You’re Invited To Denver To Mastermind

Just wanted to let you know that the Las Vegas one day fitness info mastermind that Craig Ballantyne and I are hosting on Wednesday, September 11th is sold out.

Sorry, we can’t take any more people for that event.

However, if you still want us to help you create and market an online info product like workout videos, fat loss ebooks, or a membership site then you can still work with us.

374197_10151455990762794_2034720129_nDue to popular demand… Craig and I are hosting one more fitness info mastermind meeting for the year and we’re doing that in Denver, Colorado on Friday, December 6th.

This will be the last one we hold this year, and three of the eight spots are already taken.

If you’re an awesome fitness pro, and have an ideas for an info product that can help more people get fit, lose weight, or eat better then this one day mastermind meeting in Denver is for you…

Craig and I will show you how to create the product, craft the sales page, build your email list and sell a ton of your product online.

We’ll show you how to dominate YouTube, how to get your blog and sales page to rank higher on the search engines, and how to get the best affiliates to promote and sell your products for you.

This is the same mastermind that these top producing fitness info marketers attended when they first got started…

Mike Whitefield –

Shawna Kaminski –

Dr. Peter Osborne –

Michael Parrella –

Rob King –

Travis Stoetzel –

Rick Keselj –

…just to name a few.

And now Craig and I want to help you take your idea for an info product and teach you how you can get it online and selling in 30 days.

I guess you can say we’ve gotten pretty good at teaching this stuff when you consider all of the coaching clients that we’ve helped create a six and seven figure businesses for 🙂

During the fitness info mastermind day you’ll learn…

– how to create and market your fitness info product
– how to craft sales copy that converts
– how to create multiple back-end products
– how to dominate a niche market, even if it’s competitive
– the top traffic getting and list building strategies
– how to create and position up sells
– how to find and joint venture with the best affiliates
– how to craft email copy that positions and converts

Plus, we’ll also put you in the hot seat and critique your product, your marketing, and help you overcome your biggest challenges and identify your biggest profit opportunities that are hiding right in front of you.

Now, about the one day mastermind…

The date is Friday, December 6th in Denver, CO931325_10151448575167794_943536711_n

It goes from 10AM to 5 PM (Lunch is on us)

It’s limited to only eight members and as of now there are only five spots remaining.

(This will sell out VERY quickly, too)

We’ve cut the price for this mastermind in half. So you’ll only pay $997 to attend and NOT the $1997 that we normally change for this private mastermind.


Last year myself, Craig, and a handful of our friends got together in Denver on this same weekend and bought $60,000 worth of toys for the Denver Toys For Tots drive.

(Denver is known to have the lowest Toys for Tots drive each year, so we decided to do something about it.)

We’re going to do the same thing on the weekend of December 7th. So, what we decided to do is to use 100% of the proceeds from the one day mastermind we’re holding to buy more toy for Toys For Tots.

So when you come out to Denver on December 6th, you’re not just going to learn how to create a killer online info business – you’re also going to help buy a bunch of toys for kids who will need it most this coming Christmas.

The venue of the mastermind will be disclosed upon acceptance. But I can tell you that it will be at a very nice hotel in the coolest part of Downtown Denver.

Craig and I will also show you whats working in our info marketing businesses today so that you can go home and use the same strategies we’re using to get more online leads, sales, and profits.

Basically, you get an entire step by step blueprint to take your info product idea or business to the next level from the two guys who are actively generating multiple seven figures online and who have helped over 65 info marketers take their online businesses to six and seven figures.

=== HUGE BONUS ===

As soon as you register for the one day info mastermind you’ll receive Fitness Info Blueprint – a four module education course from that I sell $997.

And you’ll get Craig Ballantyne’s Online Second Paycheck – a how to manual to help you get a solid understanding of selling on the web using Clickbank… the biggest online info retailer site.

Since we only have five 68708_10150290602815574_4137455_nspots remaining for this one day info marketing mastermind meeting – it’s going to be first come, first serve.

So email my awesome assistant Frankie at [email protected] and he’ll get on the phone with you to make sure that the mastermind is going to be a good fit for you. And if it is, you’ll lock in one of the last two remaining spots.

Or you can call Frankie at the HQ at (800) 261-0208 let him know that you want to come to Denver – or else! 😉

Looking forward to working with you and helping you reach more online clients and customers.

Bedros Keuilian