30 Random Pictures From My iPhone

I spent the last few days in Las Vegas along with Craig Ballantyne working with out 100K Fitness Info Mastermind group. These are 31 highly driven fitness pros who are taking their fitness knowledge and making info products and offering them online (such as ebooks, follow along DVDs, and membership sites) for folks seeking fitness and fat loss solutions.

From time to time Craig and I invite some of our friends who are info and internet marketers to the meeting to drop some knowledge. This time we had a trifecta of guests drop by. First, we had John Romaniello, creator of Final Phase Fat Loss teaching many of his high level tactics for building a deep bond with his “tribe”.

And Frank Kern and Kevin Nations hung out all weekend and taught some cool stuff too, like how to craft emails that sell, shortcuts to selling info products online, and how to always over deliver in value and position yourself as the expert in your niche.

As you can see in the picture below Josh decided to help out Frank with his talk…

Of course, being Vegas and all, the evenings we’re spent partaking in good times and hijinks that only Vegas can offer. I’ll just leave it to your imagination from there =)

Now, before I delve into this blog post, I want to give props to a few of the super achievers in our info mastermind group…

For example, Dustin Maher, he’s “America’s trainer to moms” and is totally killing it in that Niche. When he joined the group a couple years ago he was doing about $8K a month, today he’s doing well over $60K a month, has a HUGE following of moms, and in fact in only two weeks built a Facebook fan page of over 100,000 moms!

Then there’s Sara Sutherland Dean, she launched a product (fitness for new mommies) to her tiny list of 152 people and sold over 50 copies of her ebook, AND then got a 75% take rate on her up sell!

And big props to Rob King for having his first $1000 day. That’s a huge milestone in the info marketing biz.

Then there’s Yuri Elkaim, he’s adding up to 100 new leads per day to his email list WITHOUT any help from Google or “traditional” lead generation stuff. His business online info business has never been better.

And how about Josh Carter, who joined the group, created the Facebook Funnel that teaches fitness trainers how to craft killer ads and get tons of leads from Facebook… he did over $30K in his first launch (in like a week).

Really proud of these guys and gals… way to go!

Now, there’s only one reason for this post… to have fun…

See, I was going through the 3,551 pictures and videos I have on my iPhone and doing a bunch of deleting and saving of pics (to my hard drive) when thought it would be fun to showcase 30 random pictures from my iPhone here on my blog.

While these picture won’t give you any business advice… they might give you a little insight into me (whether good or bad) and it just might give you a laugh, which is really all I hope to accomplish from this post 🙂

Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed putting them up.

This is Driver Dave, whenever I’m in Las Vegas running a workshop or mastermind, the Bellagio hotel sends him out to pic me up in a limo. Funny story for ya, the first time I saw him waiting for me I actually ditched him and caught a cab to Bellagio.

I just felt weird getting picked up that way from the airport. As it turns out he got in major trouble for missing me (when it was actually my fault). Since then I’ve gotten better about having a driver when I’m out in Vegas and Driver Dave and I have become friends (he’s a big party animal).

This next picture is of my father and my daughter Chloe. You may rememeber that last year I purchased a pigmy goat completely on impulse. I thought it would be a great gift for Chloe and Andrew.

As it turns out baby goats are VERY HIGH MAINTENANCE and require bottle feeding like six times a day. Needless to say the Crew the goat didn’t work out and we found him a perfect place to call home at the local petting zoo right down the street where Andrew and Chloe get to visit him often.

Now, as you can imagine, being a highly visable online celebrity and all I have a LOT of fans…

… well, two fans really. This is Yoko, Steve Hochman’s mother-in-law and the founder of the Bedros Keuilian fan club…

…And this guy here is my other fan… between he and Yoko my online fan club members only forum is buzzing (imagine the sound that one cricket would make on a dark and lonely night)

Speaking of the 100K Fitness Info Mastermind group… here’s a candid picture that was taken of me and Craig this past weekend looking at the screen and critiquing a blog design and opt in for one of our mastermind members.


Here’s a picture that I took of my beautiful daughter Chloe when she was just learning to sit up. This is by far one of the most precious picture that I have of her. Just love those chunky cheeks.

Here she is today hamming it up with her beer (bong) goggles…lol 🙂

Last year, when Andrew turned four I started to take him to the gym with me on some weekends. Now that he’s five he’s actually got a pretty good routine going.

His workout are simple really… they last about nine minutes and they go something like this: Prisoner squats, to push ups, to 5lbs dumbbell curls, to dumbbell side laterals, to cable row (which is what he’s doing in the picture below) to balancing on the bosu ball. He does what I call instinctive training… no specific sets, reps, or rest period. A total athlete!

