What makes an attractive fitness bootcamp franchise for a business opportunity seeker?

When deciding to open a fitness bootcamp franchise it is important to ask what makes a fitness bootcamp an attractive business opportunity. There are a few general reasons that a fitness bootcamp would be a preferable opportunity compared to another industry like a restaurant. Then there are some things to look that make a specific fitness bootcamp a better choice above another fitness bootcamp franchises.

First the general reasons that you would choose a fitness bootcamp to franchise rather than another industry.

  • Popularity of fitness industry

The fitness industry is gaining in popularity as more health professionals advocate a sensible diet and exercise program as the key to longevity.

  • Rate of growth for fitness industry

Averaging growth of 20% 2005-2010, the fitness club and bootcamp industry are continuing to grow.  The rate of growth indicates a need for a variety of services within the industry. The expansion of the fitness industry shows no signs of slowing, over the past 20 years the fitness industry has continued to grow.

  • Popularity of fitness bootcamps

Fitness bootcamps are gaining in popularity. This is true now more than ever as they are being the feature of popular television shows like Desperate Housewives. The demonstration of this proven method of training on popular television programs primes the target market without any additional marketing needed by the bootcamp owner.

Understanding that a fitness bootcamp franchise is a good opportunity to make money is the first step toward owning a successful business. The next step is determining which elements of the franchise make a bootcamp successful.

  • The brand recognition

Brand recognition is an important element when choosing which bootcamp franchise to partner with. If the brand is one that receives a lot of negative feedback on the internet then it is probably not a brand that is worth investing in. Likewise if the brand has no feedback or is hard to locate on the internet it is an indication of poor marketing strategies. The two results should be avoided as they both indicate bad business policies.

Starting a fitness bootcamp franchise should be done with a company that has positive brand recognition. It is much easier to build a profitable business when your name is associated with good results. The positive association of the brand can be reason enough to choose a company like Fit Body Boot Camp as a franchise opportunity.

  • The support of the franchise

The support that a franchisee receives form the bootcamp is very important. Things like business counseling, fitness training, and a community of associated business owners are all strong indicators that the bootcamp franchise will be a fruitful opportunity. If regular communication between the owner and the franchise is not maintained it can be a strong indicator that the franchise does not invest a lot in its owners. A good sign that the franchise wants the owner to be successful is regular communication; maintaining a community website and issuing regular newsletters are both positive indicators of a good support system.

  • Training provided

The training provided by the franchise can be an attractive quality in choosing a fitness franchise. Bootcamp franchises should not only provide training in operations but should have plans in place to provide fitness training. If there is no fitness training provided the fitness bootcamp franchise may not be the best option available.

The benefits of franchising are having access to the various forms of training that they offer. If the training is limited it could indicate that the franchise is not ready for rapid expansion. This would severely limit the benefits that franchising has to offer. Investigating the training available through the franchise can provide you with the clues as to whether or not the franchise is a good business opportunity.

  • Marketing

Anyone considering opening a business knows the importance of marketing. One of the elements of fitness bootcamps that makes them attractive to potential entrepreneurs is that most of the marketing is completed before you even sign your contract. A fitness bootcamp franchise should do the majority of the marketing for you. The way that it works is by setting a budget for marketing and then fitting the marketing within the budget.

There are a few ways that a franchise should be assisting with marketing. The first is through the design of custom landing pages for the location that you are opening. Secondly there should be an ongoing search engine optimization effort within the company. Search engine optimization is the science behind getting a website listed in the top ranks of a search engine like Google. A good SEO campaign should focus on more than one search engine. Finally there should be some type of social networking marketing campaign. If there is no effort to incorporate social marketing into the marketing campaign on the bootcamp franchise it is time to look for a franchise that includes this vital element.

The best marketers include all of these elements of marketing and provide support to the business. Fit Body Boot Camp is an example of a boot camp franchise that has realized how important good marketing is to the success of their franchisees.

  • Location

The final piece of the equation on why fitness bootcamps are attractive is the location. The fitness bootcamps can be run almost anywhere. Some successful chains even run their businesses at local parks and recreation areas which costs little in overhead. However, a successful fitness bootcamp franchise will encourage the use of a stand-alone facility. The use of a stand-alone facility in a bootcamp business ensures that the business will thrive all year round. The high heat index of the summer and below freezing temperatures of a winter will not hinder the operations of the fitness bootcamp that is held within a stand-alone facility.

When looking at different bootcamp franchises it is important to recognize that the location is going to be a vital success factor. Marketing, training, support and brand recognition are all reasons that a fitness bootcamp franchise is a great decision when choosing which type of franchise to open. The fitness industry is a growth industry and it will continue to be a consistent source of revenue.

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