The Most Potent Personal Training Marketing System

I’m going to give you one of the most potent and powerful fitness training lead generating systems EVER.

I call it… Mucho Lead Gen!

It involves no technology, no SEO, no Facebook, no Craigslists, no pay per click, no google, yahoo, bing or youtube, and no local listings, no incoming links or article writing.

No complications and no waiting around to see if it worked. In fact I believe this is in the top three on the list for how to get personal training clients.

Don’t get me wrong… all the stuff I mentioned above work, you should be doing them, and they’re all spokes in the wheel, but not THE wheel because you never know when technology or the internet changes and all your hard work goes into the crapper.

What I’m about to show you has worked for me in the past when I had my training business. And it still works for our Fit Body Boot Camp owners, and it will always continue to work in getting you more personal training or boot camp clients – GUARANTEED because the “off line world” is static and predictable for the most part.

Keep in mind though… this is still just another spoke in the wheel and it’s one of the best and most basic ways I know at getting a ton of personal training leads.

See, back in the day this very system was responsible for helping me take my fitness studios to multiple six figures each.

A-N-D it’s still working strong as one of the most effective lead generation tactics in the Fit Body Boot Camp world domination marketing arsenal.

The Humble (but wildly effective) Lead Box

You’ve probably been in a restaurant or a local small business and noticed that they have a lead box or two sitting somewhere eye level for another business.

The big box gyms do this a LOT. They’ll go to a local day spa, tanning solon, restaurant, ect and offer the owner or manager a free membership IF they sport the lead box in their store.

Believe it or not this system works pretty well.

But, I’m gonna give you a WAY better system for getting your lead boxes into local businesses AND having them perform ten times better.

First off lets do some basic math so you can fully appreciate my brilliance in all this 🙂

In fact I’m gonna give you some stats that we got from a few Fit Body Boot Camp locations in the last 90 days.

If you were to get just ten local businesses to put your lead box out, and you got ten leads a week in each lead box (that like 1.2 people entering the drawing each day) that would give you 100 NEW LEADS EACH WEEK.

In a month that’s 400 NEW LEADS! Cut that number in half and you’re still killing it with 200 NEW LEADS each month.

Okay, so here’s the low down…

When most trainers or gyms get their lead boxes into a local business they fail at the most IMPORTANT STEP – to create a relationship with the business owner/operator. So what happens is that the business owner doesn’t give a crap whether you get leads or not and either tosses your lead box out the second you walk out or they push it back behind other stuff where customers would never see the damn thing.

What you really want is for your lead box to be front and center on their counter. You want the business owner to encourage customers to enter their name in your drawing and help you grow your list.

And here’s how you’re gonna do that…

First, you need to make a list. Get a pen and paper and start writing down the names of local business who cater to your potential clients. You’re gonna need at least 50 businesses on

your “hit list.”

Consider the obvious ones and work your way to the less obvious.

• Tanning salon

• Hair salon

• Day spa

• Chiropractor

• Cosmetic dentist

• Cosmetic doctor

• Health food stores

• And on, and on…

If you have two tanning salons write them both down, that counts toward the fifty.

You’re also going to want to get the phone numbers of each business because you’re going to call each of them and use the script I’ve crafted below for you.

Okay, so lets assume that you have your list of fifty businesses and their phone numbers.

Next you’re going to call each business and tell them the following:

Hi my name is Joe the awesome trainer, I own a local fitness training business and I’d like to refer your business to my clients because I feel it would be a good fit. Who can I talk to about sending you more business?

The script above is just to get you in front of or on the phone with the decision maker (this is VERY important) and bypass the $10/hour front desk manager.

Next, when you’re on the phone with the decision maker you are going to want to tell them “what’s in it for them”.

So Susan what I’d like to do is offer you and your staff there a complimentary membership to my fitness boot camp AND as my list of clients and prospects grows I’m going to refer them

to several local businesses that I feel would be a perfect fit for them… like your tanning business.

And the only thing I’d like in return is to place a “free month of fitness” offer box in your business. Fair enough?

At this point if you get a yes then you’re good, if you get a NO then move on to the next business on your list of fifty. Ultimately, about twenty percent will agree to your proposition, which is why you want fifty businesses on your “hit list”.

Finally, here’s what you do when you have your lead boxes in these businesses.

1. Make sure that you check these lead boxes every 4-5 days and start calling the people who filled out the forms instantly. Don’t wait weeks or even a month. If you do, your

HOT prospect is now gonna be cold as ice.

2. One lead per month will win a free month of fitness. Just choose this person randomly the first week of each month. The rest will win a free week.

3. Needless to say this works best when you’re running a boot camp or group training so that you’re not having to give away a ton of one-on-one sessions.

4. Be sure to encourage the store owners, operators, and employees to keep coming and working out at your place. When they see the value in you and get results from your program they’ll encourage customers to fill out these forms for the lead boxes (which is what you want).

5. This should go without saying… add every lead to your FitPro Newsletter email list after calling them and making them the free week offer. You also want to add the owner/operator of these business to your email list as well so they can see you promote their business like you promised you would.

Like I said, this one system alone was responsible for getting my personal training studios boatloads of new clients each month. And it does the same for many of our Fit Body Boot Camp owners too.

And best of all it’s low cost, easy, predictable and the results come quick.