How I Went from NFL Lineman to Out-of-Shape Ex-Athlete to Kettlebell Boot Camp Superstar in 8 Years

Guest Post by Forest Vance

Eight years ago – in the fall of 2005, I was an out-of-work pro football player, out of shape, 64 pounds overweight and sleeping on my friend’s couch.

Just a few months before, I had been in an NFL training camp mixing it up with many of the stars you see on TV today.

But there I was, with no real direction in my life, feeling bad about myself, out of shape, and – believe it or not – dead broke (that’s a story for another day ;)).fat-forest-115x300

One day, I saw a picture of myself and decided that enough was enough. That it was time to make a change. In just eight years, I’ve gone on to:

– Lose 64 pounds
– Start a career as a personal trainer at a “big box” gym
– Get my Master’s Degree in Human Movement
– Start an independent personal training business (with limited success)
– Open a group training center of my own (with more success)
– Build my group training center to the multiple six-figure annual PROFIT level (with the help of Bedros’ products and training programs and my kettlebell boot camp workout system!)

I want to talk to you today specifically about my kettlebell boot camp workouts – and to give you one to try with your clients/campers – but first, just a bit more about my personal story and how I got to where I am today …

Back in my football days, I was in top shape. After a great college career and “a cup of coffee” in the NFL, it was time to move on. The transition was pretty smooth except from a personal fitness standpoint.

Long story short, I ended up at about 310 pounds.

I remember feeling so freaking fat, so out of shape, and different from my former athletic self that it was just flat-out depressing.

I saw a picture of myself in the mirror one day, and decided that enough was enough. So, I started on an intense workout and diet plan – and lost 64 pounds over the next 7 months.

Now, when I first started my weight loss journey, my #1 goal was weight loss. So, I knew I needed to design my workouts around that goal.

BUT – the main focus of my workouts up to that point in time had been performance. That is, I wasn’t just training for weight loss or to lose a certain number of inches every time I hit the gym, it was to put a few more pounds on the squat bar, or add a couple reps to the bench press.

This PERFORMANCE based concept of doing a few more reps of push ups or squats in a certain amount of time, etc. is what really accelerated my results, and is what helped me actually make progress and eventually reach my weight loss goal in a fun and enjoyable way.

This performance based idea has become a big part of the boot camp workouts I design now and has since been melded with the kettlebell, a training tool I am super passionate about.

These kettlebell boot camp workouts – along with business tips and knowledge and coaching from Bedros – I am convinced is what has led me to the success I’m having today.

*** I think that this is a great time to talk about the importance of business knowledge and coaching in the success of my group training center. Although KB workouts are a huge part of it, so is the marketing and sales and BUSINESS knowledge I have acquired over the last few years.

I have studied Bedros’ blog and emails, purchased his products, attended his live events, and recently joined his mastermind – and it has been of HUGE value in building my business. There is no possible way I would be where I am today without all of this.

Unique workouts, personality, and energy etc. is something you alone can bring to the table – and is a huge factor in the success of your business – but without sales, marketing, and business knowledge – and the ability and willingness to DO something with it – you won’t go very far.

Now back to the kettlebell boot camp workouts! 😉 ***

Sample Kettlebell Cardio Strength Training Boot Camp Workout

Today’s workout is organized into three different circuits … the first four moves make up circuit one, the second four circuit two, and the third four circuit three.

The easiest way to organize this workout in a boot camp setting – and to best utilize kettlebells and other training tools you have on hand – would be to organize your campers into three groups.

Group one starts on circuit one, group two on circuit two, and group three on circuit three. Each group would complete the full four rounds of the circuit before moving to the next one.

601491_10201234931968827_1542367916_nIf you’re really stretched for kettlebell availability, etc., you can even have each group rotate “within itself”. So, if you had eight campers per group, a total of 24… you’d have two people at each exercise “station” within their group… and you’d rotate through the four exercises in each circuit station. This would keep everyone organized, while also needing the least amount of kettlebells possible 🙂

Each exercise is to be done for 45 seconds of work, and you are to take 15 seconds of rest between movements.

Repeat each full four exercise rotation four times before resting about 60 seconds and moving on to the next one.

Circuit 1

– Lying hip bridge (lying on the back with the knees bent and feet underneath the knees, drive the Hips towards the sky)
– Single leg reverse lunge (45 seconds each side; two sets total each side)
– Half kneeling press (use two KB’s for this one… simply do your presses from kneeling – – bottom of a lunge – position)
– One arm KB row (45 seconds each side; two sets total each side)

Circuit 2

– Two hand KB swing
– Body weight squat, as fast as possible with perfect form
– Standing overhead press with two KB’s
– “Imaginary” renegade row (done from a pushup position, with no added weight… pretend like you are rowing a weight up towards the shoulder with each rep and resist body rotation)

Circuit 3

– Alternating forward lunge, add weight if needed (switch sides each rep)
– Walking alternating see saw press with two KB’s
– Two KB deadlift
– Single arm swings (half time on each side)

I know you’ve heard a whole lot about kettlebell training. Maybe you’ve even tried it for yourself or for your clients. If you weren’t absolutely thrilled with the results, there’s a good chance that no one ever taught you the RIGHT way to use this type of training.

Once you start using kettlebell training CORRECTLY in your boot camps, your clients are going to start getting fantastic results. They’ll eagerly join every boot camp program you offer. And they’ll tell their friends that you’re the one responsible for their new leaner bodies.

These killer kettlebell boot camp workouts – along with business-building knowledge and resources from Bedros – is all you need to kick ass and build a multiple six-figure boot camp of your own!

Thanks for reading and train hard –

– Forest Vance, MS, RKC

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