So you’re interested in the fitness business.  You’ve come to the right place!  This blog will provide you with all the tips, tactics and tools to tackle down any personal trainer business related challenge you come across. Whether you want more clients, more money, more time off, or just to open up your own personal training and boot boot camp business, this is the site for you.  This website will provide you with all you need to start and maintain your fitness business.  Our daily blog posts have been supplying deep insight to thousands of current trainers and fitness professionals for years.  We offer marketing videos and online articles to help expand and control your fitness business.

One of the key marketing techniques to expand your business is direct marketing.  Direct marketing is personally influencing your clients to buy your service, in fact it’s the most accountable marketing system out there.  Convince them that they need your help and evoke their desire to be healthier mentally and physically.

Time management is very important when running your own fitness center.  Stop spending time training and spend more of your time marketing.  Increasing your client base is the most effective way to establish your business.  After you have a large base of clients, they start to do the marketing for you by sending you referrals.  Their friends start to notice that they’ve been working out and ask who their trainer is, and bam you’ve just picked up another client.  Once you have enough resources, start to hire quality trainers and use most of your time marketing for your business.

Some of the most successful fitness businesses use online marketing.  On this site you’ll learn how to use Facebook, youtube, and Craigslist to do most of your social marketing for free. Another popular methods for getting clients is the human billboards method.  By setting low fees for clients who refer a client once a week, your fitness business will exponentially grow.

I’m committed to your success and devoted to helping your business in all possible aspects.  If you need help jump starting or reviving your fitness business you’ve come to the right place.  We provide fitness businesses with all of the latest marketing, referral generation, and selling tips. is the leading source for fitness business advice and tips for individuals who have decided to become a personal trainer.  Thousands of personal trainers have grown prosperous because of the advice found on this site.  It’s not unheard of to get an increase of a hundred clients.  On PTPower there’s only one goal… to get you from where you are to where you want to be in your personal training or boot camp business.