Why Personal Trainers SHOULD Want to Make More Money

I’m going to steal a line from Mr. Grant Cardone and his book The 10X Rule.

He says that you should be unapologetic about your desire to succeed and build wealth because you never know how much money you will need in the future.

The reality is our parents are going to die. If you’re married, you have two sets of parents that you’ll eventually have to bury.

If you have siblings, some of them might not be financially well off in life. God forbid, some might even get cancer and you’ll have to help them out financially.

As a personal trainer, you have a duty and an obligation to make more money, create more wealth and create more opportunities for the people around you than you think.


Why Money Means So Much to Me


I’m always in “make more money mode,” and as it turns out, I make more impact. I can pay my team more and I sleep better at night knowing that if something happens to someone, I won’t just go, “Man, I wish somebody would do something about this.”

I can put my money to work to help the people I love.

See, I grew up differently than most. My brother and sister were like a second set of parents to me. Growing up broke and poor, we always had to hustle and dive through dumpsters to get food.

I remember our first mattress. We got it from one of the dumpsters behind the one we found our food in. Someone had thrown away their couch, their TV, a recliner chair, and a mattress. All that stuff—obviously someones else’s garbage—became our brand new furniture.

I learned to turn that kind of adversity into an advantage, so over time I developed something that a lot of people lack.


What I Did When I DIDN’T Have Money…

When I don’t have resources, I get resourceful.

As it turns out, all those things are the ideal traits of an entrepreneur.

The best entrepreneurs know how to put the rest of the world in a box, isolate themselves, put their head down, and work. They know how to turn adversity into advantage.

Early on in my personal training days, I couldn’t afford a mentor or coach. There was this guy I trained named Jim Franco, and I quickly realized that he was the best mentor I could get.


…and What I Learned That Makes Me Money Today

One day, I ask him, “Hey, Jim. Can I give you a fourth workout per week on me, but with the stipulation that I get to ask you any questions I want about business?” That’s how he became my mentor.

One of the best pieces of advice he ever gave me was to “take a little bit of money from a lot of people”.

If you look at all of my businesses—my software, my franchise, my coaching programs—we take money from a lot of people. Sometimes it’s a little, sometimes it’s a lot.

We do this in the form of franchise fees, reoccurring software fees, you name it—all reoccurring payments.

That was the first advice that Jim Franco gave me for free, all because I gave him an extra personal training session per week.


Committed to your success,