50 Ways To Recession Proof Your Boot Camp

Guest post by Steve Hochman

My best bud Steve Hochman, is hands down the number one authority on innovative boot camp marketing, systems and tactics.  In fact, as you probably already know, I even partnered with him on one of my biggest projects yet… the Fit Body Boot Camp business model.

(which we’ll be opening up soon)

Check out this guest post from Steve.

I just left Bedros’ office and my cheeks are so sore…

No, not those cheeks!  I meant the ones in my face from laughing so damn hard.

I’ll let you in on a little insider secret about what our typical meetings are like…

ddWe laugh our asses of like 10-year-olds for the first hour, then we take a break and walk to Starbucks – We laugh like idiots all the way there, and all the way back.

Next we sit down to get some “serious” work done, but end up laughing until tears come out for another hour…  Then finally, we actually work for like five minute.

For what ever reason this strategy seems to work so we’re sticking with it.

(Sorry Bedros, the Jig is up lol )

But what’s AMAZING to me is that while the majority of the country’s shuddering and complaining about the stupid “economy” we (and our clients) are doubling – even tripling our income.

So I wanted to share 50 tips I use to “recession proof” my boot camps.

1. Give 10X’s more value than your clients pay for.

2. Have “referral tools” in your arsenal like my little magic plastic gift cards.

3. Use a risk reversal, like try fro free for one week… And 30 day unconditional, no questions asked guarantee.   (By the way, for the one week free, get their CC the first day and tell them should they choose to stay on board then do nothing and you will automatically debit their card in a week)

weapons4. Be able to duplicate and replicate your boot camp.

5. Train people for a year for a small one time fee ($200) in return for them referring you clients (Human Billboard Marketing)

6. Be a “YOU” person, not a “ME” person.

7. Appreciate each one of your clients, EVERY time you see them!

8. Use Auto debit (EFT)

9. Find an indoor facility for your boot camps like a cheer leading or gymnastics facility.

10. Have referral contests and provide referral tools like my magic plastic gift cards.

11. Give half of your clients next month as a referral incentive

dude12. Read the “4 Hour Work Week” by Tim Ferriss

13. Have high energy music at your boot camps (Those indoor facilities above have great systems)

14. Advertise on craigs list daily in the 6 hot spots (Beauty, therapeutic, activities, classes, lessons, and general)

15. Have TONS of testimonials (with pictures!!)

16. Make sure your “city” and “Boot Camp” are in your title tag of your website.

17. Raise your ENERGY!

18. Surround your self with people SMARTER than you.

19. Pick the right team.

20. Learn from those who have DONE what you WANT to do.

21. Give, give, give.

22. Visualize how you will FEEL when you achieve your goals… Now hold onto that feeling all day.

supermanguy23. NEVER have a “complain” based conversation… Have only “SOLUTION” based conversations.

24. Read “Secrets of The Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Ecker

25. Network with tanning salons, hair salons, nutrition stores, chiropractors, massage therapists and estheticians.

26. Position yourself as authority (One easy way is to make little needless corrections with your boot camp members)

27. Spend more time ON your business and less time IN your business.
(On your biz is strategy and marketing, in your biz is training clients and doing paper work)

28. Get a mentor (or two)

Believe in yourself… No matter what.

30. Have “go to” exercises so you can gather your thoughts without looking like you are.

31. Make sure your boot camp members are NEVER standing around.

32. Thank you clients PROFUSLY after each workout.

33. Focus on what your CLIENTS want for themselves, not what YOU want for your clients.  An example that drives me crazy is at 24 hour fitness when a brand new client says she desperately wants to lose weight and the trainer says, “Ok great, let’s work on your BALANCE!!!!” WTF???

34. Text your clients at work… Tell them how great they are and how much you appreciate them… You’ll get most of your referrals from their work.

35. Ask for help… Seriously

36. Take massive action and don’t talk yourself out of it.

37. Read “how to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.

38. Watch the secret

nukem39. Tell your self that you’re a badass… Constantly!

40. Interview people who make 10x’s your income.

41. You have no problems… When a family member is sick or dies, that’s a problem… Otherwise you just have stepping stones.

42. Make fear your bitch… Literally feel the fear and tell it you want to party.

43. Listen to your gut… REALLY LISTEN.  It’s always right.

44. Write down your goals and carry them in your pocket.

45. ** This is a tip I got from Bedros during his “seven figure inner circle” **Plan your day the night before… Do the 5% of stuff that will move your business forward the most. (Bedros calls it the ‘critical few’) and outsource the 95% ‘the trivial many’ to others.

46. Stay in the state of appreciation.

beautifulstevehochman147. Have fun… a lot.

48. Go A.P.E appreciation, passion, and enthusiasm.

49. Use my “Referral Foot Soldier” method – Find 20 sales people on craigslist, supply them with plastic gift cards and pay them $50 for each referral that signs up.  (20 referral foot soldiers X’s 5 referrals a month each = 100 referrals…  100 sign ups X’s $197 = $19,700 per month)  Total outta pocket initial cost = $25 for craigs list classified ad under sales category.

50. Always remember, you’re not training clients, you’re putting on a friggin show.

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