These 3 Things Put New Fitness Business Pros Ahead of the Rest

I can split success into three parts.

I’m not kidding either. There are only 3 main things you need to nail down to hit success. I’ve tested these myself and they’ve worked for me.

Sure, there’s a lot of other stuff you need to do too, but get these 3 things I suggest you focus on.

If you’re starting a fitness business, or if you just started one but are struggling to get it off the ground, then this quick blog is especially for you.

So go ahead and keep reading, because it might just change the way you do business.


Find Your Niche

When you start a fitness business, you need to start marketing right away. The very first thing you want to do is select a niche market.

You aren’t going to sell personal training and boot camps to everybody because you won’t resonate with everybody. You might resonate with stay-at-home moms. You might resonate with business executives. You might work with kids who are overweight. Just don’t try and resonate with everybody, because otherwise you’ll be nobody to everybody.

So here’s how you find your niche…

One, who are you most passionate about training?

Two, does that subgroup have money?

And three, are they easy to reach within your community?

If you answered yes to those three questions, then that is your ideal niche market.

Again, this is the shoe that needs to drop for you, because once you figure this out you’ll know how to market, where to market, and what kind of marketing you need to try.


Leverage Your Resources


Now the next thing to do when growing your personal training or boot camp business is to leverage it.

Here’s the thing: leverage means that someone or something else will handle marketing, selling, training your clients. and/or other business operations for you. People who try to do it all themselves often burn out and deliver crappy service and resent their lifestyle, even though they’re still making okay money.

That’s why you want to start leveraging.

You might decide that you’re going to be your gym’s personal trainer. That means you’ll have to teach your assistant how to sell and market for you. In other words, you’ll leverage your assistant to get that done in your absence. Or, you can leverage technology by setting up an email marketing system, like FitPro Newsletter, for example, and start emailing automatically to your clients and prospects so they can to refer to you on an automatic basis.

Think about this. You can leverage people and technology. If you need to create a website, instead of trying to make it yourself, just go hire a web expert. Go to Fitness Website Formula and find a web expert that can design your website for you, which will save you a few headaches.

The more things you can leverage, the more freedom you’ll have and the more money you’ll make.


Offer Recurring Payment Plans

Speaking of making money, let’s talk about electronic fund transfer (EFT). If there’s one thing I want to impress upon you, it’s EFT, also known as auto debit.

Forget about selling people 5 sessions, 15 sessions, 25 sessions at a time. You want to make sure that you put all of your clients on recurring monthly payments.

Think about long-term results. If your average client has 30 to 40 pounds to lose, they’re probably not going to lose it in 10 or 15 sessions. They probably need 6, 8, 10, or 12 months, so put them on 12-month agreements.

If you charge them on a month-to-month basis, you’re going to have a consistent, reliable, secure source of income, which is really all you can ask for as an entrepreneur. You won’t have to re-sell again once they run out of sessions.

Make these 3 strategies staples of your business and you’ll be on the fast track to higher profits and greater freedom.


Committed to your success,