Massive Success

Hey Bedros here,

It’s exciting times here at the FBBC/Keuilian world galactic HQ

I just wrapped up two killer mastermind sessions in Las Vegas two weeks apart. had my fill of Vegas (for a while at least). We’re ramping up all of the new Fit Body Boot Camp location owners who got on board in January, and many of them are already starting to kick major ass.

And in the last 60 days our HQ crew grew as we brought in three new super talented staff members.

And as if all that wasn’t enough… the Fitness Business Summit 11 (Now Sold Out) and the FBBC world conference take place in about two weeks and we’ve got some CRAZINESS planned for that four day weekend, along with marketing and business growth stuff, too.

As always the opening show for FBS is going to be epic! I know that many of you who attended think that I can’t top the amazing marching band that came through the ballroom last year, but you just watch. I’ve got something huge planned!

And for those of you keeping track (all my fellow super car enthusiast Facebook pals) the GT-R is all re-tuned (again) and now pumping out north of 600 HP and capable of 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. What’s really cool is I can actually change from two different tune setting and control max boost output from the steering wheel control. Crazy right?!

Anyway, I can go on and on about that all day long… so we’ll just leave that for a conversation to have at the bar at FBS.

Now, here’s why I created this mega blog post today.

See, I’m lucky to have found my calling years ago. The way I look at it, the more clients I can help you get the more people I will have helped achieve their fitness and fat loss goals. So in that way, I look at myself as “still training” – through you.

And while my info products, software (like FitPro Newsletter and FitPro Magazine) and live events help you get more clients and build a better business. My mastermind groups are where the BIG shifts in business take place. It’s in my mastermind groups where “average” trainers become six and multiple six figure earning trainers and with that they influence and reach more people and change more lives.

It’s a really cool thing.

While I’m incredibly proud of my 110 plus mastermind clients and their work ethic, ambition, drive and accomplishments, some of them rise to the ultimate level of success and become seven figure earners – super achievers.

And in this blog post I want to recognize these super achievers, give them props and have them share with you some of the big ah ha moments and success tips they’ve gotten over the years of working with me, so that maybe you could apply this some of their strategies to your training or boot camp business.

So without further ado here’s a compilation mega blog post from my super achiever coaching clients; Joshua Carter, Cabel McElderry, Sam (7 Figure Sam) Bakhtiar, and Samantha Taylor.

This post is packed with tons of gem and nuggets. Enjoy =)

Hi, I’m Joshua Carter and let me tell you why I Love Bedros

Way back when in 2003 (I think)  I had an idea for a cool workout product.  It was an early version of a mobile workout program that you would access on a Palm Pilot (remember those?)  I called it “PalmTrainer”.  Me and my 2 partners decided to take a trip to San Francisco to the IHRSA convention and see if our product idea might be viable.  We had prototypes, we had a working app, we had fire in our hearts.

And what did we find?

Some other jerk beat us to the punch.  He had a slicker interface, overall better product and a booth at IRHSA.  That jerk:  Bedros Keuilian.  The good news for me was that the initial iteration of his product called “Hi-Tech Trainer” failed just like mine. But unlike mine Bedros transformed his product into an online training system for trainers that was ahead of its time.

That was how I met Bedros Keuilian.  I think at that time I must have given him my email address (mostly because I wanted to spy on his progress.)  Little did I know that he was also a fitness marketing master guru who was clearly ahead of his time and ahead of the pack when it came to fitness marketing.

So I kept getting emails from him about “The Art of Selling Fitness” – but it was like $200.  $200 for a book?  I think not.  That dude is crazy.

But the emails kept coming, and I kept reading them.

Then there was some disaster somewhere.  I am embarrassed to say I do not remember what the disaster was but Bedros was saying that he was giving away “The Art of Selling Fitness” for half off (so $100) and giving the entire amount to the Red Cross to help the disaster relief.

Giving it all to Red Cross?  Fine, I gave in- I bought the stupid book. Turns out the book wasn’t so stupid.  Turns out it might be me that was stupid for not getting it sooner.

It was like a light went on my head.  There were concepts I had never conceived of.  I was already a semi-successful gym owner and (dare I say) great personal trainer at the time – but marketing was completely foreign.

I’ll admit I snuck in a few free coaching calls in those early days.  Talking to the man was nothing less than inspiring.  That led me to attend the first Fitness Business Summit.  That then led to me hiring him for his first coaching program.

It was a major investment for me at the time. It was also the best money I ever spent.  We locked ourselves in the office of my new personal training studio for 3 days and we knocked out a step-by-step plan for success.  Our early estimates had my becoming profitable in 6 months.

Because of Bedros Keuilian it only took 6 weeks.

I now have the #1 personal training studio / bootcamp in my area and have a really nice income and a business with employees who love what they do and systems that keep the machine working even when I’m not there.

