountable.

The Bottom Line: Not only will these guys and gals thrive during this economic downturn, they’ll also be better positioned to DOMINATE and crush their competitors when the economy turns back around.

Like I said… nothing beats a live event. Networking happens, relationships are formed, ideas are shared, you’re given hope and new energy and success is virtually guaranteed.

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