21 Day Business Makeover

Hey Bedros here 🙂

I’ve been getting a ton of emails, Facebook messages, and calls to the office about my “21 Day Fitness Business Makeover”. Good things my assistant Bryn handles my Facebook account, and Marilyn and Franny take the calls in at the HQ and intercept my emails.


At the bottom of this blog post I give you all the particulars about the program, how it works, what it costs, why the results come so quickly, and how you can be one of the six to get in on it.

But this morning I woke up to this text message.

Apparently someone figured out how to get around my army of assistants (gatekeepers).

This dude’s very determined to get in on my 21 Day Business Makeover mastermind. And you know what? Good for him!

He’s the kind of fitness professional who I love working with. I’m guessing he spent a lot of time searching out my number just to text me.

** NOTE ** PLEASE don’t do the same and search out my number to text or call me for the hell of it. That would be pretty uncool. I like my privacy just like you do. Plus my numbers reserved for friends, family and mastermind coaching clients.

And while I often showboat (tongue and cheek) about all the fitness trainers that I’ve helped achieve seven figures (like “7 Figure” Sam Bakhtiar, Cabel McElderry, and Samantha Taylor) just to name a few and the boatloads of fitness trainers who I’ve helped reach multiple six figures, and the hundreds (or maybe thousands) that I’ve helped hit their first $100K… the truth is every single one of them did it not becuase of me, but becuase they are driven, determined, action takers who have a burning desire to achieve their goals and all they needed was someone like me who can give them a clear cut, step-by-step game plan and accountability.

And those are the types of people that I love working with. And those are the types of trainers in my 7 Figure Formula Mastermind group and in mine and Craig Ballantyne’s Fitness Info Mastermind group.

In fact one such action taker is Ian Hart, he just joined our Info Mastermind group and about three weeks ago attended his first mastermind. Here are three tips that he’s got for you to help you get what you want from your personal training or boot camp business.

Hey, my name is Ian Hart. I am a fitness professional and owner of a relatively new (1yr 3-month old) bite-sized training studio (just under 1400 sq. feet), in a small town in South Carolina (http://www.beaufortpersonaltraining.com/)  Before I get into the nuts a bolts of how I became successful, I am going to tell you a quick back story.

I was working as a personal training manager for one of the large corporate chain gyms in NYC. I had the comfort of a steady paycheck, I didn’t have to train a million clients a day, I was being looked at as a future regional manager; life was good. But guess what? I wasn’t satisfied. I thought to myself I can do better solo. Why should I make all this money for this training department, when I can do it on my own? So I left the comfort of the corporate teat that I was suckling on in the WORST economy in 80 years!! Imagine that! Am I nut job? A lot of people thought so, but not me. Oh no, I am completely sane (at least I thought so).

As it turns out, I was a little bit crazy for doing this and here is why? I had no traffic generating, marketing and client getting tactics. If I only knew what I am about to share when I was working as a manager at the corporate gyms, or when I was just doing personal training, not only would I have done a million times better back then, but it would have made my transition into my own business completely painless. But desperation is the mother of all motivators. It turns out a nut-less monkey could have done my job at the corporate gym I was working at. They already had a magical formula: Great marketing tactics, traffic generation and a massive place to train, the last gym I managed had about 3000 members, all I had to do was close the deal. The hardest part was all done for me, I just sat in the gym and picked up people who wanted to train. Pretty easy, right?

Anyway, I opened up my first space which was actually 700 square feet (I was used to 25000 sq. ft) with no clue about marketing or generating MASSIVE amounts of traffic. I just thought, why are people not coming to train with me? I am expert trainer, everyone should just float over to me like a cartoon character smelling a scrumptious apple pie sitting on the window sill. So I got desperate. I searched the Internet looking for the solution, and bingo, I found it! Sort of… I came across Bedros’ sight and thought, can this guy really have the solution? He seems cool and all, but he’s is a college drop out and couldn’t even pass the ACE cert until the 3rd attempt. Anyway, so I checked out his blog – the one your reading now and got sucked in…

I started with a lower-cost product Close Clients so I wouldn’t risk too much if he was a total fake… plus he had a money back guarantee, but who can trust that on the internet these days?

Turns out his info was good. If there was something that I knew I was good at it was closing clients and the DVD taught me a thing or two, so I was very impressed.

Then I purchased The PT Business Course (Currently Sold Out)

This had a ton of good info on marketing, getting leads, and creating systems and changed the way I began to think about my business.

