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Setting The Record Straight – Bedros Keuilian Scam

== Addressing the Bedros Keuilian Scam fake complaints found online ==

After a decade of serving the fitness industry and helping thousands of personal trainers get more clients, grow their business, create operating systems, multiply their income, and win their freedom – I Need To Set The Record Straight on something.

Frankly, I hate that I’m having to even address something negative on an otherwise positive blog… but I think this is something that must be addressed since I’ve been called a scam and ripoff by someone who considers himself a “competitor”.

This blog post is an open letter to the fitness industry. It’s not so much meant for my close friends, customers, clients, and subscribers who already know me, invest in my products, use my services, join my high level mastermind coaching programs and come to my live events. It’s safe to assume that you guys clearly know who I am, what I stand for and know my level of integrity.

This “open letter” is meant for those fitness trainers who don’t know me yet, who stumble upon my blog, randomly find me on search engines or come across me on Facebook. If that is you… and you are new to me and then please take a moment to read this post.

As a matter of fact before I go any further I should qualify who I am by letting you read what some of your colleagues and many of the biggest names in the fitness industry have to say about me, my products, and my services – read this.

And you can meet a few of my mastermind coaching clients who I’ve helped take their training businesses to seven figure by reading this post.


See, last month (February 2011) there was a two week period where someone decided to post a bunch of false and fame complaints and accusations about me and my organizations on several online consumer sites. These are sites that do not check the validity of the complaint or accusation – they simply publish whatever anyone types on their site. Sad.

This person (a competitor)  accused me of being a fraud, a scammer, that the info I teach doesn’t work, and of all things… of being chubby!

The latter accusation was what offended me the most as I’m actually in the best shape of my life…lol.

Here’s proof…

If you actually read the claims this person made on these sites you’ll see that they obviously haven’t bought any of my products or used my services (it’s clear from the way they write). In fact the coward chose to not use his name but actually posted his comments using the names of my clients and employees (as you’ll see in the screen shot below).

Now, one thing I don’t talk about much is all the weird things that come with being in the ‘lime light” like the occasional death threat, hate mail, and the strange nude pictures and poems that get sent to me from “fans”, stalkers, and weirdos…

…which I guess comes with the territory of being out there and often times saying and teaching things that go against the gain, are out of the box, and challenge the business belief systems of many.

And now I can finally  say that I’ve been called: Bedros Keuilian the scam.

While I joke about it, the truth is that this stuff does hurt to read and it may in fact stop someone from investing in my programs should they read and believe the lies.

But it’s not all weirdos

I should also say that not a day goes by where I don’t get cool stuff delivered to the HQ from my most awesome clients and customers. Thanks for the Starbucks gift cards, the hand written thank you notes, the custom made “Bedros Bars” protein bars and all the cool gadgets and things y’all send. Very cool of you :)

I’m enormously blessed and grateful for having the opportunity to help the fitness industry, the industry that I love, come from, and see as my calling.

And while I didn’t ask or choose to become the “biggest” guy in fitness business coaching and consulting, I realize that over time and through repeated proven results I’ve gained that role and for that I’m truly thankful, becuase without your trust in me, that would not have happened.

And with this level of success comes the occasional hate mail, threats, weirdos, and stalkers, it also gets the haters fired up. And that’s what I believe happened during those two weeks in February.

But I’ve chosen to write this open letter for two reasons…

1. Those of you who know me, know that I’m fully transparent and I feel that as my friends, clients, customers, and subscribers you deserve to know what’s happening in my world (rather than hearing rumors or gossip).

2. This post is for new trainers who don’t know me as well and may come across those fake and poorly crafted consumer complaints and now you get to read the truth about who I am and the results that my products, services, and events produced for fitness professionals worldwide.

With that said, you should also know that I’m NOT for everyone.

In fact my message my not resonate with all trainers – If you still want to train one-on-one, trade time for dollars, sell single or small session packages, not leverage staff and technology, if you choose to avoid putting your clients on monthly auto debit (EFT), and decide not use proper direct response and lead generation marketing systems, and or make the fatal mistake of not carving out a proper niche for yourself then God knows MY PROGRAMS ARE NOT FOR YOU.

