On and Offline Fitness Marketing Ideas that Really Get You Going

Sometimes it’s hard to come up with fitness marketing ideas by yourself, especially if you’re just starting out. There are so many different ways you can market a fitness business, but they can end up feeling repetitive if you don’t have any other tricks up your sleeve.

Well… I’ve been there and remember how frustrating it can be when you need to bring in new clients and you don’t have fresh ideas.

So, I’ve laid out some awesome marketing ideas for you to refer back to when you’re stuck in that rut.

Get Online and Get Connected

– Show your clients you appreciate them and get more leads by tagging clients and reaching out to their friends and family who comment and “like” the post and invite them in to try a free training session at your facility.

– Buy ads on Facebook and point your friends, family, and current clients to your fan page with a free gift like an ebook, nutrition report, or demo exercise video in exchange for their email info.

– Videos are the new big thing, so put together a short 4-6 minute “how to” video and post them to Youtube. Be sure to include keywords and a link to your website in the description box.

– If your website converts well, then you can buy traffic from Google’s AdWords to point more people back to your site. You can also get traffic to your website by ranking the top keywords that your local area is searching for on Google.

– Give yourself credibility by writing up (or hire someone to do it for you) and distributing press releases that tie in your business with human interest stories or news so your business gains more credibility and reach more people.

– Build up your email list of prospects and local business owners by offering free reports or ebooks on your blog or website.

– Send promotional emails to your list periodically and introduce irresistible, low barrier offers. You should also be consistently delivering killer content like case studies, recipes, articles, and updates on you and how your business is doing so that your list will get to know you, like you, and trust you.

Pound the Pavement

– Drop off postcards in the mail to homes and apartment complexes that includes an awesome, low barrier offer within a five mile radius of your facility, that way you are targeting potential clients within your area and the money you spend on those postcards won’t go to waste.

– Distribute door hangers with that same awesome offer as above to the more affluent homes around your area so you’re attracting qualified clients who won’t have issues with paying.

– Set up 30-50 lead boxes in the local businesses around your area that are relevant to your ideal demographic. This is a great way to get out there and build relationships with local business owners so that they may be able to help promote your fitness business in the future.

– Get your clients understand that you are there to help as many people as possible and you can only do that if they refer their friends and family to you. This way you make bringing in referrals a condition of doing business with you.

– Try running free Saturday boot camps or group training sessions in your community to get the word out and attract people to come out and see what you have to offer.

– Partner up with local businesses that relate to your fitness business and create a strategic partnership to promote each other’s businesses. Think of places like salons, spas, chiropractor’s and doctor’s offices, their customers are your potential clients.

These are just a few different fitness marketing ideas to kick start any rut that you might find yourself in when you need new clients. There are a ton of different strategies out there, but these are great at not draining your packets and they really do work. So the next time you find yourself scrounging for clients check back in and get moving.

Remember that you are the only one standing in your way!