Why Training Older Adults Means Working LESS for MORE Money

Today I have a guest post to share with you from my good friend Dan Ritchie, but first I have to tell you about an embarrassing mistake I made once.

Did I say “once”? Actually, this was a mistake I made for several years. And it might be a mistake you’re still making right now…

See, when I first started working with Dan, he told me about an untapped niche in the fitness industry with a massive amount of money to spend on training, an urgent desire for quality training, and flexible schedules that would let them train between 10 am and 4 pm…

So naturally, I jumped on the opportunity, right?


I laughed it off and told Dan he was way off track trying to train this group.

Now the good news is that Dan was able to change my mind. I have a much wiser and more profitable approach to this niche now…but I’ll let Dan tell you more about that.

Take it away Dan!


So, I am sitting in Keuilian Headquarters in 2011, meeting with Bedros and several other fitness business owners. Now, in 2011 the norm was still 1-1 personal training and boot camps were just starting to grow. Small group personal training was growing and becoming more the norm.

But very few, if any, were planting their flag in the market saying, “I want to train the 50, 60, 70+ population.”

Bedros was very much where the fitness industry has been for a long time…

“Oh isn’t that nice that you train ‘old’ people…but seriously, you don’t really want to be doing that with joint replacements…Aren’t you worried you might really hurt someone, or worse, kill them?”

He was not unique. In fact, the fitness industry has been ignoring the massive elephant in the room!

There are currently 79 million people age 53-71…that is the Baby Boomer generation. Then when you add the generation above them, the Traditionalists, age 72-90 we have another 40 million people. So, it isn’t a “niche”—it is the 3rd largest economy in the world!

Let that sink in…do you want to enter the fitness field and move into a niche that is a 7-trillion-dollar economy? Only the entire US economy and the economy of China are larger! The Baby Boomer economy is larger than that of Germany or Japan. In fact, it’s larger than England and France’s economies combined!

This is not a small market…and it is virtually untapped with little to zero competition!

Over the next 30 years, the longevity economy is poised to grow 30-35%, whereas the economy of 18-49 year olds will only grow 10-12%.

The big difference with training older adults is you need to know how to get them great results. In fact, at the Functional Aging Institute, we have shown why most traditional exercise training fails to get older adults great results.

In fact, we are shifting the aging paradigm completely. Aging can be the best time of your life, and those that age well are enjoying their 60s, 70s and 80s more than anyone thought possible.  

In fact, things we would have thought impossible are now being done. For example, Harriet Anderson completed the World Ironman at the age of 79!

Do we simply train older adults like we train young people just make it “lite”? No.

The reality is after searching through hundreds of research studies and experimenting on over 2000 clients, we have developed the Functional Aging Training model.

We have designed a training certification that isn’t just another test you can take or another credential to list, but actually an educational course that gives you the tools and the insider secrets to maximize function for older adults.

That way, people in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and beyond can continue to design the adventure and life of their dreams!

Let’s be honest: there are adventures out there people still want to have and still dream to go on. The key to that is functional ability…NOT AGE.

The biggest difference with the aging client is the fact they need you for the rest of their life! They don’t leave…EVER.

Just think about it: someone that is 62 starts training with you. Are they going to stop when they are 63, or 64, or 70…NO! You become the most powerful drug (medicine) in their life and they can’t afford to ever stop!

If you are a trainer struggling to get clients and struggling to grow your business, is it time you consider filling up your 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, noon, 1 pm time slots?

Is it time you embrace the fact people in their 60s need personal training and can afford to pay for it, and can come in the middle of the day?

Or maybe you are just starting out and you realize the personal training business is tough…working 5 am – 9 am and 5 pm – 9 pm doesn’t make for a great life!

What if you could model your business after Miracles Fitness, or even better Age Performance, where they close their doors every day at 4 or 4:30pm? Imagine a personal trainer that went home every day at 3 pm and had all the business they needed or wanted!

I hope you enjoy this conversation Bedros and I had in the HQ recently. I think maybe when he turned 40 he finally realized…it isn’t about AGE….it is about the undeniable spirit we all have to continue to live and have adventures regardless of how many birthdays we have celebrated.

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Thanks Dan! Bedros here again.

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