3 Ways to Sell Higher Priced Personal Training and Boot Camp Programs

Let’s say you’ve found yourself in a position at one point where you dropped (or considered dropping) your prices for your personal training or bootcamp programs in order to get more clients.

Newsflash – you’re selling yourself short, man. And you’re actually losing money!

Here’s what you need to understand: people will pay premium prices for products or services that are of high quality, and exceed their expectations.

People are buying into how your product makes them feel.

You want to feel good about your purchases, right? Give your clients a higher level of service, and they will pay whatever price you put down.

It’s more important to people that your program is going to help them lose weight and burn fat in the most effective way possible, while going above and beyond what typical fitness studios provide.

You don’t need to drop your prices to get more clients. And today, I’m gonna share with you the 3 ways you can sell higher priced personal training and boot camp programs and still get more clients.

Be Known As the Local Authority and Expert

Ever wonder why companies use celebrities to endorse their products? It’s because everyone knows who they are.

They’re the big kids on the playground who have authority, and if they’re drinking Pepsi and playing sports in Nike’s, then you should be too, right? 

Well, maybe not that black and white. But you get what I mean.

You’re probably thinking “Uh, Bedros. I’m not Michael Jordan or Beyonce. And I definitely don’t have millions of dollars to hire them to sell my programs.”

That’s the beauty of it – you don’t have to hire a celebrity or expert to sell more of your training programs.

YOU can become the local fitness and fat loss authority. When you constantly deliver results, rack up the testimonials, and put out great, quality content, you become the local expert.

And once you do have that authority, the price of your training or bootcamp becomes obsolete because people are willing to pay more to work with an expert in any given industry.

When you come to my Super Selling Workshop, I’ll teach you how to easily brand yourself as the local authority and expert on fitness so that you can charge more, sell more, and make more.

Stop Word Vomiting and Start Using Consultative Selling

If you find yourself sitting across from a prospect, explaining every little detail about the features of your training or bootcamp and you see their eyes glaze over, you can expect the following statements:

“I need to think about it”

“I have to look over my finances”

“I need to talk to my spouse”

Why? Because you word vomited all over them and talked them out of the sale.

Stop throwing up information about you, your program, and why you’re the best. People don’t care about your business, it hurts to hear but it’s a fact of life.

The more you talk, the more opportunity you give them to rethink your program and go somewhere else that seems less complicated.

You know your programs are the best, and you know that you can deliver on your promises.

But all your prospective clients want to know is “What’s in it for me?”

They don’t need to know all the fancy details about your education and credentials, or what kind of equipment you use.

Remember, people want to feel good about their decisions. They want to find a way to apply your program to their everyday lives, and see if it’s a good match with their needs.

They want to know how your program is going to give them the results they want.

That’s why it’s important to let your prospects do more of the talking so that they convince themselves that your program is, in fact, right for their specific goals.

So how do you get your prospects to talk themselves into the sale?

The best and most effective way to close the deal is by having the prospect qualify themselves to you. This is called Consultative Selling.

Rather than YOU doing all the talking, you’re going to get them talking by asking 5 Consultative Selling questions I’ve created so that your prospect sells themselves on your most expensive program.

The more your clients qualify themselves and fit themselves into the equation, the easier it will be for you to make the sale at a higher price.

Plus, allowing them to talk themselves into the sale feels less like you’re shoving a ton of information on them so you can take their money, and more like they themselves are making a smart buying decision for their life.

Remember, everyone hates to be sold. But everyone loves to buy.

Differentiate Yourself From Everyone Else

There’s a lot of gyms, bootcamps, and personal training programs out there. Your programs may be significantly better than those other guys and provide 10x more value, but your prospects don’t know that unless you make yourself stand out.

Unless they clearly see something different about you, they’re going to assume you’re the same as the other personal training studios or bootcamps in the local area.

You and I know your programs are more experienced and provide a higher quality of service and results. But if you can’t clearly demonstrate the points of differentiation in the way you market and sell, you’re always going to be judged on price and not on service or outcome.

At my Super Selling Workshop, I’ll teach you the #1 way you can rise above the other personal training and fitness programs in your community so that you can’t be compared to the low priced hacks who are undercharging and creating price erosion.

The Super Selling Workshop is held at my HQ in Chino Hills, California on November 9th.

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Committed to your success,