Be My Guest…at Fitness Business Summit 09

Hi, I’m Bedros Keuilian (the guy pictured to the right),

If you’re a fitness professional then you’re going to love this blog post because it’s my most potent and it’s packed with over 60 different and PROVEN ways to get more personal training clients.

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Okay, I’m having a good old fashion give-a-way.

Actually, I’m giving two things away.

Fitness Business Summit 09 is officially SOLD OUT. But I’ve got a little something up my sleeve that will get one more person in for free and give another person an awesome suite for the three day weekend.

Here’s the deal…

If you’re already registered for Fitness Business Summit 09 then you have the opportunity to get MY hotel suite for all three days of the summit.

That’s right, I’m going to give you my suite at the very top of the hotel- a REAL $988 VALUE. You’ll be livin’ LARGE!

(I guess I’ll have to bunk with Steve Hochman since I won’t have a room… but that’s another blog post for another day.)

suiteAND for those who missed out on registering for FBS09, one person is going to have the opportunity to be my guest and get a free VIP all access pass to Fitness Business Summit 09.

You turn to me and my blog for cutting edge fitness marketing and business boosting ideas, tactics, and tips. This time I want YOU to give me (and the thousands reading) YOUR best fitness marketing and business boosting ideas.

I want to make this blog post a really big resource of fitness marketing and business boosting tips generated by YOU.

So I decided to reward the two people with the best personal trainer marketing and business tips.

I’m going to select the two winners.

All you have to do now is two things…

1. In the comment box below let me know if you’re already registered for FBS 09 or if you’re not – this will help me determine which prize to give you.

2. Share your best fitness marketing or business boosting strategy that has helped you grow your fitness business.

I’m going to select the two winners on Friday so leave your best tips down below.