Autopsy of the Seven Figure Formula

7-FIGURE FORMULAI’ve got a video for you down below that’s going to blow you away.

It’s kinda long – about 12 minutes.

In fact when I showed this new video to a few of my mentorship clients they suggested that I package it up and sell it.

I decided against that.

About two weeks ago I posted a video where I revealed the three parts of my seven figure formula for generating seven figures in the fitness industry in 12 – 24 months.

If you missed the original seven figure formula video you can see it here.

That video generated a LOT of buzz and got a LOT of comments and even got the attention of some haters… who seem to be stalking me lately. (Comes with the territory of being really good at what you do I guess.)

Here’s a quick rundown on my seven figure formula business model before I share my newest video with you…

Okay, imagine a triangle.

Now inside the triangle you have your niche market… a starving crowd.

The three legs of the triangle are:
1. Continuity
2. Multiple income streams
3. Leverage-ability (I’m not even sure if this is a word)

In fact you can use this formula as an “acid test” for your business to see if it has seven figure potential.

Here’s how…

First, determine if your business lends itself to continuity. Do you offer programs on auto-debit or EFT or are you only as good as your last sale?

Next, does your business lend itself to multiple income streams? In other words do you offer other services or products that your clients would gladly purchase in order to further help them achieve their desired goals or are they going elsewhere for these ancillary products and services?

Finally, does your business lend itself to leverage-ability?

Are you able to leverage other people’s efforts, systems, and technology to move your business forward?

In my original seven figure formula video I mentioned how you can recession proof your business by creating multiple income streams and moving your business away from the linear income model.

If you do one-on-one training now here are some examples of multiple income streams you can potentially plug in:

  • Boot camps – (another income stream, leveraged by adding an employee, continuity by doing EFT and dropping the 4 weeks on 2 weeks off model.)
  • Group training – (same as above)
  • Online training – (same as above)
  • Monthly meal planning – (same as above)
  • Affiliate promotions – (another income stream, leveraged through others people systems, efforts, and fulfillment, may have continuity potential.)
  • Supplement Resale- (another income stream, other people do the payment processing and fulfillment, and if there is auto-ship then you have continuity.)
  • Your own info product – (another income stream, leveraged by technology and fulfillment center, and SERIOUS continuity potential)

Since that original seven figure formula video I’ve been getting a bunch of emails from personal trainers who want to know more this stuff and are excited to apply this in their business.

I also got a few emails from people who were a little skeptical about the info product portion of the video where I showed you how you can easily add another $100K/year to your business doing part time.

Yet others asked me to show some actual examples…

So I figured what the heck. Rather than going into a hypothetical discussion I decided to show you the REAL numbers from a REAL info product, by a REAL personal trainer who REALLY is making this kind of money while focusing on the info product gig on a PART TIME basis.

So without further ado… check out my high tech video where I use fancy writing tools and technology to break it all down for you.

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