And so with that… here’s one of the posts the “hater” put up about me which I thought was rather entertaining so I posted it up on Facebook for all to see.

During the time between February of 2011 and April of 2011 this person went on a rampage and posted fake complaints, lies, and false reviews of my products and services. I could only assume that he thought it was funny to use the names of my best clients, employees and even my wife’s name when posting these scam “reviews”… as though it was them who posted these reviews.

I guess the point I’m making here is that… 1. While the internet is so awesome and such a great platform, it can also be used for evil by people who have nothing but hate in their hearts. 2. Anyone, and I mean anyone can fall victim to fake and misleading online reviews, scam, and ripoff complaints… even you. So google your  name often and see what comes up, becuase I was blown away when we saw what this jerk of a competitor did in an attempt to ruin my reputation.

Thanks for reading. And if you’d like to know more about me, then check out this legit Bedros Keuilian Review page.

And if any of my products, services, live events and free content found on this site have helped you in your business, I’d like to know. Leave me a comment down below if you can =)

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  • Leandro Cabico

    You did help me even though l only bought your System 9 it has helped me alot.
    Thank you and as soon as l can put together the $ k also will have either a FBBC or you will be my coach….thanks and enjoy life. love my calling just as much as you love yours…lets help people live the lives the way it is meant to be despite the economy or anything else.

  • Tommy Tobin

    I don’t really see any problems with what Bedros is saying or offering. Some people just like to nitpick. Keep up the good work,Bedros.

  • Marc Perry

    You have obviously created significant value for thousands of people, if not tens of thousands of people. This website alone is invaluable and well crafted, and it’s a resource I use all the time. Anyone who has ever went to one of your conferences/events, bought a product, or read one of your articles knows you’re the real deal and someone all fitness pros can look up to. I think as you said, detractors making fraudulent claims, or sending you hate mail comes with the territory.

    Keep up the great work and those abs are looking good!

  • Randy Woody

    Sooooo….. my naked pictures you didn’t like?????

    Thanks for all you help and great products.

    Praise God,

  • Kevin

    With fame and followers always comes idiots like that guy. Don’t worry about it Bedros (I know you’re not) and keep rocking it.

  • Terry Joel

    Any hot fitness babe photos? Sassy but clean is OK

  • Bedros

    @ Terry, I like where your heads at…lol

  • Jonathan

    I’m sure I’m going to be on track to becoming a 7 figure earning fitness professional in the next 6-12 months and I owe a lot of it to the works and encouragement of you, Bedros, Steve Hochman, and Josh Carter. A year ago I was earning 15k a year and now I am on the verge of opening my 3rd boot camp facility. Next year I plan to attend your Las Vegas fitness summit and I’ll probably even sponsor a trainer that doesn’t think they can afford it because you’ve brought so much to my life I just want to share it.

    Screw the haters, they are just a mix of complainers, lazy bones, and “why-me’s?” You don’t need to explain anything.You are Awesome!

  • jordon groves

    Lol sounds like a client is up for grabs to me… he/she is in desperate need of a new diet plan.

    HATERADE is very bad for your health. PLease contact me NOW and I will give you my HATERADE FREE nutrition plan !

    It won’t cost you 500, 200, or even 100, thats right I’ll give it to you for free lmao.

    Love the naked pics comment, now I have a new found motivation to be successful lol.

    Its a good job that the Huge amount of positivity you (Bedros) have on peoples lives far far far outweighs dumb ass claims like these.

    See you at FBS!!

    Jordon ”fatbuster”Groves

  • Nina

    NO SCAM HERE! I’ve seen a lot of B.S in my day and Bedros is NOT IT. Is he one of the best salesman in the world? Yes! I think that’s a compliment because that is a skill. He is extremely knowledgeable in personal training, boot camps, fitness and yes, SALES! The whole point is that he teaches you what he knows, giving you the tools to help more people which of course makes you more money! We have made back all the money we’ve ever spent on Bedros products and then some – but you have to TAKE ACTION, he does not give you magic beans!! =)

