34 Ways To Get More Personal Training Clients

successful1Honestly I could have headlined this post 34 ways to get more boot camp clients… but I had to pick something so I went with 34 ways to get more personal training clients.

But don’t let that fool you… if you run fitness boot camps these client getting tactics will practically fill up your boot camps almost overnight.

The other day someone facedbooked me this question: “What’s the best way to get more clients” and that kinda opened up a can of worms.

For me, unless I’m missing something (and I doubt it), there is no “magic bullet” for getting a ton of clients.

Sure there are some killer ways to get a flood of clients in at once. And some work better than others…

… but for the most part it’s about having may poles in the water.

And any “guru” that tells you they have the “magic bullet” is most likely after one things… YOUR MONEY.

So without further ado, here are 34 ways to get more personal training clients.

1. Be passionate, enthusiastic, likable and keep your energy high. I once did a survey when I had over 50 trainers working for me. I asked their clients what they liked most in a personal trainer. The majority came back with passion, enthusiasm, likability, and energy.

2. Make giving referrals a condition of doing business with you. Ask for them, reward your clients when they give them and give them a lot of praise in front of the other clients.

3. Always run new promotions that offers a lost cost and shorter time commitment entry into your funnel. Use my 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Program, or 14 day abs and buns program or a 7 day flat tummy program. Then convert these clients into regular ongoing clients.

4. Do some dialing for dollars once a month. Hit the phones and reactive former clients. Make them special offers.mathew

5. Get yourself AT LEAST 21 human billboards – train them for free – in exchange for referrals.

6. Do weekly grocery store tours, educate the public, and then present them a low barrier offer into your program.
7. Schedule at least one “lunch and learn” for local businesses with ten or more employees. Give them 20 minutes of content, 10 minutes of Q and A and then make them an irresistible offer.

8. Give all new clients a certificate to bring a friend along the first week. Easy referrals and conversion.

9. Get all your clients and campers on EFT (Auto Debit). This may not be a client GETTING system but it’s one of the best client KEEPING systems I know.

10. Market on Craigslist in these sections, several times a day: Services – Lessons & Tutoring, Beauty Services, Therapeutic, Community – General. Here’s the formula to use.

11. Get belly to belly and commit to talking to at least 10 people a day.

12. Give away $1 for one week trials and then give your clients the BEST experience they’ve ever had in that week.

13. Network with these businesses. BUT don’t ask for referrals yet. You gotta give to get. Tanning solon, hair solon, day spa, nail solon, dress shop, day care, and chiropractors. This is one of the most overlooked fitness marketing tactics.

14. Lead box local businesses who cater to your perspective clients and then offer the business owner/manager free access to your services. Shoot to get 30 lead boxes out into the community. Learn more about lead box marketing here.

15. Buy the top spots on google, yahoo and bing. Bid on specific key words and phrases that your market place searches. And be sure that the page you’re sending traffic to has a solid lead capture system in place.

15.5 Dominate the search engines and get your site to the top of google. I suggest reading this post on SEO domination.

16. Run an annual biggest loser content like my coaching clients 7 figure Sam. Get the community involved, then reward the top ten contenders. Here’s how Sam does it.

17. Build a huge responsive email list of clients, prospects, and former clients and deliver killer content to them while making killer offers.email-marketing-concept

18. Suck out clients from Facebook Ads that target your SPACIFIC while keeping your ads as relevant to the target audience as possible.


19. Use the Fit Body Boot Camp plastic referral card method to increase referral generation by 1200%.

20. Mail targeted two-step postcards to your community.

21. Craft a killer website packed with social proof, a killer lead gen, a strong headline, and catered to a target market. Here’s who I recommend to my coaching clients.

22. Drive around in a one-ton billboard. Wrap your car and get a LOT of attention.

23. Use your blog as a place to educate, incubate, and convert prospects into paying clients.

24. Craft scripts for everything. A phone script. A face to face script. A sales script. Dealing with objections scripts. NEVER “wing it”.

25. Use the Steve Hochman text message appreciation system. Basically text your clients an awesome message everyday and pump them up. They’ll tell their friends and you’ll get more clients.

26. Reprogram your subconscious mind for success. Every morning and each night before going to bed visualize what you want your business to look like in 12 month. Be specific and your subconscious will help you get there faster.client-magnet

27. Use the Keuilian method. Focus on your critical five percent and outsource the trivial 95%.

28. Give to get. Send your best clients unannounced gifts – just because.

29. Consult your client council. Ask your best clients what they want from a fitness program. Find out what they feel is missing and make it happen.

30. Write articles for local magazines and publications. Give your best info away for free and position yourself as the local fitness and fat loss guru.

31. Do the things that others wont do. Overcome your fears, doubts, and limitations and take massive action.

32. Don’t live by other people’s values. Set your own values and expectations of your business and meet them.

33. Get my PT Business Course and get the most cutting edge, “what’s working now” client getting systems and tactics delivered right to your door each month.

34. Be a master closer. All the marketing in the world means nothing if you can’t convert prospects into paying clients.


There it is… 34 ways to get more personal training clients and to take your fitness business to the next level.
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Rock on!