The Success Formula

During this last week I received two particular emails that really confirmed to me that success is a decision and requires action.

It’s more than just buying information products and hoping that they magically transform your life or business and it’s certainly more than just lip service – we all know people who talk about it and never achieve it, right?

The best way to explain what I’m talking about is to share the two emails that I received with you. (Emails below posted with permission.)

Here’s the first email:

Hey Bedros

This is Jonas Deffes from New Orleans,

I just wanted to check in with you and let you know I feel like it’s an honor to see myself on your testimonial page for The Art Of Selling Fitness and to be associated with an amazing product.

Your system (The PT Business Course) has skyrocketed my business even further since the last time I wrote you, I’m making close to $8k a month and I plan on making $10K in Feb.!

– Jonas Deffes

Rebuilding New Orleans one rep. at a time.

Here’s the second email I received just two days ago:

Dear Bedros,

When I decided to write this email to you 10 days ago it was to say that I would not be able to attend FBS08 as I have paid out so much in bills, was broke and haven’t seen 50% of my clients because of the super flu bug that swept the UK in December.

Stress and panic set in and that old self destructive Ian came back to haunt me. It was bad!

As I was contemplating if personal training was for me and if I could really make it work in the area I live. The Art of Selling Fitness (PT Business Course) Cds caught my eye from across the room. I thought; I need help I will listen to them again and see if it helps.

As I listened I thought about our talk at the FBS07 and it motivated me and inspired me along with the cds to try again and be more enthusiastic about my work and to be positive.

The result; I have just sold three 6 month programs of personal training worth £3000 approx.($5985) in 10 days and have four more prospects to see this week. Plus I got 40% of my regular clients back in the gym.

Thanks again Bedros I can’t wait to get out to the US and buy you a beer and thank you properly.

Best Regards Ian (UK)

Here’s the deal. Jonas virtually had to start over after hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. And Ian, well, he said it best. He had programmed himself to self sabotage and self-destruct every time a good opportunity was presented to him.

You’d be surprised how many people are like that. Maybe even you. Think about it

So what changed for these two guys?

Both made the decision to become successful and then they took action – massive action. I’m not talking about kinda making an effort, or just going through the motions or even “thinking about it

I’m talking about making a decision, changing the way to think, and taking serious action until you get what you want!