  • Jon Ganzer

    I was originally drawn to the Fit Pro newsletter, which I think has been a good value, and I renewed it again this year. Bedros is a consumate salesman; and as such, is motivational and inspiring – and you know what…? Sometimes, being inspired is a good thing. I also admire him as a businessman. He’s learned how to find services that people want and provide them.
    Because of his sales background, he knows how to make his products sound pretty sensational, but not all ideas work for all people in all areas. I always wanted to advertise more effectively on Craig’s list, so I spent $400 on his Craig’s List Dominator program. After 2 months of daily ads, all I had received in return was hoax emails and spammers – so I called Fit Pro and asked for the money back guarantee. Within three days, I had received all my money back – no restocking charges, no fees, no excuses.
    Some of the videos and promotions are just age-old sales techniques dressed up for the fitness industry, and some are just downright silly (I just made $10,000 in a month giving away personal training with gym memberships – huh? You just committed yourself to 200 hours of training at $15 an hour…) but you need to weed it all out and think these ideas through before you buy them, just like anything else.
    Bottom line – Some of the “million dollar success stories” are good, some are unrealistic – but you’ve got to admire the energy Bedros pours into the fitness industry, and I’ll tell you this – if I could find his clone here in Connecticut, I’d hire him in a blink.

  • Josh Sam Chris Steve Carkhtiarcombsman the third – a.k.a Bryan Davis

    Firstly…”It was MEeeeeeeee!!” exclaimed in a Jim Carrey accent from Liar Liar.

    Actually it was me, that has used, bought, studied , put into practise the fantastic information delivered by Bedros (and a shout out to Steve,Chris,Josh and Sam).
    I am on verge of opening my first bootcamp location here in Sydney Australia (Just finalising the website then rock and roll)and everything I attribute to the valuable info I have gained from Bedros.

    The information alone in the FBS9 and 10 videos when applied is worth 1000 times their value,let alone all the FREE info right here on this blog.

    Seriously where else can you get access to a fantastic resource like this blog to help with marketing, sales, motivation, streamlining processess, raising energy, lazer targeted methods to literally “blow up your business” and rake in the dollars.

    I have worked in corporate finance and we use to pay 3-4k for a two day course that provided nothing close to the no B.S. this works, that doesnt style that directly gets results as shown by Bedros.

    Also I have bought products that I found did not at the time fit my current circumstances, or may have been info that I already knew – GUESS WHAT!! Instant no questions asked, full money back gurantee refunds and that is actually priceless in this day and age, true professionalism and customer service on steroids.

    Bedros you rock!

    thanks for all the help and Ill miss this FB11 but I will be at FBS12 – and Ill prove what starting with nothing but your low cost marketing and sales info can really create in 12 months from now.

    cheers Bryan

    P.S. It couldnt have been Josh anyway – There was no reference to Homer, Futurama or a strategically placed picture of his Abs

  • Travis

    Bedros, Know that its simply because the individual is very very jealous of your success and who you are, that made that person do this. Because you are the best of the best at what you do :) .
    Don’t slow down and keep trucking ahead buddy!


  • Bedros

    @Bryan, you’re so funny dude. Actually had me laughing out loud about Josh’s strategically placed abs…lol (which by the way are pretty bad shredded)

  • Cletus

    We went through this same shit a year ago.

  • TC

    Bedros rocks! I got his products and they’re awesome.

  • Kevin Nations

    Dude, I’m not even IN the fitness industry and my partner and I have decided to invest in multiple FBBC locations simply BECAUSE of you and your integrity and support!
    You’ve supported us BEYOND any reasonable expectation.

  • Dan DeFigio

    You know you have Arrived when morons start badmouthing you.

  • Rebecca Tabbert

    Bedros – You and Steve Hockman are amazing and we are so blessed to have you both as our mentors. Whoever, wrote it is obviously a bitter person who feels the need to blame someone for what is likely his own lack of action which would result in his failures. You are by far one of the most giving and humble mentors I have ever encountered. Thank you for all you do – namely inspiring and educating countless others to become their own success story. YOU ROCK!!!

