Are You That Good of a Trainer…Can You GUARANTEE Results?

I got an email the other day. It’s an email I get often. So I thought I’d shoot a video about it since it’s something that freaks out a lot of fitness professionals yet it SO CRITICAL to your fitness marketing success.

It’s the guarantee…

Here’s the email I received from Mollie Black

Hi Bedros,

Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me with your wonderful newsletter–I love getting your emails!  I am currently implementing Steve Hochman’s group training system and I’ve already gotten more clients than I’ve ever had before, after only 1 month.

I noticed that many of the marketing pieces you present as examples usually have the phrase “Guaranteed Weight Loss” included.  I’ve been hesitant to include this in my advertisements, partly because I don’t want to give a refund and partly because someone can still overeat despite working hard at all scheduled workouts.

In your experience, does including a guarantee in advertisements result in significant increase in leads?

Thank you very much for your time,

Mollie Black

Mollie, thanks for letting me share your email with everyone. That’s a great question!

I created the video below (just for you) that answers your question on all the different types of guarantees you can offer. Do they really work? And which works the best.

Okay folks…check it… and leave me your thoughts and comments below.