What YOU Have that the Best Fitness Marketers Don’t

I see so many fitness entrepreneurs with so much potential, yet they make the one mistake that crushes their hopes and dreams into fine powder…

they try to be someone they’re not.

They think the formula to success is to do exactly what Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins—all those big shots—did to reach the pinnacle of their profession.

I’d love to take every one of these wayward entrepreneurs aside, look them dead in the eye, and tell them the one thing that could change their business lives forever…

YOU are the key to your own success. Not Gary. Not Grant. Not Tony.

“Bedros, does that mean I just stop learning from everyone and only focus on myself?”

Of course not! In fact, all of these superstars have one very important thing in common that elevated them to where they are today (I’ll share this little nugget in a second…).

Before we get there, I’ll show you how you’re going to win clients and build an empire WITHOUT becoming another industry “hack”…

Don’t Try to Outclass the Teacher

Look, most of my best stuff is based on years and years of studying the very best in my industry.

Gary Halbert is a copywriting genius. I would be stupid not to learn from his example (and I certainly have learned from him).

Tony Robbins knows how to stir people to action. You listen to one of his speeches and you feel like your heart is about to burst with conviction.

Of course, Gary Vee is Gary Vee.gary-vee-300x300-5s1pLu.jpg

You can take so much from each of these industry giants, but you shouldn’t copy their every move. That’s not you. YOU are capable of so much, and all YOU need to do is become the best version of yourself you can be.

If I dedicated my life to becoming the copywriter that Gary Halbert is, maybe I’d get pretty darn close. Still, I would always be known as “that guy that really tried to be like Gary”—maybe even “Diet Gary” or something like that…

What would make me stand out? How could I set myself apart from everyone else in my industry?


Differentiate and Dominate

That was the turning point for me, folks. I embraced my OWN brand.

When I was a personal trainer, I could have been lazy and copied what everyone else in the industry was doing—one-on-one personal training that can burn you out and limit your earning potential.

Of course, if you want to strictly stick to one-on-one training, you can, but you’ll need to position yourself as an elite trainer for affluent clients. Starting now. That’s the only way one-on-one studios can survive and thrive anymore.

When I decided to step outside of the status quo, I realized that I could train dozens of people at a time in a personal training setting. That would make my prices more affordable and make me more money.

I was one of the first fitness entrepreneurs to venture into the indoor boot camp market, something people around me thought I was nuts for doing. I’m so glad I took that chance and didn’t look back because I found that boot camp workouts were my true calling as a trainer. 

Fitness boot camps are everywhere now. Had I not believed in my instincts, I might not have even gotten into the whole boot camp scene…

I created my Fitness Business Summit because I knew that my strength was helping struggling fitness entrepreneurs turn their businesses into money-making machines.

There were obviously people that tried—and still try—to mimic what I’ve done, but I’m proud to be THE guy that people know as the fitness business genius…

So find that ONE thing you know how to do well, and by all means, become THE man or woman that does that one thing.

Be THAT trainer that serves your community’s police and firemen. Be THAT trainer that runs unforgettable charity events in your town. Be YOU.


There IS Something the Entrepreneurial Greats Can Teach You

Remember when I said that all of the most successful entrepreneurs had one little thing in common?

See, I just showed you how you can stand out in any crowded industry. Turns out, though, there’s a wrong way to stand out, too.

It’s when entrepreneurs use their “uniqueness” as an excuse.

I’ve heard it all over the years: “Facebook doesn’t work with my demographic”, “The marketing LBOs I run don’t get any leads”, “I can never get my clients to refer anyone to my gym”…

Listen, EVERYONE hits walls. You think the great leaders of our time smoothly sailed to the top?

No way!

That’s the point I want to make to you today: anyone that’s ever made a name for themselves has done it with hard work and urgency.

I call this the “gun-to-the-head” mindset.Screen-Shot-2013-04-22-at-2.59.49-PM-300x234-0KbQH7.png

If you put a gun to my head and told me to find a building for lease within the next 7 days or I’d be shot dead, do you think I’d just sit around and whine about the world getting down on me?

No! I’d pull up my bootstraps and start pestering every business in town looking for someone that’s begging to get out of their building.

There’s NO room for excuses when you’re working hard. It’s up to you to decipher what can improve in your business, then course correct until you find something that works…

Urgency, dedication, drive—that’s what will take your business to the heights you’ve always dreamed of.

At the end of the day, your clients want to get to know YOU. If you make that effort to be yourself and not another fitness industry clone, they will come, and they will stay.

Committed to your success,