The Only Loaf on the Shelf

This blog post started off as an email to you.

However, as it’s happened before, it some how took on a life
of it’s own and morphed into an awesome blog post as you can
see here.

For the sake of documenting how this came to be (and
further showcasing my brilliance) let me see if I can re-trace
the steps that brought me to this point.

I spent the last few days in Phoenix, AZ teaching at Dean
Jackson’s and Joe Polish’s “I Love Marketing” seminar, sharing
the stage with many of the TOP marketing minds on the planet
including Dean, Joe, Dan Kennedy, John Carlton and other
heavy hitters.

Since I do my best work when I’m secluded in a hotel room, I also
took the time this past weekend to put together the curriculum,
strategies and systems which I’ll be teaching to my 7 Figure Formula
Mastermind clients this coming weekend in San Diego.

This morning I woke up early to put the finishing touches
on mastermind stuff.

… one thing in particular got me thinking about you and how
you can increase your market status. And so I stopped my
mastermind preparation and started writing you the the email

Imagine being five years old, going to the grocery store
with you mom, and finding only one loaf of bread on the

What do you do?

You buy the darn thing (and fast) before someone else
reaches for it!

Funny thing is, I remember my mom saying its over priced,
yet she still bought it.

That was my experience as a kid back in Armenia. Not
the best of times… but a great lesson learned.

Now think about the bread isle in your local grocery store

It’s not even a shelf… it’s a freak’in isle!

Lots of options and choices to pick from. And MOST people
choose bread based on price and quantity NOT quality of
ingredients, and so the bread companies attempting to compete
on price keep using cheaper and crappier ingredients.

The good news is that you’re not bread. So you can charge
more, command more and justify it all IF you
know how to be “THE ONLY LOAF ON THE SHELF”.

Listen, I see too many fitness pros doing the copy cat thing;

… getting lost in the crowd…

…doing a bunch of “me too” marketing…

…and expecting people to know they are better than the
competitor and that it should be obvious to the prospect.

Well it’s not.

If you act like an ordinary loaf of bread, if you look like an
ordinary loaf of bread and if you place yourself on the shelf
next to the ordinary loafs of bread then people are going to
compare you to and perceive your value as an ORDINARY
loaf of bread.

See, the highest earning trainers I know are in a category of
one. They are the only loaf on the shelf. And there’s a formula
for positioning yourself in a category of one (I’ll be teaching this
formula to my 7 Figure Formula mastermind clients this weekend)

What separates the best, from those who claim to be the
best is that the best are known for the results they give whereas
the ordinary are known for the commodity they offer.

In other words; the highest paid and most respected fitness trainers
are known for the amazing results they produce – they’re talked
about – they have legend stories told about them through out the community.

Ordinary trainers are simply known for the commodity they offer…
their service… the act of being a personal trainer.

So while extraordinary trainers and boot camps command top dollar,
have a waiting list, and are never compared on price and value.

Ordinary trainers are price shopped, haggled with, and compared to
other trainers, gyms, boot camps and weight loss programs.

The highest paid trainers however have created a class of their
own. They’re in a category of one. They are the ONLY loaf on the

Ordinary trainers compete on price – they are one of many.

This is true for every industry, for any product or service be it a
car, a trainer, a boot camp, a surgeon, a watch, a restaurant, a
consultant, or a shoe.

The extraordinary, the highest earning, and most paid know
that even though they are highly skilled, educated and results
driven… they get paid for who they are and not for what they do.