I can say without exaggeration that my success is due to the direct influence of one man:  Chuck Norris.  I mean Bedros Keuilian.

I now have a freedom in my life that I could have hardly imagined.  First let me tell you that the reason I get out of bed in the morning is my kids (literally and figuratively).  My boys Gabe & Nate are the most important things in my life.

A few weeks ago my 4 year old son Nate had a performance at 11am on a Tuesday.  I was one of 2 fathers that attended (and the other guy is unfortunately unemployed).  The systems I have in place means my business will run if I am there or not.  I get to see every play, every performance, every doctor visit and even every haircut my kids get.  They will be out of the house soon enough and I do not want to miss a single second of their childhood.  And thanks to the business I have created by following the advice of my coach (and now good friend) Bedros Keuilian, I never have to miss anything.

Here are 4 concepts that have helped me along the way.

My 5% (the Keuilian method)
If the number of things that need to get done in my business equals 100% , there is only about 5% that needs to be done by me.  To be more specific, there is only about 5% that CAN ONLY be done by me.   Only I can write like I write (a skill I have learned over the years and mastered thanks to THE master). So I write the marketing emails and other materials.  I sure as sh!t do not clean the toilets at my gym.  That is a VERY poor use of my time.  So is paying the bills – because I suck at it.

Your business should be working for you , not you for it. Also, you should only train clients or teach classes you want to teach, not because you have to.  Find “technicians” to train your clients while you focus on other matters. There are just some things I am not good at or just plain should not be doing.  So I have someone else handle the other 95% of tasks that I do not need to do, and I stick to my 5%.  (FYI – that 5% is now primarily revenue generation).

Create Systems

If I have to take a week off for some reason I do not have to worry about my clients getting billed.  I have that taken care of automatically.  I have a system in place that bills my clients every 30 days regardless of where I am or what I am doing- so I never have to touch it.  Create as many systems as possible from billing, to training to your lead funnels –everything.  A good system you can set and forget and it will work forever.

The List is King

Create and leverage an email list.  Email them at least twice per month and give them awesome content for free. In time they will know, like and trust you.  Now, when I have a new program to promote (or I just want to make more money) I just send out an email.  Start now, do not wait.

Sweep the Leg
Be ruthless with your time. Take no prisoners.  Do not let “haters” or negative thinkers anywhere near you.  Kick them in the junk then kick them to the curb. Success attracts success.  Surround yourself with only positive success minded people like you.  Not only will you then be successful, but you’ll be happy.

Hire a Coach
For crap’s sake if you haven’t figured it out yet hiring a coach is probably the best thing you can do to improve your business.   Not just any coach, choose one that has a proven track record and has been where you are. There’s this one guy who’s pretty good – what was his name?

Ok, lets’ wrap this up…

While I would say that meeting my wife was the best thing that has happened in my life (she has given me love, support and my 2 boys), I can confidently say that the best thing to ever happen to my business is meeting Bedros Keuilian.  My lifestyle and freedom are a direct result of following his advice. I dread to think where I would be without his expert guidance, and am thankful every day that I have him as my coach.


Hey, I’m Cabel McElderry, from Canadia as Bedros calls it.
This year will mark two decades since I lifted my first dumbbell as a kid, I had no idea back then I would find my career in fitness. Now nineteen years in the fitness industry, three attempted career changes, declined for my first mortgage (only $140,000) and almost bankrupt once, but you would never know it today. Just four short years ago after struggling so very long, everything changed.

In fact it’s been kind of a blur, it’s hard to imagine or understand today why it was so hard, it all now seems so simple. Wondering what happened?

Well, it sounds a little cliché but…I met Bedros, its true; there’s no denying it, being in his circle of influence has changed my life, and not just a little bit.

I couldn’t afford to attend Fitness Business Summit 2007 but Bedros seemed pretty convincing. Having been taken and swindled on other hopes and dreams his convincing words were not enough, sad as it may be my decision to spend money I couldn’t afford came down to the fact…I always wanted to visit California.

The hope that I might find the missing ingredient to my business and finally seeing a part of world I wanted to see won over my sense of financial responsibility.

After arguing with Bedros all weekend why his strategies wouldn’t work for me, I irresponsibly put any shred of financial security I had on the line to invest in his coaching program. Why is it that at trainers we too often fail to realize the value of mentors and coaches even though we continually express and provide this value to our clients?

This year will mark four years I’ve been in one of B’s mentorship programs, it’s easily been the best investment I’ve ever made. Before working with Bedros I’d struggled for years to build a business that was doing a little over a 100k in sales, which sounds not bad except that I was lucky to be taking a quarter of that home.

More than half my annual revenues were coming from event promotion, so in truth I was just an average trainer earning a very below average income with little hope of experiencing the things in life I dreamt about.

