The One Skill That Every Trainer Needs in 2017 (But Most Trainers Ignore)

You show me a personal trainer who runs their own business, and I can figure out in under a minute if they are going to go broke and get a corporate job OR if they’re going to get all the clients they need and make all the money they could ever want.hand-shake-green-300x300-HEnA8q.jpg

Do you want to know the one thing I check for?

Do you want to know the one skill I ask them about?

Fair warning: you may not like my answer. A lot of the trainers don’t…

Just keep in mind that I’m here to give you the raw, honest truth. You don’t have to like it right away, but it’s still the thing that decides whether you go broke or go big.

Here’s what I’m getting at:

If you want to keep working as a personal trainer…

…you must be able to SELL!

Yes, you must be able to sell your personal training—with the high prices and long-term agreements that you deserve.


I’ll tell you why!

#1 – The Secret is Out About the Fitness Industry

Man, I remember back in the early days of my career when I would tell people how much money I made as a personal trainer and they would laugh in my face.

When I told them I commanded a six-figure income, they said I had to be lying, because everyone back then thought personal trainers were all broke, dumb meatheads.

Well…the secret’s out now!

Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook are now full of fitness entrepreneurs who believe they can make big money doing the work we all love, and I believe in them! It’s true!

Plus, there are plenty of entrepreneurs, marketers, and business professionals outside the fitness industry who are looking over at us thinking, “Wow, that looks fun, and you actually CAN make money doing it!”

Good news for you right? You’re in a hot industry full of endless possibilities, what could go wrong?

How about competition? 

How about practiced business owners—people who have already built six-figure businesses in their home industries—coming over here because they want to try something new?

Sure, you’ll always have the advantage as someone who lives and breathes fitness already…but holy smokes man, you BETTER know how to sell if you don’t want those guys taking your clients!

#2 – Your Real Competition is Netflix and McDonalds

Let’s be honest here, as fitness pros—we know how people get fat, right? Not the BS, PC answer—real answer.

People get fat because they sit around watching 6 hours in a row of Netflix and chomping down artificial sludge burgers from McDonalds.

But hey, there’s all kinds of research and books out there that tell people the truth about fitness, so they’ll figure it out eventually, right?


See, Netflix and McDonalds are both marketing geniuses. They know exactly how to push people’s “GIVE ME THAT NOW” buttons and make their product ridiculously easy to access.

And they are ruthless about testing out new products, cancelling or shutting down what doesn’t work, and doubling down on what people prove they want with their wallets and attention.

That’s why deaths by heart disease, childhood obesity, and widespread depression are not “sort themselves out” kinds of problems.

It’s up to us, the people who are most passionate about fitness and who know the truth, to get out there and make sure we’re delivering REAL health to those people.

That means you’ve got to sell HARDER than Netflix and McDonalds. You need to sit down across the table from prospective clients and make them desire your training and your results more than they enjoy their comfort zone of a cheeseburger and watching 3 seasons of TV in one sitting.

#3 – The Formula is Right Here

Look man, I’m not asking you to go dump thousands of dollars into an MBA or anything ridiculous like that.

Heck, I barely even went to college, and I certainly didn’t waste years of my life getting a fancy degree.

I studied the masters of marketing and selling…people like Tom Hopkins, Tony Robbins, Dan Kennedy, and Brian Tracy… 

I got most of their material for free just borrowing it from a friend. The rest I picked up from books.

Still, it took me many, many years to distill all that great knowledge down into a system that would work specifically for personal trainers like me… 

I would never ask you to do all that. I only did it because I didn’t have much of a choice.


See, selling fitness is not about having to use any sleazy tactics or beg and scrape for people’s money.

Instead, I teach you education-based selling, which is where you tell prospects the TRUTH about health and fitness, but you carefully word it in such a way that they demand to train with you right here, right now.

And by the way, this system will let you sell over $10,000 worth of personal training in a single day. I know—I’ve done it many times. 

Quite honestly, I bet you could build a 6-figure personal training business just with Close Clients alone (although I have other things to help you with that as well).

And when you do the math for how much money you could make just by using my system…man, you will be SHOCKED by how affordable it is.

I always tell people “You give me a dollar, I give you ten dollars back” but that’s probably an understatement when it comes to Close Clients.

Get Close Clients Today So You Can Get More Clients, Make More Money, and Make Your Business Absolutely Competition-Proof:  

And remember: this whole system is designed for high-priced, long-term contracts, the kind that give you a massive, secure income. Also, funny thing, those clients tend to be the easiest to work with.

Weird, huh?

Committed to your success,