How to Put on a Biggest Loser Contest (that kills!)

Hey Bedros Keuilian here… I hope you’re kicking butt and taking names in your personal training business.

Recently Saman Bakhtiar, one of TOP coaching clients did the grand finally for his annual biggest loser contest.

The thing is his biggest loser contests are HUGE. I’m talk’in city wide… with media involvement the city mayor and all.

In fact Saman actually gets a TON of publicity when he does this annual event.

So the other day I decided to take the old flip video camera with me to my workout (Saman’s studio) because I wanted to share with you how Saman pulls off his killer Chino’s Biggest Loser events.

Check out the video below for all the juicy details…

and be sure to really pay attention to the last two minutes of the video where Saman show’s how we used testimonials and some other cool props to set up his “closers office”.

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