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Frank Kern Re-writes YOUR Email Copy (kinda)

Hey Bedros here,

Hope you’re doing good and that your fitness marketing business is doing awesome!Frank Kern

So my buddy Frank Kern finally broke down and got himself a trainer, and he’s getting himself back into fighter jet shape.

Now, while Frank Kern loves the results his trainer is giving him, he kind of has a love hate relationship with him, cuz he’s always sore. And so when his trainer Trevor sent him a marketing email – Frank decided that this was his opportunity to get REVENGE on ol’ Trevor. And he did so by completely tearing apart Trevor’s marketing piece and recording the whole thing for all to see.

Seriously though, Frank Kern did Trevor a HUGE favor and re-wrote his email copy for him, and since you’re a trainer he thought it would be cool if I shared it with you.

Here it is… enjoy.


Here’s where you can grab Frank’s new “nameless” book: AND be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if you have any questions about this video or about your email copy and I’ll weigh in and give you my two cents on how to make your emails convert better :)

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  • Grant

    How good is that, no wonder he is the best

  • August

    Well… Frank is going to get A LOT of free training to make up the value of that!

  • Shawna

    Sheer awesome-ness. Frank (Francois) makes it all sound simple…thanks for sharing.

  • David Tabain

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  • jonathan

    Great post! Listening to Frank is always 2 lessons in one: learning from what he says, and learning from the way he says it!

    Thanks for sharing. Johnny Fitness

  • Joyce Nichols-Moore

    Excellent content! This will come in handy when I round up my network of local business owners and present them to my clients. Thanks B!

  • Todd Kuslikis

    Learned a ton. Thanks for the post Bedros.