How To Sell High Priced Personal Training Programs

If you’re still using the old way of selling your personal training programs, and wondering why your revenue is taking a nosedive, I got news for you.

The old way sucks.

Let me tell you why it sucks: you’re constantly putting yourself through a cycle of “will they, won’t they” with your clients when it’s time to renew their sessions.

You sell a few sessions, train your client until their sessions run out, then you gotta go through the awkward situation of reselling them more sessions, and the cycle repeats itself over and over until they finally call it quits.

There’s no recurring income coming in. Once the month runs out, it’s like you have to start over fresh with zero dollars.

If you’re constantly having to resell to your client, then there’s always that possibility they’re gonna say, “no I don’t wanna do this anymore”, and leave you high and dry.

You can’t scale and grow your business with no recurring income. It’s like trying to fly a kite with no wind. It’s just not gonna get off the ground.

With no income, you can’t scale your marketing, you can’t get the right education for your trainers, you can’t buy better equipment, you can’t build into a bigger facility, let alone expand to more facilities. The competition will eat you alive, man.

Trust me, I’ve been in this situation. I used to own 5 personal training gyms. When I opened my first location, I was selling one-on-one personal training in 5, 10, 20 session blocks.

I would have to constantly resell to my clients, and keep going through that awkward conversation and potentially be out of a client. This caused some serious up and down income fluctuation.

And then I opened my second location, started using the new way of selling fitness, and I was able to scale to 5 locations before I built my gyms and sold them.

So now, I’m gonna show you how the new way of selling is going to maximize your fitness business, and keep your revenue growing.

New Way of Selling

So you’re probably wondering, “How do I get out of this rut of reselling so that I can keep clients longer, and make more money?

Sell once, and you’ll never have to sell to that client again. Sounds simple, right?

You set up a monthly fee that they automatically pay through an EFT, electronic funds transfer, directly from their account.

It’s really no different than setting up a gym membership or subscription to Directv or Netflix. As long as they’re using it, they’re paying for the service.

That way, you don’t have to keep putting the sales hat back on and feeling slimy every time you need to resell to your client.

You don’t want to have to keep worrying about them dropping your sessions. You don’t need that shit! You wanna focus on building a good relationship and rapport with your client.

So now, you’re gonna be building recurring and ongoing monthly income.

Let’s say you sold someone on a 12 month program, that means they’re paying x dollars a month that gets pulled from their account automatically. Boom, there you go. No more asking for money. As more and more people sign up, your monthly income goes up and becomes safe and reliable.

Next you wanna scale, grow, and duplicate your business.

One of my mentors, Jim Franco, used to be a personal training client of mine. After we would finish our sessions, I would nudge him and be like “hey, you got any business tips for me”. And one of the things he’s taught me is this: if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

You shouldn’t aim for steady and stable. I’ve always said you need to save 10x more money than you think you need so that you can plan for your future, not just the present – especially if you have families to look after and provide for.

You want to make sure you’ve got enough money tucked away for retirement so that you don’t have to spend your golden years as a greeter at Walmart.

Don’t you want to keep improving your business and increasing your revenue? Of course you do. Which is why you should always be aiming higher. Don’t peak.

What to Offer

Selling monthly programs to your clients is an effective way to keep them training with you, without you needing to resell to them every time their sessions end.

If you’re selling a 12 month program, you’re making an agreement with your client that they are gonna stick with that program. You’re not just selling your training for 12 months and then it stops and you have to go back to having those awkward conversations.

You’re getting your client to commit to 12 months, and then at month 13 they go to automatic month-to-month payments.

If you want to sell a month-to-month program, you’re probably wondering “Maybe I can try a 3 month program or a 6 month program.”

No, no, no. I’m telling you right now, that way doesn’t work. I’ve tried every method in the book.

But this doesn’t mean you have to sell to them every month, it just means they’re not committing to 12 months. But they are committing to an automatic transfer every month, and they can cancel any time.

In the 12 month program, they can’t cancel whenever they want to. If they want to cancel before the program is over, then you gotta charge the difference between the month-to-month and the 12 month program. See, the month-to-month is slightly more expensive so that you’re not losing heaps of money.

How to Structure Pricing

This method I’m gonna show you is one that I and many other 7 figure fitness business experts have used and continue to use.

For one-on-one personal training, add $10 more per session for month to month.

Here’s what you say, “Mrs. Jones, I have 3 types of personal training programs for you to choose: you can come 2 times a week, 3 times a week, or 4 times a week under a 12 month agreement. For example, if you come 2 times a week, it’s $40 per session. If you want to pay month to month, it’s $50 per session.”

And if Mrs. Jones went with the 3 times a week program, she would pay $35 a session. If she went with the 4 times a week program, she would pay $30 a session. So you see the prices decrease as the sessions per week increase in the 12 month program, but if you go month-to-month, you increase the price by $10.

When you look at it, you’re saving them about $200 a month if you convince them to commit to a 12 month agreement rather than month-to-month.

For group and boot camp prices, add $50 more for month to month.

You say, “Mrs. Jones you can sign up for our 12 month program, and you can come to unlimited boot camp sessions for $197 a month. If you wanna just go month-to-month, then it’s $247 per month.”

At Fit Body Boot Camp, 87% of our clients commit to a 12 month program. Why? Because it’s a great deal, and they can go to as many sessions as they want to.


Make sure you’re positioning the offer in a way that resonates with your client. Let them know that you are a results based program and you will make sure they shed those 30, 50 pounds.

Tell them “I’m gonna get you to your goal, and then I’m gonna help you make a lifestyle out of it.”

Even if they finish their 12 month program, keep them coming back to ensure they don’t fall back into old habits.

Committed to your success,