The Type of Problems You Want to Have as a Fitness Entrepreneur

As a fitness entrepreneur, you’re always going to have stress and problems. That’s just how it is.

However, you’ve got to understand there’s two types of stress. There’s stress that’s good, and there’s stress that’s not so good. The kind of stress you have tells you a lot about the state of your business.

Let’s talk about these two types of stress and what you need to do next.


The Stress You DON’T Want

You don’t want third world problems.

That bad kind of stress comes from what I call “third world problems,” like falling behind on rent, falling behind on your mortgage, falling behind on your credit card payments, and having anxiety attacks…

For the entrepreneur, third world problems include not having enough money to meet payroll, not knowing how to market your business, falling behind the competition, being behind on rent, etc.

Like I said, those are all third world problems. When we first start out, we all have them. They’re the things you needs to figure out if you want your business to be successful.

So what do you do? You’ve gotta go solve those problems, dammit!



Solving Problems = Growth

As an entrepreneur, you’re a natural born problem solver.

For me, it’s about taking imperfect action. Life is your best teacher, so you’re gonna learn the most when you actually try stuff out.

If you don’t know how to market your business, go watch videos, buy a course, or ask someone’s who’s killing it with their marketing.

If you’re behind on rent, try out a new marketing strategy. Implement, then evaluate and readjust.

These problems aren’t usually solved at the snap of a finger. They take hours of work to solve. You’ll need a thorough game plan, help from others, and much more.

But something amazing happens once you start putting these problems in the past…


The Stress You DO Want

…you take on more stress.

This kind of stress is different though. It comes from what I call “first world problems.”

First world problems are like deciding between buying a 13,000 square foot building and a 15,000 square foot building. Are you going to have one elevator or two elevators in the building? Are the elevators going to be wrapped with your logo? Are you going to put bedazzled diamonds on the walls?

First world problems are problems that involve growing, making more money, protecting your money, keeping your money from falling into the hands of the government who could misuse it, etc. I’ll take first world problems all day long, baby.

When you start making lots of money and you start entering multiple seven figures, eight figures, etc, guess what happens? You still have problems, but they become first world problems.

These aren’t “My business is about to collapse!” problems. These are “Wow, let’s grow even more!” problems. One signals urgency, the other signals luxury.

If you keep growing, your third world problems will soon become first world problems.

What kind of problems do you have?


Committed to your success,