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14 Day Fat Furnace Promotion Fitness Marketing System

Another Bad Ass Fitness Marketing System For You TO Use and Get a TON of Clients

I’m here in Maui with my beautiful wife and kids getting a lot of relaxation done.

Life is good… we’re in a 2,000 square foot villa in Kapalua on a private beach front resort. The mighty pacific is right outside of our sliding glass door – less than a 25 yard walk.


Kapalua Beach - just outside our sliding glass door.

Getting a lot of sleep… (well, five – six hours a night is a lot for me), long training sessions at the local gym and plenty of time in the ocean and on the beach with Andrew and Chloe.

We’re also getting a lot of excitement and exploring in. Like the giant sea turtle that chased my wife out of the ocean, and the rental car that’s attracted to telephone poles (consider saying YES to insurance the next time you rent a car).

Good times for sure :)

If you ever get a chance to visit Maui make sure to do so. We come here often. It’s one of those places on earth that make you want to slow down and appreciate things more. And as entrepreneurs we sometimes need to be slowed  down.

But the real reason for this blog post is not to tell you about my annual vacations to Maui or that you should come out here if you can.

I’m writing this post because I’ve got a gift for you…

…it’s a complete system for getting a bunch of new of clients in only 7 days. This is something I’ve been testing with a few of my coaching clients and it’s been working REALLY well, for all the obvious reason (which you’ll see in just a minute) and while I had planned on packaging it up and selling it as an info product, I decided to give it away to you as my THANK YOU gift to you for being such an awesome client, customer, and subscriber.

So I’m gonna hook you up with the following…

  • Three ready-to-mail-out promotional email templates
  • A 14 day meal plan to use with your new clients (you’ll find the link to download these below)
  • An entire “what to say and how to say it” script to get yourself a boatload of new clients.

This is a turnkey system that works. It’s proven and in-the-trenches tested.

In fact, if you’ve ever used my now famous “21 day Rapid Fat Loss Program” promotion, then you know how powerful and effective these tactics are at getting new clients into your funnel.

My son and daughter having a blast on the beach

Like I said, I had originally planned on making this into an info product and selling it, but I decided to just give the whole thing away to you here on my blog as my gift to you.

The only thing I ask is that you not disregard this JUST BECAUSE IT’S FREE. That would be a huge mistake on your part.

Some trainers who use this client getting system will end up with a dozen (or two or three) new clients within a week. And others might only get a handful of new clients. It all depends on the size of your email list and how well they know, like and trust you.

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time then you know how I’m always telling you to build an email list of clients, prospects, past clients, and business and media contacts. Because when you have a list, you can literally make money on demand.

In fact if you have even a modest size email list – you’re gonna kill it with this promotion.


NOTE: If you don’t have an email list and don’t know where to begin and how to build an email list then start here >>  The #1 Email Management and List Building Program Used and Trusted By Thousands of Fitness Trainers Worldwide.


The other thing about this promo is that you’ve gotta train the new people you get in a group or boot camp style setting and not the traditional one on one type of training.

Makes sense, right?

Okay, so here’s the promo and the details on how you’re gonna run it to make sure it’s a success.

I call it the 14 Day Fat Furnace.

The whole idea behind this promotion is to get people who are sitting on the fence and “thinking” about training with you to take the plunge by making them an irresistible offer that overcomes the two big objections that most buyers have… TIME and MONEY.

Aaand this promotion is designed to give your prospects a lower barrier of entry into your training program where they can sample your program, get to know you better, realize that you’re an awesome trainer and that they had been missing out on the best training program in the area all along.

It’s a funny things, but once people figure out what they’ve been missing and how awesome of a trainer you really are they somehow find a way to afford your services and in fact they make the time to come in and get the results.

The details…

Since this is a three sequence email promo you’re gonna start the promotion and sign up process on a Monday and then start the actual 14 Day Fat Furnace training program the following Monday.

I’m not gonna discuss how to train these clients during the 14 day fat flush program. I’m guessing you’re an awesome trainer and that you know how to train people in a group, keep them moving and motivated and get them to burn a lot of calories in an hour.

If you need help with the training or want to get some killer out of the box training ideas then check out Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulance Training and Shawna Kaminski’s Female Fat Loss Over Forty. Both ebooks will give you a TON of training ideas and programs to use during the 14 Day Fat Furnace program.

Okay, let’s get started. This is going to be a three phase thing.

