Vision, Mission, Action

You probably have an idea of how you want you personal training or boot camp business to look.

You might even have a general mission and vision for where you want your business to go. But being “general” is NOT enough to help you reach your mission of financial success, freedom to spend time with your friends and family, and the desire to make an impact on the health and fitness of the community around you.

See, there’s an old saying that goes like this… You’re better off being a MEANINGFUL SPECIFIC than a WONDERING GENERALITY.

Clearly then, the more specific your vision and mission for yourself and your business, the more precise your actions will be to achieve your end goal.

Recently with the help of our good friend, and Canadian comrade Craig Ballantyne we crafted the “official” Fit Body Boot Camp vision and mission statement.

And I gotta say that the simple act of making this vision has given myself, Steve Hochman, and our entire FBBC HQ staff major clarity. And that clarity then trickles down to all of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners and operators.

Here’s our FBBC vision. Once you read it, you should seriously create one just as specific for your business, based around your core values, and then commit it to memory. Read it each and every day. Remind yourself exactly WHY you’re doing this and each day take ONLY actions that bring you closer to your mission and vision.

That’s what we do and that’s why in less than two years Fit Body Boot Camp has become the largest, most sought out and trusted fitness boot camp brand worldwide.

The year is 2015, we’ve just celebrated the opening of our 5000th Fit Body Boot Camp location with a party in Las Vegas. Over 800 franchisees attended. Our team celebrated by giving awards to top franchisees, and welcoming new franchisees. Currently we have 5000 franchisees all over the world, in 42 different countries, with over 53 languages spoken by our franchisees.

Despite running a global organization, we maintain only a small core group of 35 support staff in southern California, coordinating the daily activities and marketing for our franchisees and providing ongoing support and guidance.

Outside of our home base, we have mentor franchisees peppered across the globe who teach and mentor new franchisees how to get their businesses up to speed fast.

We also have multiple location franchisees, with some owning the master franchise license to full states, and others owning 15 to 20 locations. But mostly the
FBBC family is composed of individual franchise owners who employ 1-2 personal trainers and serve 80-150 boot camp members. This is all they need to
achieve our success baseline of $150K plus, per year.

And that’s our mission…to provide bootcamp owners with a foolproof system to get on track to having a 6-figure business in less than six months. Our success rate is over 85%, and the remainder reach that goal 1-2 months later.

Looking forward
Our broader mission looks forward to 2020, where our vision is to reduce global adult and childhood obesity by 20 percent while increasing activity levels
by 20 percent. Each day our team rises and has access to hundreds of unique and original a bootcamp workouts and theme to be delivered to their class.

Each workout and theme pushes our franchisees, their trainers, and every single bootcamper towards a happier and healthier lifestyle, showing them
how to change their lives, and the health of their families as well.

Since beginning our records in April 2010, FBBC clients have lost a combined 2,000,000 pounds of body fat, with our top fat loss success story dropping
165 pounds in just 14 months. She has since gone on to start 3 of her own FBBC and has been on national television 3 times, including once on Oprah’s
new network.

But that’s still not why FBBC is famous. Instead, we are known for being the fitness franchise that goes the extra mile for our franchisees. Every move
we make, every step we take, our franchisees know that we are acting in their best interests, to improve their systems, make their business run
automatically and with ease and help them live the life of their dreams – all while inspiring others to dramatically improve their health and fitness.

FBBC franchisees enjoy the most financial freedom and security of any fitness franchise. Because a Fit Body Boot Camp business does not require an excessive investment, nor a significant monthly overhead, or even the traditional monthly royalty structure, franchisees reported less stress and more financial security in an independent franchise poll taken by Entrepreneur magazine.

After all, we understand the initial investment and intimidation to getting started with a business, and that’s why we created the most franchisee-friendly formula to eliminate stress and financial insecurity. Unlike traditional fitness franchises we don’t punish franchisees for success by taking a percentage of their gross earning as royalties. We reward them.

Our client’s succeed by getting on track for a $150K/year or more in income within 6 months of starting their franchise, and in under 4 months with each
additional location they open. Our results are unmatched in the fitness franchise world, and in fact in the franchise world in general, and even more amazing considering each franchisee stands to net over 50% profit from each location.

FBBC is currently featured in over 35 regional newspaper stories every month, and over 12 national stories annually, all because of the results of
our clients and the results of their clients.

Initiatives such as the “Skinny Jeans Guarantee”, the “Burn the Fat, Feed the Hungry” food drive and our continued involvement to help our community locally and globally  have garnered national TV exposure and seven of our franchisees have been featured on the covers of major magazines this year alone.

People love to hear about FBBC because we are crushing the obesity epidemic in over 40 countries. FBBC franchisees have started Fit Body, U.S.A.
programs in over 117 cities and our after school bootcamps provide daily fitness requirements for over 1164 schools in America.

The most awesome HQ staff on the planet

But FBBC is as much about what we don’t do as it is about what we can do. We do not accept the standard qua or mediocrity and we don’t use the old model of franchising or doing business. We ARE the new frontier in business and it’s as much about community and giving back as it is about profit and freedom. These are the Fit Body Boot Camp core value.

The 3 most important things we offer our franchisees are:

1) Piece of mind that they are not alone, and in fact are part of one of the largest and most successful, fitness families in the world.

2) Done for you marketing, sales, and operating systems and all their technological headaches eliminated.

3) The assurance of a world-class support system and opportunity to make more money than they could ever make on their own.

FBBC franchisees come in through a variety of ways, including direct mail, paid advertising, franchise shows, free media exposure, online exposure, and most importantly, word of mouth.

New prospects see how successful our current FBBC owners are, and they want to join the FBBC mission. They want to change lives. Our mission attracts the best candidates – people who want to improve their own lives and the lives of others and repels the mediocre.

If applicants are not ready or appropriate, we thank them for their time and wish them the best…but we only accept franchisees who are a perfect fit for
our business and vision.

We share our vision with our team. We don’t waste people’s time. We pay our employees above industry norms and offer performance incentives.

Fit Body Boot Camp is the pinnacle of the fitness industry. It’s often been said that it’s as if we took everything negative about the fitness and franchise business industry and we tossed it out the door and started a new kind of fit business. That’s because we did, because we knew it was the only way to make FBBC the dominating force in the fitness industry today.