4 Ways to “Entertrain” Your Clients & Build Culture

Hey gang, it’s Bri “the high energy guy” Kalakay, and today I want you to step out of the boot camp world with me for a second…

We are going to go to a concert together. Not just any concert though… We are going to a concert that will rock your world and make any other concert feel worthless in comparison.

Who is this artist that we are going to see? Well… He is talented, successful and can deliver an experience that will leave you feeling like he just left you on another planet.

In less than six years, he went from being a gear head sitting in front of his computer in an apartment to selling out shows in the biggest venues in the world. His music is as loud as his personality and he has branded himself like “Nike” in the music world.

I am talking about one of the most talented electronic dance artists in the world and my personal favorite…


DEADMAU5 (pronounced Dead Mouse)

How does this musical icon relate to your business? Out of all of his amazing talents, there is one thing that separates him from all of the other artists out there. When you go to one of his concerts HE PUTS ON A SHOW!

I’m not talking about a few lights and a little music, I’m talking about a light show that makes you feel like you are inside a video game and music that you feel rattling the deepest part of your chest.

The only place you can get this life changing experience is at his shows. That’s why he keeps selling out around the world and has to do two or three days of concerts at one location.

Talk about owning the market right?He creates a show that you can only find at one place…HIS CONCERTS.

Because of this experience he can charge a little more for tickets and people are more than willing to pay the price to attend. There are no objections. Anything this guy puts together turns to gold.

This is EXACTLY what you should be doing with your business. You should be putting on a show that brings people back on a constant basis, creates loyalty and inspires people follow you.

People should be willing to even pay a little more to be a part of it. Then, you can own the market. You will be “the only loaf of bread on the shelf”, just like Deadmau5.

The question becomes what are some things you can do to “put on a show” for your clients on a daily basis? Obviously you can’t rent out Deadmau5’s stage setup and pay him to play at your gym every night, so how can you replicate that experience?concert

1. Hire a Deejay for a day of sessions.

I know, this sounds crazy. Trust me it is one of the best things I have done EVER in one of my boot camp sessions.

People work harder, the energy goes through the roof and it breaks up the monotony of your facility. Who wouldn’t want to work out to “live mixed” workout music? People will feel entertained all night!

The one thing I recommend when hiring a Deejay is make sure he knows what type of music you want played and how to mix it in “real time”, meaning he is not just sitting there and pressing play on his Mac Book.

You may even be able to give the deejay a couple weeks of sessions to barter with, this way you don’t have to spend money up front.

2. Once a week make a healthy snack for post workout

This one always wins people over. Like I have always been taught, there are three ways to win people over: Money, Sex, and Food. We can legally help with two of those and that’s why food works so well.

You can do something simple like buying a fruit or veggie tray, or you could even bake up some high protein cookies or protein bars. Get creative. While this isn’t necessarily an entertainment technique, it will help deliver an experience that they can’t find at other gyms or training facilities.

3. You and your staff need to be “performing” at all times.

Just like Deadmau5 does when he is standing behind his 12-foot tall cube, you and your staff need to be jumping up and down, slapping high fives, laughing and having a good time. I know this sounds obvious, but ask yourself RIGHT NOW, are you REALLY doing it? Could you bump up the level of performance in your sessions?

Remember, you and your staff are responsible not only for training these people, but entertaining them as well. No one wants to train in a boring facility. Make sure you are putting on a performance for these people. If it doesn’t feel like a performance, make it feel that way!

4. Increase the “Fun Factor” in your sessions for mind’s sake!

Delivering a good workout that gives results is important for the clients’ physical health, but what are you doing to help their mental health?

Do things at the end of your sessions that will make them forget about how horrible their days were.

Why at the end of the sessions? Because that is what people will remember the most: the last thing they did and how you made them feel.

They need to lose touch with reality, just like people do at Deadmau5 concerts. Add activities to the end of your sessions that will entertain them and make them laugh and enjoy their time spent at your facility.

I personally use boot camp games at the end of my sessions for this reason. It was the key factor in adding over 40 new members to my boot camp program in less than 30 days.

These games added fitness variety, got people laughing and helped build a cult-like following with my members almost overnight.

Make sure you implement these 4 steps listed above, RIGHT NOW and start creating a “show” for your clients today.

I know it’s stepping out of a comfort zone a little, but the outcome is TOTALLY worth it…

And besides, nothing great happens in your comfort zone.

Get out of it and start “entertraining” your boot campers TODAY!

Keep Rocking It!

-Brian Kalakay, CTT