The girls chillin in the water

Phase One: Promote the program and get as many people into the 14 day program as possible. Below are the three emails you’re going to use to promote this new program.

Email # 1: This email goes out the first Monday of the promotion. It’s designed to only tease the promo and stimulate interest before you launch it on Wednesday.


Subject Line: I discovered faster fat loss

Hey there,

I’ve stumbled upon something pretty significant recently while working with several of my clients who wanted to achieve faster fat loss.

This new discovery I made proved to be pretty amazing at melting fat off the body. It’s a combination of working out in a short burst, high intensity kind of way and a manipulation (for a lack of a better word) of your eating program – NOT A DIET.

But here’s the coolest part of this thing… the results come FAST. In fact the entire program lasts 14 days and the results are amazing.

I’m considering offering this program to a small group of people who are interested in burning a lot of fat in 14 days.

So I’m calling it my “14 Day Fat Furnace system,” but before I commit to doing a program like this, I wanted to see how many people on my email list would be interested in a 14 day rapid fat loss program like this.

If you think you’d be interested in joining my small group of “beta testers” and getting fast fat loss results in 14 days, then hit reply to this email and let me know and I’ll let you know if and when I plan to launch this 14 Day Fat Flush system.

Thanks a bunch!

<< Your Name >>


Email #2 This email is the first of your “pitch” emails and goes out on Wednesday.

Subject Line: Re: 14 Day Fat Furnace System

A couple days ago I sent you an email telling you about the new rapid fat loss program I stumbled upon while working with a few of my training clients.

Since that email on Monday I’ve been flooded with emails from folks who want to join my 14 Day Fat Flush “beta” program so I decided that I’m going to take on 15 new clients into this program and I’m starting it this coming Monday <<Date >> at <<Time>> at <<Location >>.

Here are some details about the program that you should know before you join:

This is a 14 day training and nutrition (manipulation) program that’s relatively intense. You’re going to work hard for two weeks BUT your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program.

Some people will lose six to twelve pounds during these two weeks and a couple dress and pant sizes.

The program is simple in its brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me three to five days per week for two weeks, and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s simple actually – just read it and eat it and the results will come.

You will experience soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but definitely some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout.

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 14 days.

I think you’ll actually enjoy it.

Now here’s the best part of this whole thing… the cost.

Since this is my beta version and since I’m only taking on a small group of 15 new clients on this program. I’ve priced it for anyone to afford.

The entire 14 Day Fat Flush program is only $67.

Like I said the program starts this coming Monday <<Date >> at <<Time>> at <<Location >>. So if you want to be one of the first 15 people on the program and get a lot of fat burning and muscle tone done in only 14 days then you need to call me now at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to lock in your spot for this Monday.

Or you can go to this website and register for it there <<YourSpecialSiteForThisPromo.com>>

If you have any questions just reply to this email or call me at  (XXX) XXX-XXXX.
This program is going to sell out quick at this low price and with the limited number of spots available. So be sure to call me at the number above, reply to this email, or just go to this site to register <<YourSpecialSiteForThisPromo.com>>.

Looking forward to seeing you in the program this coming Monday!


Email # 3 This is goes out to your list on the Friday morning before the Monday start date.

Subject: Last call, only 3 spots left (hurry up)

I had a feeling I was going to get a bunch of people who were interested in my new 14 Day Fat Flush program, but I had no idea it was going to sell out in only two days.

I originally had 15 spots open, and since the email this past Wednesday I only have three spots available for the 14 Day Fat Furnace program. And since it’s only $67 the spots sold out quickly.

But you can still get one of the three remaining spots if you call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or reply to this email and tell you that you want in.

The program starts this Monday <<Date >> at <<Time>> at <<Location >>.

And, in case you missed the last email, here are the details of the 14 Day Fat Furnace program:

The program is simple in it’s brilliance. You’ll come and workout with me three to five days per week for two weeks (14 days), and eat the foods that I’ve outlined for you in the program. It’s simple actually – just read it and eat it and the results will come.

You will experience soreness in your muscles. Nothing too bad, but definitely some soreness letting you know that you just had an awesome workout.

And the eating program I give you will NOT be a starvation diet. I’m totally against starvation diets. It’s actually a decent amount of calories manipulated in a crafty way to help your body burn maximum fat and to retain muscle tone during the 14 days.

