Joe Polish Spills the Beans on Getting More Personal Training Clients

joepolish1I’m sitting at the home of one of the biggest pick up artists in the world right now writing you this message.

If you’ve ever read ” The Game” then you’d know who this guy is.

Ten feet across from me our production crew is setting up lights and stuff and in just a few minutes we’ll be interviewing this “pick up artist” for ‘Add To Cart’ documentary.

I’ve never made a film before and for that mater neither as my partner in crime Chris McCombs. But that’s not going to stop us from creating the most compelling documentary to hit Sundance in over a decade.

It’s kinda trippy…

One day we’re interviewing top internet marketers, the next day we’re sitting across from pick up artists, and the day after we’re flying to the other side of the country to interview yet another colorful character who’s making a killing online.

I guess what I’m saying is if you have a passion project, idea, or something way out of your comfort level that you want to do- don’t just think about.

Get out there and do it and the answers will come.

Just a couple of days ago we were hanging out with one of the coolest direct response marketers in the world, Joe Polish. He’s the guy behind the MEGA success of Bill Philips several years ago.

Before the interview we went to RA sushi for some lunch and thankfully I had my Flip Cam with me because not only did I capture Joe Polish sharing killer fitness marketing tips.

But I also caught Chris McCombs trying to take a giant restaurant patio umbrella home… Ha Ha.  By the way, make sure to watch the video all the way through because you’re going to see Chris and Joe do something hilarious.

See for yourself in the video below…

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