Then I subscribed to FitPro Newsletter, which position me as the expert, even though I new in my head (which is a scary place to be) that I was the expert, no body else really new it so this was the perfect product to convey the message subtly… same with FitPro Magazine.

Then I bought system 9 http://www.100newclients.com/System9/ which has 9 of the best client getting tactics EVER, that I use on a daily basis.

It turned out that I was more than pleased with all of Bedros’ products so I figured shit, if he has this much good information online, imagine what I can learn in person? So I became a coaching client and a part of his mastermind group.

Oh, so what have I received from all this? Not just a large credit card bill and a bunch of products.

After, 4 months of operating my business…

– I moved into a studio double the size of the original.

– In 1 year and 3 months, I have over 60 clients all on EFT and 4-12 month agreements.

– I have 2 trainers working for me and I train about 3 hours a week.

– I just purchased my first car and the building where my studio is in the same month.

– That’s right, I am a first-time building owner, over 4200 sq. ft. and I will be expanding the gym through out the entire building in the coming months.

Three Things you need to know and will hear over and over again if you want to get the business and life that you want so start now and don’t wait until the 100th time you hear it:

1) You need to spend money to make money: meaning, if I never purchased Bedros’ products I would still be in the dark and struggling to survive. Get rid of the scarcity mentality, “if I buy a product I will lose money.” NO! spend $200 on Bedros products and make $600-10,000. All successful people have spent money to learn and make more money.

One tactic, The 14-day Fat Flush (which is free by the way and available on this blog) made me over $6,000 and I screwed up when I implemented it into my email marketing system.

2) Take massive action when you get the new info. Money likes speed and if it is one thing that all successful people have in common it is speed of implementation of what they have just learned. In the words of Gary Vanderchuck “Stop watching fucking Lost!” Basically, shut the TV off and don’t delay if you really want it.

3) Never give up!!!!! Don’t ever stop and don’t ever “TRY”, In the words of Rick Kaselj “just fuckin doo it” (but picture that in a weird Canadian accent. All successful people have persisted. Read Og Mandino’s Greatest Salesman In the World.

There is not much else to tell you besides buy Bedros’ shit. It needs to be done if you want to get ahead. Join his Mastermind group and live the life you were meant to live. If I didn’t do it, I have no idea where I would be today. I know a million trainers who just want to do things their own way, which is fine, but following the guidance of people who have been successful, have proven success with hundreds of other trainers is taking a HUGE short cut and saving you tons of money.

P.S. if you’re an asshole don’t join Bedros and Craig B’s Mastermind group. They are super cool and have attracted the coolest group of people I have ever met in one weekend. But if you want to skip about 5-10 years of pain and suffering in your business and get the money and lifestyle you want then I highly recommend you join one of Bedros’ mastermind groups.

Hey, Bedros here again…

Ian said it best. If you’re an asshole don’t join my mastermind or coaching programs. Peeps with bad energy are not allowed.

And now for some info on the upcoming 21 Day Business Makeover mastermind.

Here’s how it works…

1. On January 14-15 and 21-22 I’m gonna take two groups of six fitness trainers (one group each weekend) and we’re gonna mastermind and spend an entire weekend at my office (The HQ) where I’m gonna give you the systems, the marketing swipe file and blueprint to adding another $50K to $100K to your fitness business over the next 12 months.

2. Following your weekend mastermind at the HQ you get 21 days of access to me via phone and email and together we’re gonna make sure that you set up all the systems and tactic that I gave you to get your business to massive success. And then you simply run the new marketing, sales, and operations systems and tactics and your business is gonna blow up.

3. You become a success story and give me a killer testimonials like everyone else I’ve been talking about on this blog the last couple weeks 😉

4. Your investment for this weekend mastermind and 21 Day Business Makeover is gonna be $1,997 (I might give a split payment option… haven’t decided yet.)

5. Why am I doing this? Two reason really… A) both of my mastermind groups, the 7 figure formula and Info mastermind groups are full and sold out and since I get people asking me to join all the time this is the next best thing for you. B) this is what I love to do… I get off on sharing these success formulas and short cuts with other fitness pros. It’s what I’m passionate about… it’s my calling.

6. Needless to say there are more people who want in on this than there is room for. And since it’s gonna require a lot of one on one time together over the next 21 days I knew I had to make the two groups small so I can handle the load and give each of you the attention that I give all of my mastermind coaching clients. So, later this week I’ll put up the site where you can apply for the business makeover. Hang tight! It’s a comin’.

And if you think this is right for your business and want to be one of the six in the group let me know below and tell me about your business and how you think this 21 day program will help you.