Here’s Andrew (who was totally fascinated) as we go through the Panama Canal during our Panama and Costa Rica cruise.

Now this next picture is C-R-A-Z-Y. Imagine going to grandma’s house to drop of your kids for a few hours so you can go out and catch a movie. Now imagine as you’re standing there on the sidewalk about to walk on over to the front gate of gandma’s house a car loses control, jumps the curb and goes crashing through the gate.

And the only thing that stopped the car from crashing into the house was a Sago palm.

While we’re on the topic of cars… I’m into fast cars that perform well. I’ll take a speed over leather, torque over luxury, and performance handling over gas mileage. This here is my 64 Shelby Cobra replica (first American car to win the Le Mans race). In this picture is being displayed at Joe Polish’s mega seminar. It’s loud, light, fast and what you see there is a REAL wooden steering wheel.

This Lambo Gallardo was fast and it turned heads. I liked the fact that it was fast… I say it WAS fast for a reason… I’ll show you why in just a second.

Like I was say’in… the Gallardo WAS fast, but once I got into the Nissan GT-R I was blown away, so much so that I’m actually considering buying another GT-R and keeping it stock. While mine is not stock – currently running higher boost, 1000CC injectors, cold air intake, full exhaust, high flow cats, and down pipes, and custom tune with reprogrammed launch mode (for non car folk, just assume its SUPER DUPER fast) and doing 0-60 in the high two seconds. Here’s the GT-R and Steve’s Grand Sport parked in front of the HQ.

These days this is what’s in the stable… a nice combo of speed, comfort and class, and practicality.

While still on the topic of cars….

Then there’s the rental car I crashed into a phone pole while out in Maui with the family last July. BUT the only reason I hit the phone pole was becuase I was trying to avoid a tree. There is a lesson to be learned from this blog post. ALWAYS buy the insurance they offer. Otherwise you’ll find yourself trying to fix a bent fender and passenger side door by doing this…

Maui was a blast. A lot of time was spent on the beaches, in the water, and shopping on Front street.

In fact, one day while out shopping at Whalers Village we saw a double rainbow (something that I didn’t even know existed). One of the coolest things to see in person.(Look just above the really bright rainbow and you’ll see the second one that’s much lighter in color.

The month before this Maui trip I decided (on a whim) to run a marathon with my wife – who regularly runs marathons and makes them look easy. I was inspired by Craig Ballantyne when at one of our masterminds he stood up in front of the room, stared every mastermind member in the eyes and said CUT ALL YOUR DEADLINES IN HALF… and so I did… having never ran more than half a mile in my life, I trained for and ran the San Diego Rock’n Roll marathon (26.2 miles) in only six and a half weeks.


But gratifying.

And putting in all those miles got me down to a shredded 216 pounds…

And here I am now at 236 lbs and feeling more like myself. I actually feel better overall at 236 and strong.

Here I am at the Tone It Up girls beach house party celebrating their new follow along workout DVDs they put out with Jane Fonda (available at Target).

But it’s not all fun and games… here we are at the grand opening party of Cara and John Eckerman’s Fit Body Boot Camp where they asked Me and Steve to cut the ribbon.


The scissors didn’t work so well, and so we had to resort to plan B to cut the ribbin.

Speaking of Steve.

Terrorist Watermelon Before….

Terrorist Watermelon After…

I’ve been traveling a bit more these days with my mastermind groups. And when I do, I always seem to find a coffee shop where I can plant myself and get some work done for a couple hours.

Here’s a picture I took while flying over Mt. Rainer in Washington. Check out how it’s peaking up above the clouds.I think the top of the mountain is like 14,000 or so feet.

Clearly this wasn’t taken with my iphone. But it was emailed to me by my doc and I thought the clarity of this xray was so impressive. You can actually see the screws in my knee from my reconstruction surgery. Wanted to make sure things were still being held together after the marathon lol 🙂

Now this one of one of my favorite pictures of all. Marilyn (my awesome, but sometimes crusty assistant) got mouthy and I kicked her out into the parking lot for the day. Had to keep her close to the building so she could still ride off the WiFi and get her work done. Take that MG! =)

And finally… the picture that encapsulates the times… Chloe is showing me the picture she just took of me with her iPhone, as I snap of a picture of her with mine.

Thanks for taking a walk with me down memory lane. Hope it was as fun and entertaining for you to read and see as it was for me to post. Whether you like cars, traveling or impulsively buying a pygmy goat, I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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