Recently my wife and I just moved into our second brand new home in 4 years, this one’s nearly 3500 sq/ft of living space, beautifully finished. During one of our recent 7 Figure Masterminds in Las Vegas I spent more on art than I used to make in months.

I’ve went from being a solo trainer to employing a 15 person team and from a little over 100k in sales to over a million. I’ve traveled more in these last 4 years than my entire life previously and the icing on the cake, I currently only spend about 10 hours a week at my studio.

If this sounds at all surreal to you, you’re not alone, writing this it seems that way to me too but the best part?

Thanks to Bedros, his mentorship, the mastermind and its members I know this is only the beginning.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself, if you’ve ever been uncertain about how you would achieve your lifestyle of choice, if you are committed to do what it takes if only you had the answers, you too need a mentor; it will be the best investment of your life!

Here’s what I’ve learned in the last 4 years from Bedros that can help you…

·  Cash might be king but without tracking your metrics and knowing your numbers the king will soon leave the building. The place to start is with set, show, close. Turn your focus to steady lead generation and inquiries with defined offers and strategies for long term conversion.

·   If you don’t know or understand what EFT billing is you should stop what you are doing right now and call your bank to discuss.

·   If you are completing 60 minute sessions and/or selling packages of sessions you should go buy a paper, review the classifieds, and seriously consider getting another job as you’re on a disaster course.

·   You can always afford to outsource, and should start doing so today. We all fall into the trap of “I can do it cheaper myself” or “I can do it better myself.” The first one is entirely false and the second one is irrelevant. The secret to business is speed, the more you can accomplish in less time the more successful you will be.

·   You don’t need money to market. Free classifieds with high value offers such as the 21 day rapid fat loss program or the 14 day fat furnace can completely change your business in the next 7 days.

·    We all have a giant to do list, but do you know your “5%”? Circle the 5 things on your current to-do list that will have the greatest impact on the financial success of your business. Your first task after should be to consider who and how you can outsource all the other tasks. NOTE: Make sure your tasks are specific; a general idea in most cases is a recipe for failure.

·   Write or record your operations manual, even if it’s just you. Starting tomorrow consider each business related activity as though you will have to complete it 100 times. Generate a written or video set of instructions as to the steps to perform it correctly, this way it will be easy to outsource this task to someone else so you can do something more important.

There is so much more, I could write all day, but I think you get the picture of how important it is to work with a mentor who’s got a proven track record of delivering results.


Hi my name is Sam Bakhtiar aka 7figure Sam. I still don’t know how I got that nickname but I’ve been called worse 😉

These days I enjoy my life because I own businesses and not a job like I used to.

I work because I want to not because I have to.

I am blessed that I can provide a great life for my family.

I am very proud that my wife doesn’t have to work or stress about money.

I am also proud of the fact that my daughter doesn’t get dropped off at a daycare because mom and dad have to clock in.

I am very fortunate to have owned some of the most luxurious cars in the world including Ferrari’s, Mercedes AMG’s, BMW’s, Corvette’s, Porsche’s etc….. (That’s been my addiction)

I am not saying this to impress you at all, BUT I am saying this to impress upon you that I never thought that I could ever achieve this kind of financial freedom and lifestyle. You see it’s not about money at ALL it’s about freedom.

It’s about the ability to do what you want when you want and not have to report to anybody for anything.

The Funny thing about this is that non of this would have been possible if I didn’t ask for help and didn’t seek guidance. Most people go through life too proud too ask for help or to ignorant to realize they need help.

It’s no different than the overweight person always trying to lose weight without hiring a trainer or a coach. Sure they might have some initial success but without the proper knowledge and accountability chances are slim to none.

I opened up my personal training business February of 1999 after graduating and earning my doctorate degree in Chiropractic. To be honest with you the only reason that I got my doctorate degree was to satisfy my mom. You see where I come from (I’m Persian) if you’re not a doctor, lawyer or engineer then you’re nobody.

I didn’t have a clue on how to run a business, in school they thought us Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, etc…

But in 8 years of college (4 years at Penn State and 4 years at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic) no one ever taught us anything about getting a client, how to sell, or business systems, so that we could pay back the student loans.

From 1999-2006 my business did fairly well considering that bodybuilding was my main priority. I was more concerned about how I looked on stage or what shirt I was wearing to the night club than I was at growing my business.

After all, I was making big money…  at 10-12K per month, you couldn’t tell me nothing.

Once I retired from bodybuilding I decided to have a different hobby and that was growing my business and increasing my income. Wife and kids will do that to you 😉

How I stumbled upon Bedros Keuilian…

In 2006 after deleting a bunch of email from this “Bedros” guy I decided to join his coaching program. That was the turning point of my business and life for that matter.

