There’s TONS Of Money STILL Being Made In The Personal Training Industry – Get Yours!

jccontracttThis blog post was supposed to only be a four and a half minute video clip of my buddy and one of my former mentorship client’s Josh Carter sharing tactic 23 of the 27 Renegade Fitness Marketing tactics we shared in Austin this past weekend.

But, things have a way of taking on a life of their own. And that’s exactly what happened with this blog post.

Let me tell you what I mean…

I don’t care how good of a fitness marketer you are. I don’t care how strong your client attraction systems are. And I don’t care how talented you are at generating qualified leads.

You’ll NEVER make a dime if you can’t convert prospects into paying clients. And you’ll never earn multiple six and even seven figures unless you know how to close the sale 9 out of 10 times on BIG TICKET PROGRAMS.

Yeah we’re in a recession. Unemployment is through the roof. And unless you’re a failing multi-billion dollar company the government isn’t going to come by anytime soon with your bail out check.

But, even in this crappy economy there are plenty of personal trainers all over the place who are on the up escalator with their income because they know a proven system and script for closing BIG multi-thousand dollar programs over and over again.

That formula is my Close Clients system and its SUPER POWERFUL. In fact here are two emails I got in the last couple of days that prove once again that IF you have a proven system and script for selling fitness people are still willing to part with THOUSANDS of dollars for YOUR services.

This system works for bootcamps, one-one-one training and for group training programs.

Read on… Oh, and don’t worry I still have the video of Josh sharing Renegade Fitness Marketing tactic # 23 down there. It’s about how to get a crap load of QUALIFIED leads and sales with events like expos, health fairs, community events, and bridal expose.

The video is w-a-y down there… but first read the two emails below and come to the decision like my two coaching clients below have that there is still plenty of money ready to move your way – even in today’s economy.
Hey Bedros,

It was a blast being the “surprise” guest on the Renegade Marketing Tour.  Even though I was a featured speaker, each time I learned something new from the attendees – some of them are really rock stars.

But as fun as it was to be on the road (love that Texas BBQ) it is nice to be back home again. And get this, on my first day back in the office, on my first appointment of the day I sold a contract worth $11,220.  I know some people will think I’m full of shit, so I attracted photos of me with the actual contract.


It was a 4 x per week (17 sessions per month), at $55 per 30 minute session locked in for 12 full months.  Doing the math that’s $935 x 12 = $11,220

So how did I do it? Simple- I followed the “Close Clients” DVD formula step by step. As usual it worked like a charm. It just goes to show you even in this crap economy, if you follow the simple guidelines from the DVD you can still close sale after sale.

Man, making sales like that really get me amped up.

Ok B, I’ll see you at the Fitness Business Summit in May!

Joshua Carter,

Here’s another one I got just yesterday from one of my coaching clients in PA.

Hey Bedros,

I actually closed a $10,080.00 contract the other day!
I great client signed up with me, and she is now on her way to achieving the body of her dreams!
We are doing a 12-month Program….  3 x a week, for $70 per 30-minute session.  That’s 144 sessions sold at one shot, and paid-in-full with a check.  She is already making fast progress, having lost 8 pounds in one week!  She is very happy that she signed up with me.


However, there was a sticking point I was trying to overcome in my presentations.  Luckily, I had re-watched the Close Clients DVD 3 days before, and re-learned the “peel the onion” technique which I had forgotten.  I used the PTO technique to gently help this client make one of the best decisions of her life!

I get a ton of emails like the two above ever week. And you can see them all on my various websites. But there’s a reason why I shared these two with you today.

1. These are sales that just happened. A 10K and $11K sale in a down economy. One on the east coast and one on the west. Proof that the right system works anywhere – anytime.
Now for a little BAD NEWS…

2. The second reason I’m sharing this with you is because after this Sunday (April 5th) we’re taking down the $3.95 thirty day trial offer for my Close Clients system and bumping the price up to $67 dollars.

So if you want to know how these guys and all the trainers on this page >> are able to sell TONS of big ticket personal training programs then I suggest you pick up my Close Clients system for the cost of shipping and try it out for 30 days – risk free.

Here’s where to go:

** Okay, now that I beat that horse to death… here’s the video from this past weekend in Austin where Josh shares Renegade Fitness Marketing tactic # 23: How to get tons of leads and sales from health fairs, expos, and bridal shows and festivals.