Crushing Limiting Beliefs

You and I are a lot alike with our businesses…

I’m guessing that you’re an awesome fitness
trainer and that you get to see many of your
clients transform right before your eyes.

Seeing folk get leaner, stronger, and more confident
just plain feels good, doesn’t it.

I get to experience that with the people I serve
too – only thing is, my CLIENTS are trainers.

Never the less, seeing a massive transformation
take place within your client is always a rewarding

Not a day does by where I don’t get an email, text
message, card in the mail, or post on my Facebook
wall from a fitness trainer who’s see experienced
massive transformational value by working with me
or using my fitness marketing resources and programs.

For me, and I’m sure you’re like this too, it never
gets old to seeing folks achieving what they set out
to accomplish.

And that’s why I’m writing you today…

Rebecca TabbertOne person that I’d like to introduce you to who has
not only accomplished a massive transformation in her
fitness business but also done it all in only 24 months
is Rebecca Tabbert.

I first met Rebecca at Fitness Business Summit 10
just a couple years ago.

Little did I know then that she had to scrape up money
just to attend that weekend.

See, a year prior she had left a good paying corporate
job where she was over stressed, worked 50-60 hours
a week, and had no sense of accomplishment or

…but she found herself trading time for dollars – getting
paid $12.50 for half hour sessions working as a trainer.

While she was doing what she loved… making a third
of what you’re used to making can really put a damper
on life.

As you could imagine that made for a really funky
situation when it came time to go grocery shopping
or to pay rent.

To top it off, she was a single mom and hated the fact
that she would have to miss some of her kid’s activities
and events becuase if she didn’t work, then she didn’t
get paid.

Maybe you can relate?

Fast forward to today and you’ll find Rebecca as one
of the featured presenters at Fitness Business Summit 12.

In only two years she turned her entire economy around
and regained control of her finances, of her destiny, and
now does business on her terms.

To say that shes successful is an understatement.

Today, Rebecca owns multiple Fit Body Boot Camp
locations that don’t require her to be there in order to
make her money.

She’s part of something bigger…

Each and every day she’s helping women in her community
get in shape, regain their confidence and live better lives.

Today Rebecca has a lifestyle of freedom and lives
her passion, her purpose and when I speak to her in person
or on the phone she’s a WAY different person in every way
then the women I met just two years ago at FBS10.

But it’s not all about the money, success and freedom.

All those are great and easy enough to achieve when you
learn from others who have gotten and now have paved
the path for you.

What’s really amazing is that Rebecca has recently started a
remote coaching program for women and in taking the
leap into creating her own fitness info product so she can
reach, impact and influence more women.


Just last month, after taking over 4 years off, she accomplished
another personal goal for herself…

…at the age of 38 Rebecca entered the NPC Figure Competition
and not only won her age group, but OVERALL as well, besting
many well prepared high level competitors.

Now I don’t want you to think that she is an anomaly or that
she has a certain capability that you don’t.

Assuming that would be the biggest disservice to your
business and to your economic future.

What Rebecca got that weekend at FBS10 is what
gave her the ability to turn it all around in just 24 months.

Three things actually…

1. She’s a hard worker, probably a lot like you.

2. She got the information and blueprint to follow that weekend
at FBS10, and she stopped relying on chance, hope, or

3. She discovered how to overcome her limiting beliefs
and break though her “glass ceiling” (many people have
this and don’t even realize it).

I’ve asked Rebecca to share her success blueprint with you
at Fitness Business Summit 12 and to teach you how she
overcame limiting beliefs and busted through her glass
ceiling never to look back!

Imagine being handed MULTIPLE blueprints to success,
prosperity, and abundance from other fitness pros in
the industry who are actually PRACTICING IT and not
just professing it.

The discounted room blocks and early bird registration
for FBS12 goes away this Wednesday, January 11th.

So you’ll want to register now while there’s still space
available and before the early bird registration and room
discount block goes.

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Live Easy,


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