How to Kick Ass Like a Donkey

Hey Bedros here,

Hope you’re good that your fitness business is rock’in! In about an hour I’ll be on a plane with the family on our way to Seattle for a week to hang with family for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Now I know what you’re thinking…. you want the page to sign up for the 21 Day Fitness Business Makeover Mastermind taking place at the HQ in January. We’ve been getting a ton of calls and emails asking about it since it’s such a bad ass rapid business development and coaching program designed to give you super fast results…and its limited to only six people per mastermind. But you’re gonna have to wait a bit longer…

Just hang in there. I’ll be getting that page up really soon. In the mean time you can learn about it here and get the dates for the two weekends I’m running this life and business changing mastermind.


As you’ve probably heard by now, last weekend Steve Hochman and I ran the Fit Body Boot Camp “Operation Domination” mastermind in San Diego, CA and it was nothing short of AMAZING and MAGICAL.

Steve Hochman talking high level Mega Mindset stuff with the FBBC group

AMAZING, becuase the information and boot camp building tactics that Steve and I shared were the most cutting edge, “what’s working now”, proven and in-the-trenches tested systems and strategies for building a multiple boot camp business. And we made the entire thing as easy making cake from a box.

MAGICAL, becuase the fitness trainers there were frantically taking notes, writing down action steps and were super pumped to get home and blow it up. It’s like Fit Body Boot Camp ONLY attracts the most awesome fitness pros in the world – the 1% of the action takers who have passion, are driven, and are purpose driven.

One couple there, Cara and John Eckerman (Fit Body Boot Camp Houston) literally went home and sold $9,000 in boot camps the very next day.

Here’s how, in here own words…

Hi, my name is Cara Eckerman Former teacher/ nanny turned Houston Fit Body  Bootcamp owner who is making multiple six figures working Less than 5 hours a day!

My husband John and I work together solely on Fit Body since he took the plunge and left his personal training job working for “the man” trading dollars for hours. Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against “the man” i just don’t want myself or my husband working for him.

Anyhow, ON TO WORLD DOMINATION, which is what this past weekends FBBC mastermind was all about, and ironically named , and rightfully so. Over 60 action taking Fit Body Boot Camp owners from around the globe gathered to plot our eminent plan for domination!!

I laughed more than I ever have at any comedy show (something about Bedros’ strength and Steves “organic” method to cure a certain ailment, you’ll have to ask them about it if you ever see them in person 😉 ) and made some pretty amazing friends.

FBBC "Operation Domination" Mastermind peeps

See, it can be kind of lonely when even your family cannot understand what you do for a living, so just hanging with like minded successful people was well worth the trip. Oh, by the way, we came home and had a 9K day just by Implementing ONE of the things we learned! 🙂

Here’s the situation, I’ve been in the fitness biz less than a year, eight months to be exact, and I make close to $20,000 a month now. That’s more than what 95% of the “seasoned” trainers make in the industry, and it’s becuase I found short cuts to success, and I’m going to tell you about them here in this post.

I don’t know everything (and reality check you don’t either. Even 7 figure Sam was there at the FBBC mastermind  furiously writing notes, enough said) so I’m extremely grateful for these masterminds! Just by taking action on one thing you can totally catapult your business to hella awesomeness.

So I’d like to share my big take-a-ways from this weekends past mastermind but ONLY to those who are going to act!

So please STOP reading  If you are NOT interested in helping more people, making more money and dominating your area.

-Visualization: picture your success, what your ideal life looks like to you. literally live your life as if it has already happened.. Stop wanting “things”. Live as if you already possess them.

– Bonus it up!: bulk up your bootcamp offering with TONS of bonuses. FREE Meal plans, designer jeans for those who sign for and graduate a year contract, FREE Saturday bootcamps, nutrition conference calls etc. ADD killer value to your program. People buy because of these benefits.

-Midset: you are the most BAD friggin ASS bootcamp around.. Walk like it, talk like it and remember it!!  You are the BEST! Everyone wants to hang with best.

– Sell: this is how we made 9k the day after we got home from the mastermind, crazy because this is one thing we haven’t been doing. Bedros gave a killer step by step method to sell practicly anyone on boot camps without being a pushy salesman like person. Our $1,500 trip to San Diego paid for itself 10 fold the first day back.

-Be a force of authority, enthusiastic as hell, and sharp as a tack. Enough said.

-Step out from behind the computer! Its easy to facebook and email all day and think that you’re doing productive work. Bedros calls this FALSE SENSE OF PRODUCTIVITY. Get out there and talk to people, go into businesses, build relationships, get human billboards, and be willing to deal with rejection. Because guess what? Success is NOT easy. And that’s natures ways of weeding out the weak. Money and success are attracted to speed, action and chaos! So take action NOW!

-ABLB: always be list building! Lists are crucial for every aspect of your business. Just drill that into your mind now.

-GO APE. Every successful bootcamp owner at the FBBC mastermind had the most crazy energy and enthusiasm!! You have to bring that every single day to your business and THIS one thing alone can get you to six figures quick! Trust me, it’s what brings me referrals DAILY. So as Steve says “be cool and have swagger” and go APE (Appreciation, Passion, Energy).

LASTLY, but most importantly, DO what Bedros and Steve tell you! This was one commonality amongst all the successful peeps this weekend. If They say get 50 lead boxes out, be like Nike and ” just do it”, they tell us these things because they work. They test out EVERY client getting strategy and tactic before sharing it with you so if they’re telling you to do something, it’s becuase it works.

The beautiful and HIGH ENERGY Cara... Whoop Whoop!

So if you’re reading this post I’m going to assume you’re ready to crush it with your bootcamp or you already are! Whatever the case is make sure that whenever the next mastermind is that you’ll be there (if you’re a FBBC owner), otherwise you’ll need to find a way to get coaching from Bedros through his coaching program or join any one of his mastermind groups… if they’re open.

Thank you Bedros and Steve for hosting last weekends super fab mastermind! It was an honor to hang with you guys and our FBBC family. I think We will just leave our bags packed because we cannot wait for the next one!

Cara Eckerman brings the energy to every camp she teaches and along with her awesome husband John they run Fit Body Boot Camp Houston.

I want know what you think about this post. Leave me a comment below 😉