I been his coaching client since 2006 and will continue to be until he decides to retire. The decision is that simple (and profitable for me).

Here are some of the things I have accomplished with his guidance and coaching.

1) In 2006 I was grossing about $480K per year, then I started working with Bedros and today I’m grossing  $2.4 million dollars.

2) I was making 10-12K per month and let’s just say that now I pay that much in taxes every month.

3) I was working 50-60 hours a week training clients before and now I haven’t train a client in years and I am barely ever at work.

4) My business is COMPLETELY SYSTEMATIZED and runs on autopilot.

5) I no longer have to rely on one source of income. Today I have no less than 14 sources of income.

And here are my top 10 tips that I’ve gotten over the years and want to share them with you.

1) Always, always strive to keep your overhead to a minimum

2) You must know ALL the numbers in your business like the back of your hand. NO EXCUSES

3) You must DIFFERENTIATE your business so that you don’t become a commodity.

4) Always add value NEVER compete on price

5) Never rely on any one person to run your organization.

6) Specialize don’t Generalize

7) Never rely on ANY one source for your business. STRIVE to DIVERSIFY your business

8) Marketing is everything and everything is marketing

9) Surround yourself with people that you strive to be. Model success

10) Hire a coach for all areas of your life (business, finance, fitness, etc…..) to teach you and keep you accountable to your big picture goals.


Hi fellow fitness enthusiasts!  My name is Samantha Taylor and I have been in Bedros’ coaching program for ONLY 18 months and I really CANNOT believe how much my life and business has changed!

I just texted Bedros yesterday after I had my record month in personal training sales and told him that I will forever remember my life as “before Bedros” and “after Bedros”; it has changed THAT much!  I have been a personal trainer for over 15 years and I left the big box gym 7 years ago because I was sick of the corporate gym even though I had no idea how to run a personal training business let alone own my own studio!

I was paying for that inexperience and lack of knowledge by going into debt every month just to run my business.  Even though I loved personal training, my financial situation was so bad I thought about cutting my losses and getting out because I just didn’t know how to stop the bleeding.

I could have made more money working at McDonald’s because the business expenses were so high compared to what I was bringing in. I literally got into over $100,000 of credit card debt and was increasing every month. I thought about giving up because before Bedros, I was just flying by the seat of my pants and now in only 18 months I own a thriving personal training studio on track to do one million in sales in 2011 with three trainers working for me and two full time assistants.

Now I have completely stepped into the role of strategic planning the growth of my studio and as of 6 months ago, I am no longer doing any more personal training; thanks to Bedros inspiring me.  Since working with him, I went from struggling every month to paying off $52,000 in credit card debt in 13 months!

Here are some tips I have gotten from B that have literally transformed my business:

1) Get coaching from Bedros – or at least all his products, this guy knows his stuff!

2) Believe in what you are offering, this country needs our help, they are desperate to get healthy and fit and YOU have the answer.  You MUST believe in what you are offering and that you can help change their life!

Hire an assistant NOW, don’t wait another second! You will be amazed how much you come up with for them to do.  If you can’t afford one, trade out in training.  There are many that will do that.

4) Sell big packages and 12 month programs because that is what clients NEED – they don’t need 12 pack sessions, they need you to help change their life!

5) Get EVERYONE on EFT (monthly recurring auto debit)

6) Do more semi-private and small group training – the clients like it even better so they can meet people and the trainers are less likely to be their “therapist” and “best bud”.  And you can take on more clients.

7) Systematize EVERYTHING you can, get things running automatically.

8) Market in many different venues, not just 1 or 2; my client’s comes from at least 15 different venues.

Learn from Bedros how to sell; yes you need to know how to sell to inspire the clients to stop making excuses and take action on being in the best shape of their life!  That is the main reason why most trainers don’t really make it in this industry; they love training but don’t learn the business.

10) Learn from other people that are running successful personal training studios or boot camps, don’t reinvent the wheel, model it. It only wastes time and money and prevents how many people you can help.

You can do it with HIS help.  Bedros is the BOMB and knows his stuff.  Get on board with him and it WILL change your life; you will be so blessed!   See you at the Fitness Business Summit!

Samantha 🙂

Hey, Bedros here again, I hope this MEGA blog post gave you a glimpse into the mindset and lifestyle of a high income generating fitness pro. I wanted to specifically showcase Samantha, Josh, Sam and Cabel because…

1) I think they deserve major props and recognition for taking their businesses to seven figures and beyond, and…

2) if you’re one of the 400 plus fitness pros registered to attend Fitness Business Summit 11 in a couple weeks be sure to reach out to these guys and gal and see for yourself and see how generous, approachable, and helpful they really are – just like everyone on else in my mastermind program.

Leave me a comment down below and let me know what you think, okay?