How to Get Personal Training Clients From Google and YouTube

I love shortcuts. I love figuring out faster, better, and more effective ways for doing things and getting better results.

Getting clients for your personal training or fitness boot camp business isn’t rocket science.

In fact, in I teach pretty much every client getting tactic on the planet in my personal trainer business course (it’s like the hand book for taking your business to multiple six figures).

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of emails and Facebook questions from fitness trainers who want to know to get their website on top of the search engines and suck out a ton of traffic from google.

Apparently there a lot of information that there that make it sound like figuring out search engine optimization and getting your site ranked is difficult or takes some kind of black hat secret.

It’s actually not. IN FACT, IT’S PRETTY EASY.

There’s a bunch of ways to get your site on top of the search engines. And some ways are more complicated and take longer than others.

Like I said, I love taking and teaching shortcuts and getting the results that I want faster.

To me it’s like this: You could either do leg extensions and curls forever to build up your legs (good luck!) Or you can do squats and lunges and get the results (WAY BETTER RESULTS IN 1/10TH THE TIME).

It’s a no brainer, right?

So while writing tons of articles, blog posts, and then building incoming links and waiting for months to MAYBE end up on the bottom of the first page of google works. I’m gonna teach you how to get on TOP of google faster and increase the chance of getting your link clicked on by like ten fold.

I call it the: “Google Owns YouTube and Wants To Rank Relevant You Tube Videos REALLY High On Page One” SEO method.

Crafty name right? 🙂

So check this out, because it’s the shortcut that you were looking for and it’s gonna free you from the long, boring, complicated and confusing article writing, submitting, link building torture. (although if you can outsource that to a reliable assistant or service it can only help).

Do this first: Figure out your keywords by using google’s really cool keyword tool.

Let’s say that you have ten keyword or phrases that people search for most on google to find your personal training website. Make a list of these.

Then go to YouTube and create accounts ten Youtube accounts/channels, using each keyword or phrase as the username / channel name for each account.

*** If you’re keyword or phrase is too long and can’t be used as an account name then don’t sweat it, just name it a different account name.

Next, you’re gonna want to take your iphone or flip cam and create ten, 2-3 minutes training or nutrition videos.

*** Here’s another killer tip for you. At the end of each video give a call to action like: “I hope you got a lot from these fat loss tips. Be sure to click the link below and check out my blog (or site) for more ideas, tips, and tactics for fitness and fat loss.

Here’s a BIG SECRET for you. When you save these video files on your computer, be sure to name each file after one of your keywords.

So if two of my keywords were: Personal Trainer Chino Hills and Chino Hills Personal Trainer then I’d name one of the video files on my computer Personal Trainer Chino Hills and the other Chino Hills Personal Trainer.

Got that, right?

Next thing you’re gonna do is upload the right video to the right YouTube account you created and then name the video and make sure your keyword is in there.

So in the example above, I’d name the video: Chino Hills Personal Trainer Reveals Fat Loss Tips.

Then you’re gonna ad ONLY that one keyword or phrase into the “tags” or keyword section of the video. Don’t make the mistake of dumping all your keywords into one video because you’re gonna confuse google and dilute the keyword juice.

And then you’re gonna put the URL of your site in the video description box first and then write a short description and fire your keyword or phrase in the description box too.

Once you do that, hit “save” and you’re good to go.

But there’s one more little thing to do to get google to rank you up on top. Fire a few incoming links to each of your videos. This part is pretty quick and easy.

You can write a 100 word article for each keyword, then anchor link each keyword and point it to the appropriate YouTube video you just made. Be sure backdate your 100 word articles so it doesn’t look goofy sitting on the front page of your blog.


It should look something like this for each of your keywords

The you’ll want to go to Ezine Articles and and submit a different article to each one with an incoming anchored link going to each YouTube video you made.

All this is actually pretty easy. And the article writing can be outsourced to or
So, you’re probably wondering how this method that I just taught you works for ranking you on top of google.

It’s simple really. Google’s job is to categorize the information of the world. I think that’s actually their mission statement.

So what google does is it crawls all these different sites across the web and by seeking out keyword on each site, and looking at the incoming links for each site and a host of other algorithmic stuff that’s way over my head (and really who cares anyway) they decide which sites should rank where.

But the big problem is that google can’t read videos. It can only read written text. So when they see a dedicated Youtube channel for a keyword, and see  that the video file name is that keyword, and that the video name, “tag” and description have that keyword and there’s incoming links to that video then google comes to the natural conclusion that this video is VERY relevant to the keyword or phrase being searched for and therefore ranks the thumbnail of that video up high up on the search results page.

And when you have a choice between a text link or video thumbnail on google’s search results, you’re most likely going to click the video thumbnail.

Check out the screen shot below. See how I have a text link ranking on the first page of google AND the video thumbnail (of Steve Hochman) for my keyword phrase: “Personal Trainer Marketing”.

And that’s personal trainer marketing SEO made easy (and way less boring, complicated, and time consuming).

Drop me a comment below and let me know what you think.