Become a Celebrity Trainer

If you want to quickly grow your personal training business then you need to become a celebrity trainer. I’m going to explain how you can do this – even if you don’t live in Hollywood.

But first allow me to share something NON-fitness business related with you.

About a year ago Mike Mahler got me hooked on kettle bells.

In the mornings I’ll hit the gym and do conventional weight training (mainly compound exercises with super sets). And in the evenings I do interval training that consists of my Vortex pro trainer, kettle bells, and a 71 yard dash uphill on my driveway.

Each of these workouts takes 20-30 minutes. (Here I am working on my Vortex)


Well, three weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mike Boyle at Fitness Business Summit 08. For those of you who don’t know of Coach Boyle, he’s one of the top strength and conditioning coaches out there today.

Anyway, he was kind enough to offer me a membership to his resource site Just last week I decided to look for some new kettle bell workouts so I logged onto strength coach and found some killer articles and routines by Jason Brown, Vince McConnell, and Mike Mahler.

In fact Vince had an awesome program on there that combined the Vortex pro trainer and kettle bells (both of which I have in my garage.)

So I thought I would share this goldmine with you.

If you’re looking for new and innovative ways to spice up your training programs check out Seriously, you’ll find a ton of great content that you can use with your clients the very next day.

Ok, on to this week’s newsletter.

The other day I got a call from a clients who’s in my 12 month mentorship program. He lives in the mid west and while he has substantially grown his personal training business in the last 90 days he’s still having problems positioning himself as the local fitness expert.

My suggestion to him was why not train people who have influence with the local media and the public in general. They’ll win you credibility and publicity if you play you cards right.

This goes for you too.

It does not matter where you live – you can train celebrities. At least local celebrities and really boost your business by getting them to endorse you to their circle of influence and in the local media.

Think about the guy who owns a chain of restaurants in your city, or the local radio personality, or the guys that owns the car dealership or the CEO of the anchor business in the community, or how about the mayor and his wife?

These are all people who have serious influence and their “success story” would get gobbled up by the local media.

So think outside the box. Train local celebrities. They’re all around you and I bet every single one of them could afford to lose a few unwanted pounds.