So be sure to take one of the three remaining spots and join us this Monday <<Date >> at <<Time>> at <<Location >> for the kick start of your 14 Day Fat Furnace program.

To lock in your spot just call me at (XXX) XXX-XXXX or reply to this email with your phone number or just go to this site to register <YourSpecialSiteForThisPromo.com>.

Looking forward to seeing you this Monday :)

<< Your Name>>


NOTE: You can also promote this on your Facebook profile too.

Phase Two: Give these folks the BEST workout of their life. Come with a ton of energy, passion, and enthusiasm! And make sure they stick to their nutrition program. (honestly, it doesn’t matter if they follow the nutrition program that I give you or if you give them something of your own.) The key is to get them to take in less calories than they are now and get them to burn 500 or more calories per workout.

I made sure to not hit the tree, but ran into the telephone pole with the rental car.

Here are the two meal plans for you. They’re both 7 day meal plans that can be used as much as 4 week in a row. Or you can create your own meal plans for your clients.

Click here to download the 1300 cal meal plan >>

Click here to download the 1700 cal meal plan >>

(Legal stuff: Consult a nutritionist, RD, doctor, lawyer and your great aunt before prescribing or using the meal plans above.)

Phase Three: This is the most important part of the whole thing, because this is where you’re going to convert as many of these 14 day members into your “regular programs” so here’s what you do next:

On day 12 of the 14 day fat flush program you are going to offer each member of the program a killer deal to join your regular program. The offer is going to be this. Before they reach day 14 of the program they commit to trying one month of your regular program (to ensure they get continued results and reach their goals) and you will give them two bonus weeks free.

Here's how you fix a front quarter panel on a car if the passenger door is stuck shut after smashing into a phone pole

So I’d say something like this:

“Mrs. Jones, I have some awesome news for you! First off I’m so proud of you! You have been working really hard the last 12 days and I’m seeing a lot of changes in you so I want to extend an opportunity for you to continue to get these amazing results and to get two weeks of boot camp free. When you commit to signing up for a month of my “regular” program before your 14 day fat flush programs comes to an end in two days, I’m going to give you two bonus weeks for free, making it a total of six weeks for the price of four. Let’s get you started on that, okay? And when you decide to continue after those six weeks just let me know and I’ll get you locked in at my lowest possible program price for the month to month program. Fair enough?”

The idea is for you to make them a killer offer and ask them to make a decision before their 14 Day Fat Furnace program ends. And as they work their way up your ascension ladder (to the monthly program plus two bonus weeks), you’ll want to get them committed to an ongoing program that’s recurring on auto debit (EFT).

Out shopping with the family.

(If you don’t do auto debit then check this post out for all the details.)

I hope you take this killer promotion and use it to get a ton more clients for your personal training or boot camp business!

Try the #1 Email Marketing and Newsletter Service for Fitness Trainers for only a buck. Click here to activate your $1 trial account.

(Trusted by thousands of Fitness Professionals worldwide)

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  • http://web.mac.com/richaubrey/WelcomeToTheBodyFactor/Services.html rich aubrey

    Wow! You are there and I am here! I remember my trips to Maui when I was more successful. I got bit by the racing bug (cycling)and ended up with a broken hip,then wore out the other, next thing you know,it’s 4 operations and almost ten years later. A lot has changed and now I am learning from you.

    congrats on your success! Looks like you have a wonderful family.

    Thanks for your information.


  • http://p3-personaltraining.com patricia

    Hi Bedros

    Getting new clients for my bootcamp will be easy when I apply this method.
    Will keep you posted.

    Thanks for this information.


  • Brad Pugh-Shaping U

    Thanks for the help Bedrose!

  • http://www.dptraining.com Jeremy Werner

    WOW!!! I was also very excited to get this promo out and so i pulled the trigger about 4 hours ago, and the response is of the hook. The best thing is the things you get with membership in Fit Body Boot Camp are even better than this. I know it is hard to believe, But get on it next time it comes around. Thanks B, you and Steve are a wonderful blessing.

  • http://www.BootCampDiva.com Carmel Wieland

    WOW!!! I sent this out at 3:48 and have 6 responses by 4!!! Thanks Bedros!

  • shondelle

    Awesome. Sent this out and within 24 hours had about 45 responses!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    @shondelle, that is awesome!!
    Keep me posted on how many you get total.