  • Josh Henri

    Hey Bedros I agree with everyone. Anyone who knows you even just a little knows that is a load of crap. Especially coming from Josh? Total DUH moment!! I first of all, love your giving spirit. Your free content has put my light years ahead of schedule if I would have tried to figure this stuff out on my own. I also purchased the renegade fitness tour dvd and got so much great content and big time business changers. I had no problems with billing or anything. Love your stuff and I hope to be able to afford a fitness summit in the near future. Keep up the great work B I always look forward to your emails every day!

    Josh Henri

    Solid Ground Personal Training
    Gresham OR

  • Billy Carney

    B. I’ve known you for four years now, I’ve heard of your for about 10, I am currently in two of your mastermind groups for the past two years, and I have your personal cell phone number on speed dial. In all the time that I have known you, you have done nothing but impress the hell out of me with your openness, your generosity, your …willingness to help other trainers succeed. I’ve seen first hand how many of your mastermind clients have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, and it was all because of your help.
    I can personally say that you are the REAL DEAL and your fitness programs, your coaching programs and your mentorship programs are THE REAL DEAL too.
    It’s a shame that someone would go to great lengths to post blantant lies about you when you have so many thousands achieve goals that, if left to themselves, would have never achieved.
    Billy Carney
    BCFitness, Inc.
    South Florida Fit Body Boot Camp
    Boca Raton, FL

  • jonathan

    Pretty lame, posting complaints as someone else. What a coward.

  • Grant

    yeah dude. you kick ass for sure :)

  • Shawna K

    Bedros, thanks for all you’ve done for me and my biz in the last four years. I look forward to many more years of your help and support.
    Any new trainers that come across you and your offerings should just listen to your loyal followers, nuff said.

  • Robert Foster

    Maybe the mystery person will come to FBS? Lol

  • Lee Turner

    OMG goodness I am officially a conspiracy theorist, maybe it is a British thing :-) Is it possible that Bedros may have just cleverly orchestrated the biggest online social proofing exercise to date and in-doing so got to show everyone his six pack too….a carefully placed ‘defaming’ of his character appears and suddenly a flood of spontaneous social proofs from hundreds of clients about how great bedros is…he clearly is GREAT this is evident from testimonials and he clearly is a SALES MASTERMIND….maybe the sales mastermind is in full flow here as he sets the record straight..maybe there was no record to set straight…maybe this was planted…social proof is a very strong seller… look at ALL the social proof flooding in…:-)If I am wrong which i tend to be, then shame on this chap or chappess who attacked Bedros character under the guise of one of his good friends and most stringent supporters and success stories…what a silly thing to have done. Im not a bedros hater…he is the real deal.

  • Lee Turner

    A little negative on my part so i will re-spin…lets just say that this easily discredited complaint served as a great platform for social proofing I think if I had never heard of bedros and I read ALL these incredible testimonies pertaining to this silly complaint (I have read 30+ so far)I would be completely SOLD on Bedros. What a stroke of sales genius from bedros..take 1 negative comment and turn it into 30 positive social proofs from loyal ‘foot soldiers’, and all in 1 place for the target audience (people new to bedros)to lap up. Slick as ever, SOLD :-)

  • Lee Turner

    I need to stop drinking coffee…..counted 70+ pro-bedros ‘foot soldier’ testimonials neatly amassed in one place from 1 instantly discreditable complaint. I wish I cld get 70 testimonials to show a prospective client in such a time frame…BOOM BOOM POW

  • Rick

    I’ve only one of your products for a week and a half and already my client rooster has grown by 15%, no matter how you slice it that’s pretty damn impressive. You rock and I will be hitting you up for more info as things keep growing.
    Thank you.

  • Oli

    Theres always one! lol bedros you rock! Check out the new 9 out of 10 clients peeps! its sick!

    all the best!

    Oliver from the ukkkkkk woop!

  • JC Mendoza

    Bedros, when a person stands above the rest is normal for others to engage in attack, this is called envy. You have no way to prevent this from happening but you can prevent that from affecting you. Keep up the good work my friend, it is really inspiring.


    PS: See you at the summit!

  • Keegan

    Man Bedros let me at him! haha.. but thats not possible because the cowardly hater wouldn’t ever show his face! ;) Keep banging it out big dog and the abs are looking great!