How To Systematize and Dominate With Your Personal Training Studio


Ever wonder if there’s still money to be made in owning a personal training studio?

About a year ago I held a private $2,000/person – two day workshop called Fitness Studio Formula where I gave away my entire blueprint for opening up and operating a ridiculously successful (and highly profitable) personal training studio in only 12 months.

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In fact I even shared how I was able to duplicate my system and have multiple locations.

Here’s a seven minute clip from that $2,000 workshop. Whether you own a studio or plan on opening one up soon you’ll get a lot out these seven minutes.

I promised the 15 attendees that I would NOT share this information for one whole year. I wanted to make sure they had a full 12 month head start.

On June 19th it will be 12 months. But I’m not sure if I should put this product out on the market.

That’s where I need your help.

Would you guys be interested in me making this entire workshop available on DVD (including the workbook, manual, lease agreements, fitness and business forms, marketing and selling module, staffing, and other cool things)?

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