  • http://www.ezefitnessgroup.com/ Jemand

    I sent first email monday.. The response was NUTZZZ. Old clients were texting and calling me.. WOW!!

    Thanks Bedros!!

  • http://www.TSingleton-fitness.com toraino singleton

    Hey Bedros, awsome stuff!! I posted the e-mail and within 10 min people were blowing me up! The sad thing is I’ve been following up with these people and never got a response, I send out this e-mail and BAM! That kinda sucks for me, then again not really b/c I wouldn’t have tried your way.Thanks “B”!

  • http://www.doperformanceandfitness.com John Gibson

    I will be implementing this ASAP. Thanks for all the great content on your blog.

  • http://orangecountybootcamps.com Alexander Morentin

    Okay Bedros,
    I sent the first email out 25 minutes ago and have 11 responses already!

    I’ll keep you posted on the results.

    Thanks again!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    @Alex, that’s super solid dude!


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  • JD

    Brilliant promotion. Can I ask what nutrition software you used to create the diet plans? I would like to use this but would have to trade some of the meals for non-processed/whole food substitutes. Thanks!

  • George

    Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that this works great! I got 2 people from my small list and they bought right off my sales page.

    Thanks B!

  • http://www.danmritchie.com dan ritchie

    Sent off the email Monday at 2pm to my list of prospects 1300 and had 36 responses by 3pm. Sent email 2 today and had 23 signed up by 3pm today. Amazing results…..sure glad I hired a new trainer, she started today and was like what the heck this is amazing. I said okay I am going back to my office to reply to 10 emails to tell them to call to pay with their credit card over the phone…I walked back up 2 minutes later and she was on the phone and so was another staff member….killer concept even better than the 21 day

  • http://www.danmritchie.com dan ritchie

    Now over 38 have signed up……caution don’t run this 14 day promo if you don’t have the staff to handle it…..yikes we sold out several time slots and started filling more till I said wait a minute we don’t have any trainers left!

  • http://orangecountybootcamps.com Alexander Morentin

    Got 39 responses from email 1.

    Sent email 2 on Wednesday and got 13 signups.

    Sent email 3 this morning (Friday) and got 8 more signups.
    21 signups so far!

    Also, I’ve turned down a few people because I didn’t feel they were a right fit for the program.

    BTW: I have a small email list of 413 subscribers.

    Thanks a lot Bedros! This system rocks! :-)

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Awesome Job Alexander!

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  • JD

    Josh’s post made me even more anxious to start this… but I still need to tweak the diet plans a bit. Can someone please tell me the nutrition software you use? Or recommend one similiar? Thanks!

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    JD just search for Dietmaster on google.

  • Silas Robinson

    Bedros that’s awesome!! Thanks, I will definately use this. :)

  • http://calebsearsfitness.com Caleb

    I will say that I had pretty good results from this promo. I sent the emails out to my new, small list of 46 people (I just started building my list). I had 7 signups… not bad if you ask me.

    Thanks B

  • http://www.365fitnesshouston.com Rolls Royce

    OMG!!!! God is sooooo good! I prayed for you and your family the other day Bedros and now look at what God has done!!! He has brought this amazing promo tool to my eyes. Thank you and your wife sooo much and Glory be to God! I love you for this man… I just know that this will be one of the missing tools to my continued and future success. You are an amazing person for giving away sooo much

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  • http://southfloridafatloss.com Tony M

    Just set this up to start on Monday. Hope I can get some response from my small list.

  • http://f-maxfitness.com Dana Cahill

    Looks interesting. I wonder how well it will work with our Ride and Glide program.

  • http://www.hiendfitness.com john dePass

    Good Post Bedros! Didn’t get down to see you this year but i’ve been implementing the things you taught me last year and it’s been going great! I’m going to try this soon and i’ll let you know the results. Hope you’re enjoying that vacation. Thx again John dePass from Canada! :)

  • http://www.unleashedwellness.com/ Hristo

    Bedros high quality stuff.

    As in the emails…..what if the group is not filled with the 15 people as stated and there is only 7 for instance? Would you still say that we have 3 more spots?

    I am having a challenge putting that into wording so I will still be ethical.

    You da man

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Hey Hristo, if you have seven spots left then you would write 7 spots.


  • http://www.myvolo.com Nikki Layton

    Great Stuff Bedros! Getting clients in the door is the key! and this should make that happen..
    Have a great holiday and we will be looking at using this with our PT studio and using our great online scheduling and billing studio to keep everything organized.

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  • http://www.victorygetfitclub.com/ Alfred Ra’oof

    Bedros…Is there any magic in the price point of $67. I want to launching this program tomorrow at a $59 price point. Also, can you give me a sample auto reply email. I was thinking to give a free mini session to anyone who gets a friend, family member or co-worker to take advantage of the Fat Flush Program with them. This is 1 week teaser camp which will start a week after this promo ($49 value). I could also give them a $49 credit on their Mindbody account which can be applied to their next service package. Based on your experience, which would work better. I don’t have time to review all of the CD’s and Videos I ordered. I need this launched ASAP.

    Thanks you So Much,
    Coach Alfred

  • http://www.victorygetfitclub.com/ Alfred Ra'oof

    Wow….3 hours with over 50 emails…I’m getting killed but I love it.

  • http://www.victorygetfitclub.com/ Alfred Ra'oof

    Final Results…Goals was enroll 60. We finished with 73 new clients. We are now preparing for Step #3.

  • http://www.ptpower.com Bedros

    Awesome job Alfred!

    B :)

  • http://www.victorygetfitclub.com/ Alfred Ra'oof

    It’s Showtime Bedros. My fitness career depends on the execution of this next step. This is the play. We have 73 new clients and 35 existing clients which is a total of 108 on the fat flush. I will convert 60 of them into EFT memberships if I do this correctly. The proof is on our Facebook Fan Page and in the incredible emails we are getting from our clients. They love this program. We have coupled it with an amazing Web Based nutrition tracking and workout program with instructional video for at home workouts. This was an added bonus to help keep them on track. Client results have been amazing. Many have lost 6 to 7 pound in just 7 days. In short, I altered the final email a bit. I’m ready to pull the trigger. Your blessing or feedback would be nice. No need to post this on you blog. It’s way too much info.

    I can’t afford to drop the ball on this “B”. And I still haven’t dug into the Formula Studio Formula I purchased. This promo is off the chain crazy. We appreciate you Bedros.

    Subject: What’s Next: 14 Day Fat Flush


    I have some awesome news for you! First off the Victory Get Fit Club Training Staff is very proud of you! You have been working really hard the last 12 days and I’m sure you have seen a lot of changes mentally and physically. So, I want to extend an opportunity for you to continue to get amazing results by giving you 1 FREE week of Camp. When you commit to signing up for a month of my “regular” program before your 14 day fat flush programs comes to an end in two days, I’m going to give you a bonus weeks for free, making it a total of 5 weeks for the price of four. (MiniCamp $39 + a 12 Session 4 week camp $199= $238 for 15 sessions to be used between Aug.15- Sept. 16th).

    Beta Test Bonus
    Results Guaranteed or Your Money Back

    Mary, to ensure you get continued results and reach your goals without rebounding, we’ve decided to present you with an offer you can’t refuse. You have the opportunity to lock in a 30% savings over the next 6 months. With a 6 month Guaranteed Results Program, your investment is ONLY $XX.00 per month for 12 sessions. The first 15 Fat Flush beta testers in each location to register will own our only Guaranteed Results Program, that also Guarantee you will never get locked out of our FitCamps due to overwhelming Camp sizes. That’s only $XX.00 payments every 2 weeks!! Fair enough?


    Take advantage of this deal CLICK HERE

  • http://www.geo-fit.com Jolene Goring

    Awesome system! I used it last month and got 24 new clients! So simple yet effective!!

  • Fred

    Trish, don’t worry about losing clients to cheap! Bargain hunters keeping chasing cheap, but for those looking for quality are willing to pay for it. You’re obviously a hunter for quality clients, so show them your value and you’ll find your client list grow. Seeing your post here tells me you’re going beyond where most trainers are willing to go for new clients. That’s probably also true of your talents as a trainer. Go for it!

  • http://andyisfitness@yahoo.com andy

    Gonna check it out..

  • eric bellegarde

    hello gang, I sent out my email on sunday night on my Facebook and email list. and by monday morning I already had 8 people wanted to join. we are now tuesday and I’m up to 10 people. cant wait how many people will acutally show up but at least they are talking about me.

    thank you!! your materiel is getting me excited and my clients excited too.

  • sergi

    Thank you Bedros, I feel the generosity always in you. That’s really nice. I have one question though…you can run this campaign only once with your list…or what do you think?